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  1. CC says:

    WTF, Rafa?! Now, I like the fact that those shorts are getting shorter, but brown ones with a poor fit?!

    *shakes head*

    Is he putting most of the balls in the net?

    • Denizen says:

      It’s not as if his practice gear has anything to do with his on-court wear. He wore short shorts to practice in Cincy ’08.

      • An says:

        Maybe some off his luggage got lost again… Looks like he borrowed a short of Maymo;)

        As to his on court match waer, i notice that there is no green on the shoes… so maybe he won’t be wearing the green, No?
        Ah well, not important we’ll see.

        Did you see what the shoes with the black soles do to the court… They will not be pleased with that. Over here we are not allowed to wear tennis shoes with black soles on indourcourts, i see why now…

        • nic says:

          oo methinks rafa will be in blue for the wtf. remember his V jacket while practicing in mallorca? then his shoe here has a blue swoosh. i’d love to see rafa in a new outfit for year end. just so we get another fresh look rafa to ogle. i always look forward to seeing the matador’s new clothes :) and can’t wait for him in scintillating red for DC! yummo.

  2. Denizen says:

    It also looks like he was trying to do something in particular in these clips, such as hit into the corner with a flat FH (which he probably won’t do in a match). I wouldn’t read too much into this small segment of what was probably a 2 hour practice.

  3. Atch2 says:

    Rafa’s colour co-ordinating with Uncle Toni.

    Hope the netted points were from shots they were experimenting with. The forehand does look a bit different.

    • An says:

      Youre right, the forehand looks more flat then he usualy hits in a match ( not so buggy whipped;) )

      For sure he’s trying to improve his flat forehand.

      Ok, i always strugle with putting more spin on my forehand but ( according to the trainer ) i hit a pretty good flat forehand….
      Rafa, maybe we could learn something from each other, No?

      • Atch2 says:

        An, don’t forget to ask Uncle Toni first if you can help Rafa with his flat forehand. Then maybe stand behind Rafa and show him how to make the correct grip on the racket with your hands clasping his? And take it from there.

        • An says:

          Sure i check with Tio Toni!
          But… we have to do it the other way around dont you think? I mean Rafa standing behind me and clasping my hands… i think that will work better, i am and my hands are smaller then Rafa;)

  4. Courtney says:

    Tio Toni is adorable in his sweats… b’awww <3

    I absolutely love how he hangs his head for a second when he nets that one ball (first video). He reminds me so much of a puppy sometimes!

    If you read the video description on the actual YouTube page the uploader says that Rafa was looking "sharp," so maybe those weren't netted balls.

  5. mary says:

    I ain’t gonna get into his pants, er I mean talk about his pants. *breath, breath girl* I’m sure when it comes to Rafa I have a one track mind. I start to write something & my fingers do something else. Oh shit I did it again! My fingers……..!!
    What I was going to say was I love the way he so delicately splays his right hand fingers( :) ) to balance his swing. It’s so graceful yet with so much bite.
    There is something artistically perfect in the way he swings that racquet, his body, that thrust forward anticipating the shot from across the net, his legs with those muscles stretching & contorting, that arse bobbing, moving from side to side & the sweat, oh the sweat! It’s like Rafa’s just come out of a shower water still dripping from his body.
    Rafa promise plenty of shirt changes. That means you have to hang around & win all of your matches. Ok!!!!
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yep one track mind, I’m hopelessly lost in Rafanism

    • Sam says:

      Mary, I loved your comment about Rafa’s arse bobbing. When I managed to get front row seats at the back of the court for a Rafa match last year, that was the one thing that I had never noticed before, and the one thing that I thought was just soooooo HOT….Rafa’s arse wobbling as he jumps up and down….you don’t catch that one on the telly…..*sigh*.

    • natch says:


      You need to write a romance novel! I’ve never read one before, but if it involved Rafa…*faints*

  6. fatos says:

    Mary you’re completely nuts, you’ve made my day with your Rafa’fantasy.
    Have a nice day everyone, and good luck to RAFA of course.

  7. nic says:

    man i am so jealous of this lot getting to see rafa on the public practice court. i was at the O2 few months back and can so imagine being right there in the thick of it all now :( i was even staying in that zone for a few days so it’s all bringing back memories.

    • dutchgirl says:

      Me too. I was at the O2 two years ago, twice in one week. So when I see all the images of it, I can completely imagine what it’s like (even though I was there for a concert).
      And I envy everyone that’s going.
      Please send positive energy to Rafa on behalf of us less lucky ones!!

  8. nic says:

    btw am loving the very form fitting white tee. rafa in white is perfection.

  9. faeaki 7 says:

    Thanks for the info on the practice sessions I am def gonna go and try and get a glimpse of them! thanx