Getting ready for WTF

Rafa practicing on Mallorca.

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  1. natch says:

    Hmmm…getting ready for…What The Eff? I swear, that’s how I read it.

    Love the blue, or aqua, or teal, or turquoise, or whatever color that is he’s wearing in the interview.

    And how come the camera doesn’t pan down to show us those legs? *shakes angry fist at cameraperson*

    • An says:

      Ha! Cameraperson deffinitly not female!
      Or she would surely have bin distracted to the legs;)

      • natch says:


        Can we have you operate as cameraperson for WTF? tournament? I think I’d like to DVR the entire week if you do.

        • An says:

          *fills out apllicatiom form as cameraperson for WTF? tournamentS?*

          Reference: …. Natch

          Salary: none needed, just needs a dose of Rafa Nadal daily.

    • miri says:

      Hmmm…getting ready for…What The Eff? I swear, that’s how I read it.

      Hey, I’m not a big fan of the year end finals – this is the first time I’ve ever looked forward to it. Why? Because I can spend at least a week writing WTF all the time.

      Yes. I’m 12.

      • natch says:

        “Yes. I’m 12.”
        I didn’t realize reading it that way was a sign of immaturity.
        *takes slingshot out of pocket*
        *aims at cameraperson*
        Hey, what do you know? I AM immature! ;)

      • Eliana says:

        Love it Miri. Each time you write WTF I need a moment to realize that you’re not mad, just the name of the tournament. So it’s ok, a bunch of 12 year-olds pinning for the attention of an older, wiser man ;)

  2. sunset says:

    Rafa the fearless kid is evolving into a commanding young man. The former or the latter, he is a lovely sight. Can’t wait to see him in action again next week.

  3. Kate says:

    Sigh any sight of Rafa makes my day especially today!

  4. mary says:

    Yep I gotta admit I love the idea of that title WFT!!! WTF, WTF, WTF, WTF, WTF. I’m having lots of imature attitude here, WTF? :) :)
    Looking forward to the tourney or maybe not!!!

  5. Rafafan says:

    Heard the latest as to who is out of the WTF? Roddick and guess what? our lovely friend the SOD in his place! Can’t remember who on Miri’s site but she had premanitions (excuse spelling) that the SOD would be there and she had tickets for 02 and guess who she was gonna c!!

    I am there next Tuesday eve and I am about to have a fit if I have to c him play – and worse to, against our Rafa (on a bloody, hostia! hijo de puta, joden hard indoor court). U get my drift after how I felt after the FO open with the SOD beating Rafa. My nerves won’t stand up to it. Been waiting all year as a Londoner to watch the top 8 and the f…. SOD has to be there. Just hope upon hope I am not gona have to watch him on my night otherwise might just have to sell my ticket. But then if Rafa is there … of course I will watch and be routing. How many of you gonna be there?

    • Delta says:

      Oh Rafafan, we’ll all be watching if he’s across the net from Sod, serious that’s a match he wants to be a demolition, like whot he did to Fed @ RG in 08″ or at least get the”V” whot a glorious moment that would be. Any given day anyone can beat “the Sod” and I’m with colm that Rafa would be the one to do it. Hope against hope, it’s possible!!!!! No doobts, it’s Rafa and someday he will avenge that loss. Maybe sooner than later, no?

  6. minerva1881 says:

    Agree with Rafafan. I’ve tickets for the semi’s & will be very tempted to sell if the Sod (sorry CC, normally love Swedes) is in either of them but if Rafito is on the other side of the net I’ll ‘try my best’ to keep my eyes glued on him – am SO looking forward to that challenge!

    • CC says:

      Well, then you can sell them to me!

    • An says:

      Rafafan, Rafanatics,

      Think positive girls! WTF;)Rafa is playing in London and some off us are so lucky to have ticket and have the chance to see him live!
      Think that you will be so lucky that he’s playing on the time you have tickets for and it might happen, think he might beat howemever he’s playing in that match… and, yeah, it might happen!

      I realy, realy believe it works that way, think negative and youre fears might come out, think positive and that what you hope for might come out! Furthermore i think if Rafa feels al his fans and espacially his Rafanatics believe in him he believes in himself if his fans and Rafanatics “doobt” him…. well, you can fil it in by now, No?

