Paris: Quarterfinal photos

Photos by Clive Rose/Getty Images, AP Photo/Michel Euler, JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images, and REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen

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  1. loverafa4ever says:

    Is he talking to the chair umpire in one of those photos? looks like he is not happy with something..

    • aRafaelite says:

      Your titles crack me up Miri! I’m really looking forward to Nike retiring those shorts though…!

      • sia says:

        You know … I love those shorts.

        • Emma says:

          Please let the shorts remain in Paris and him have some nice new ones for London. Was wistfully watching the white shorts in the Rotterdam clips they showed before the match on Sky…now there was a succulent ass.

          The ballboy obviously agrees on the 6th photo as he appears to have his head up Rafa’s rump. Vamos indeedy.

          • nic says:

            Oh yes, I was thinking the same, I hope Rafa has a new regally befitting outfit in London for the year end. Will be lovely if he was in all whites again (still upset he didn’t get to debut that look at Wimby this year), or in a totally different colour that he didn’t wear this year – maybe a red? Sigh, he’s a beauty.

            • An says:

              “or in a totally different colour that he didn’t wear this year – maybe a red”

              Hey Nic, i guess we get to see a red for the DC final, No?

              But i agree with CC, i don’t care whatever colour or shorts he wear as long as he plays! And in my ideal world as he plays as good as yesterday or maybe even better…

          • CC says:

            At the mo, I really couldn’t care less what Rafa’s wearing. He looks f-ing great in whatever! And his arse is always, ALWAYS succulent, no? Just scroll up and look at the pics! ;)

            • nic says:

              Oh yes indeed. What I mean is he could look even more gorgeous (if that was actually possible) if he had one final fresh new look for 09. Rafa himself has said it’s better than wearing the same thing all the time, no? :p

              • Emma says:

                Absolutely – as far as I am concerned he can run round the court with an ostrich feather up his succulent ass and nothing else as long as he plays like he does today, and continues to do so. The clothes are definitely of secondary concern, but in my ideal world I would like to see those shorts go.

                Whilst I am being flippant…I would like to see him in all black – thinik he really suits it and it does something to my hormones. Could do this for London as there would be no question of over heating as it’s bloody freezing at the moment.

  2. Emma says:

    I didn’t know what a caganer was, so I’ve just wikipedia-ed it and now understand the reference (and am a bit surprised I have to admit, but each to their own:)) It then said another similar thing is a “Tio de Nadal” so obviously I clicked on it, and it said it means “Log of Christmas” – so does Tio mean log and Nadal mean Christmas??? I thought Tio was Uncle?

    Sorry to be so dense, am OK with French and German but never done any Spanish.

    • miri says:

      Awww, caganers are tradition in Catalonia. Rafa’s caganer was mentioned on his site last year. So, I’m hoping I can find one while there. :)

      Nadal means Christmas in Catalan. Tio is a word that seems to be used for many things, so I’m confused about that as well.

      • An says:

        Ah Miri,

        I’m still a little jealous that you are getting to Barcelona….
        Or jealous… No, you absolutly deserve it for all youre awesome work you do here for us Rafanatics but i would have love to come too and maybe meat you and feeling a little bit bothered for myself that it aint going to happen:(

        But enjoy! I realy grant it to you ( if thats correct English? )

  3. Atch2 says:

    I think Rafa is commenting on the quality of the bannana in pic 7 :)

    And Tummy/Bicep double pic deserves to be a Wallpaper and Screensaver.

    • Carol says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head about yummy tummy pic (untaped praise be!)

      “commenting on the quality of the bannana” Hee hee – Rafa’s looking like I’d look if I was presented with a “nanaba” to eat. I like the damn things as much as he like cheese… :-S

      11 & 12 are rather caganer-ish… I’ve seen one Rafa one which wasn’t very good, but hey, better than the santa-dropping-trousers figure that adorns the office at work at Christmas…

  4. Maya says:

    I read somewhere that Rafa and his mom put together his colors/outfits for the tour this year. Call me crazy but I love those shorts. The checks are unique to Rafa so when I’m scanning pictures I make sure i zoom in on any checkered shorts. I love his color combos too. Maybe you need a little mediteranean blood to fully appreciate.

  5. Rafafan says:

    The pics are lovely. Yes he is unique in those shorts!the one and only Rafa – he definitely stands out from “the crowd indeedo” and in 20 years time if we get the question on sport or the millionair question “who is the only one that wears these chequered shorts” he will be long in our memory! No-one will ever forget. However for London,I, like most of you would like a new refresher look.

    Nic your quite right he does say it’s better than wearing the same thing all the time. I remember that quote

    Emma – me being flippant too. He will never wear black. He says he likes to wear bright colours. I reckon he gonna be in all white as he is coming to London and will remind him of Wimbledon that he so wished to play. (I hope he plays all white – exactly the same as when he played doubles with Roig recently. How wowwwwwwwww was that!!)

    I know Miri doesn’t want to talk about his clothes and the lack of what he used to wear so will change the subject and say just how wondeful he was at the net yesterday. Can’t wait for later