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  1. CC says:

    Great to see Xisca in da house. She looks so relaxed and was chatting and smiling with Maymo during the semi-final yesterday. When Nole had won I don’t know how many games in a row and Rafa finally won just a point, Xisca and Maymo looked like they were giggling a bit about it. Great actitude. She’s lovely.

    • An says:

      I agree, she is! And i am not surprised, she must be special or she would have never bin able to attract such a fantastic man as our Rafa for such a long time!

    • Atch2 says:

      I think Xisca is a sweetie and so is Rafa. *pls don’t tell Miri* but I like seeing photos of them cos they look happy together.
      People try to bring her up in interviews but Rafa tries to avoid the subject to protect her and their privacy.