      So, VAMOS Rafa, VAMOS, Go winn, WTF! Because you can!

      • CC says:

        I’m just gobsmacked that people would even consider looking at the other side of the net if Rafa’s playing. Or worse, consider not going because of who he’s playing! Shocking. ;)

        • Rafafan says:

          CC I didn’t mean was gona sell my ticket if Rafa was playing Sod. I meant if Sod playing someone else on that Tuesday night and I am stuck having to watch that! It will be “Sod’s law” that come Tuesday night it turns out that Rafa won’t be playing. Well we just don’t know yet until the draw. It is pot luck. I am just praying – and if does hapen to be the Sod against Rafa – well like I have just seen with other rafanatics – I will keep positive and hope that our Rafa gets his revenge, since he is now over his injury, personal unhappiness and is fit and healthy.

          Anyone know how to connect to face book for the daily blogs?

  7. Atch2 says:

    WTF? U’d think someone in the atp or itf would’ve said something.

    A very European field in this WTF, except for Del Po.

    Hope this tournament works out better than the WTA’s where players were bandaged/taped like mummies, crying, retiring. Besides the Sod we may even get to see Tsonga or Gonzo competing if other players sprain themselves. Would’ve been fun if they awarded wildcards and Marat got one.

    But I’m looking forward to next wk bec Rafa’s healthy, happy and full of energy for it, not like previous years.
    WTF’s draw is today, no?

  8. Nana says:

    WTF! I’m loving this discussion!!

  9. CC says:

    WTF?! You’re coming to London late tonight, Rafa?! Could you not have given me a little bit more notice?! Mind you, if you’re coming late, you’ll probably want to go straight to bed, no…?
    Oh, and don’t forget your…erm…raincoat. It’s still raining here. ;)

  10. mary says:

    Oh just so everybody knows, our man will be posting daily from his facebook site. The darling had the courtesy to prepare us. Just think he can ask himself his own questions. I wonder what he might ask himself? :)

    • Rafafan says:

      Not sure how to go into facebook and see the daily blogs. Does Miri post it on to us or do we have to do something to sign up?

      Can’t wait

  11. sia says:

    Have you seen the draw? WTF!? Ouch!

    • Atch2 says:

      Yeah. Ouch!

      Group A
      Fed, Murray, Nando, Del Po

      Group B
      Rafa, Nole, Davy, Sod

    • nic says:

      I know! Ouch indeed! The sod, davy, nole, they’ve been rafa’s recent losses. Man…. well whichever way it came out, would have been tough anyway. All top players. Amazing field. Just believe in Rafa, he can do it!!

      • Atch2 says:

        Yeah, everyone has beaten everyone. I’m sure Sod is glad he’s not in Fed’s half.
        If Rafa can improve his play fm the Tsonga match we should do fine. So excited to see him compete again soon.

        • nic says:

          So excited to see him play again too. And at least we’re guaranteed to see him play 3 matches cos of the round robin format :) But the timing is soooo bad for me down under…it’s either super late at night, or early in the morn when I gotta go to work. This sucks, might not see many live matches. I can’t do the little sleep anymore :(

  12. sia says:

    I wonder if he and his team just shook their heads and laughed a bit. He has a losing H to H on hard courts with both Davy and Nole … he has never played Söd on hard courts.
    Vamos Rafa!!!

    • Ch F says:

      I think he played Sod on a hard court tournament last year, and won. I can’t remember at all which one it was though. It was a match that had started with a very close service game for Rafa, which lasted long, which he eventually won, and then went on to wrap up the match very quickly. Good times ;-)

  13. nic says:

    Btw I’m getting a major kick out of the whole WTF thing. Ah, it never gets tired. WTF. *teehee*

  14. Karen says:

    Have been enjoying all your comments for a while hope to see some of you in London on 22nd&23rd. @”WTF” can’t wait to see Rafa playing live again.Saw him in New York against Gonzo which really loved despite rain interruption.Really hope he has a fab tourney as sooooooo deserves it.VAMOS Rafa !!!!!