rafandready reports from the O2 [Updated]

Hi everybody – just back from a day at the O2 waiting for and then watching Rafa. I am reliably informed by another huge Rafa fan that I met there (there were lots of them) that his hitting partner was James Ward.

Rafa appeared at 2.30, wearing a tight fitting red t-shirt and white shorts plus the trainers from Asian swing. He seemed to be mainly concentrating on backhand, and hitting flat across the net. There were another three crazed Rafa fans there – one of them had a Spanish flag so when he came out to practise we shouted and waved the flat and he smiled and acknowledged us – very exciting. Unfortunately no opportunities for autographs – and all my pictures were taken through the netting that’s up round the practice court, which is a little annoying, plus the camera’s not that great for indoors. We had a few flashes of Rafatum and a shirt change. He was still hitting at 4 pm when the doubles pair (not sure who) turned up for their turn.

Some corporate kids got signed tennis balls and I did shout “Rafa throw us a ball” but was ignored (surprise!). Anyway, it was well worth the trek up there (rail replacement bus, two trains, a tube and then a three hour wait to see him). And tomorrow I get to see the match. Vamos Rafa!

Update: – some photos

Updated again: – video

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  1. miri says:

    Thanks for the report, rafandready. Nice to hear he was back to hitting flat today.

  2. Wooffie says:

    Rafan !!! *hug* Happy that the effort it took you to get to the O2 was rewarded today (transport issues, you should hear them people). Rafan is a stellar Rafa reporter. She’s part of a happy band of Rafa fans – we call ourselves the Rafateers and can be found on a thread on BBC 606, The Rafael Nadal Appreciation Society Part V – as Rafan actually met Rafa last June on the sorry day he had to withdraw from Wimbledon. But in spite of that, he signed her picture, shook hands and swopped some words with another Rafateer, Pearl. It shows the measure of the man that he can find it within himself to spend time with his fans. So I’m delighted that Rafan got to spend the time watching him practise and as she (as well as a number of us including me, eek!!!!) are at the O2 this week … I’m looking forward to further reports.

  3. shani h says:

    Great to hear our Rafan had such a brilliant day! It’s amazing what lengths we’ll go to to see our lovely boy, but he’s worth it! I’m another one of the Rafateers who will be going to London this week and am so looking forward to it…Vamos Rafa!!!

  4. sia says:

    Great photos … Rafa looks dynamite in Red !

  5. Atch2 says:

    Thanks for the report.

    Rafa cannot change his shirt when he returns to his seat now? Luv the way Maymo is touching the bare minimum of sweat-soaked-Rafa-red-Tshirt as he takes it back to the sidelines.

    Great crazy hair in 14, and nice ass shot in 15.

  6. Kim_Rafa says:

    Hey! I believe I am one of those 3 Rafa fans with you Rafan!!!! Wasn’t it amazing?? and did you know we got on Spanish tv with our flag?!


    its at 30 secs, you can see us!
    btw, your photos are so much better than mine lol!
    Vamos Rafa!!! Might see you there today again!!! :D

  7. CC says:


    Nice arse…