Davis Cup team is set

According to this article (Google translation), the Davis Cup team for the Spain vs. Czech Republic final has been set: Rafa Nadal, Fernando Verdasco, Feliciano Lopez and David Ferrer with Robredo as the 5th “reserve” player. Ferrer hasn’t been playing lately because of an injury, so there is a chance Robredo will see play. Sad that Ferrero will not be on the team.

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  1. Atch2 says:

    Yeah, shame about Ferrero. And Rafa to play doubles as well? that means the captain is taking the doubles match as serious as the singles, given Berdych and Stapanek played doubles too. But I would’ve though Robredo would be an option for doubles too bec he’s in good form reaching the doubles Finals at Paris.

    I am really looking forward to the DC matches. Really miss clay play.

    • miri says:

      I think that’s a maybe – it might depend on how Nando’s foot and/or Feli’s back are doing.

    • nic says:

      It is a shame indeed about Ferrero. After he put in such a great performance at the last round, he must be a little sad he can’t chip in for the final. But Albert Costa knows what he’s doing I think. Well, whatever team they go for, it seems like they can’t do much wrong. All the boys have done great when required at the DC matches. I so can’t wait for clay, in Spain, with the hottest team on the planet. Really hope they show it in Oz!!!

  2. mary says:

    thanks miri.
    I heard about it earlier today & a few of us on facebook were discussing it. I just said I am dissappointed that Tommy isn’t playing. He has been very consistant. I don’t think he has any injuries that I know of & I believe he is a better choice than Feli. However, they have made their choice & whoever plays along side Rafa will give their best. I’m hoping they will televise it here.

    • nic says:

      Yeah Mary, am wondering whether they’ll show it in Oz. But if I remember last year, they didn’t. They just showed a one hour recap or something a few weeks later :(

      • sia says:

        They always have the DC Radio broadcast from the DC website … which is pretty exciting … although no visuals. It gives me this kind of nostalgic sensation listening on the radio. My Dad used to listen to football on the radio after we moved to Canada (because it wasn’t actually broadcast on TV) and I loved to listen with him … even if just for the brit accents (missing them a bit).

        • aRafaelite says:

          Ha ha! Love tennis on the radio! Your ear becomes attuned to the particular thwack of your player’s racket, their soft (or otherwise!) exhalations of air, the sound of their footsteps as they fly/thunder/leap daintily across the court! Bet I’m not the only one here who could distinguish Rafa’s grunt from among hundreds of others….!

  3. Atch2 says:

    Report on the DC announcement: