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  1. johanne says:

    VAMOS! I just love seeing Rafa so pumped! Wish they’d included the 4-5 game too, but this is still fun. Thanks!

  2. sunset says:

    Couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned on this site and saw “Another Squeaker”. Had to spend most of my day between airports and a plane, but managed to see the live score at 6:3 for the first set just before heading out. Was feeling fairly relieved, thinking “finally Rafa is going to have a straight-set win”. Surely hadn’t the slightest idea of the twists that were happening out there when flying 3000 meters above the ground!
    These last two games were truly brilliant. Keep doing more of these tomorrow Rafa.

  3. CC says:

    Ah…love it! I’ve got a heck of a day ahead of me at work today, but watching this makes me think that if Rafa can do it, so can I. :)
    The throwing of the racquet cracks me up, I bet he would have liked to have just smashed it completely in celebration. Instead he’s like, “I will bounce it against the bag and it won’t break, no?”. Cutie.

    • An says:

      Its so nice to see this last few games without the original stress…
      he’s playing pretty ok there, if you managae to keep that game going during an entyre match there will be no problems Rafa ( but you know that already, No? )

      Good luck today at work then CC, you know you can do it and even heck of a days end and then you can come back here and see, talk and love our favourite man!

  4. Elene says:

    loved Xisca’s face expressing absolute sureness that Rafa ‘s definitely going to take the match