That’s one big Rafa

kayM sent in this photo she took in Taipei.

Photo by kayM

Photo by kayM

Don’t know what you could use it for but it was a lovely scene in major shopping area in Taipei, Taiwan. Made me happy walking passed it. They changed the promo yesterday when I passed by though :( And nothing of Rafa’s range is in that Nike shop, such a sham.


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  1. Atch2 says:

    What we could use it for? This photo is most appropriate for gawking and drooling at of course. And it makes me happy too :)

  2. kayM says:

    Thanks for posting my pic, Miri. :D I wrote “such a sham” and it wasn’t typo. Big Rafa lulled me into Nike shop and there’s nothing about Rafa in there. Not his hat, his bandana, not even his latest nike attire like the big green V jacket.

  3. aRafaelite says:

    This reminds me of a moment I had about 10 days ago when I was stuck in Nairobi airport for 8 hours in between flights… I was at my wits end after major hassles, involving tickets for planes that didn’t exist, 4 flights to re-arrange on 3 airlines, and a 3 day, 2-night journey to endure, etc… and as I wandered aimlessly through Duty Free feeling more-than-a-little sorry for myself, I encountered a Lanvin poster featuring none other dear Rafa.

    Now, I know that promo shot got a bit of a mixed reaction from fans, but let me tell you, as far as I’m concerned it has near-magical anti-depressant properties! I suppressed the almost-overwhelming urge to steal the poster (mainly because it wasn’t going to fit in my hand luggage) but managed to wander slowly past it an extraordinary number of times over the next few hours, and it never failed to bring a smile back to my face. He’s magic, that boy. He truly is. Curiously, rather like your Taipei experience, they didn’t stock his fragrance either!

    • Carol says:

      Oh, they really should tell Dublin & Copenhagen airports:noooo Lanvin Rafa pics there…Was too late & frazzled to check Heathrow.
      In Copenhagen I was left looking through the Hugo Boss shop trying to see anything that I’ve seen Rafa wearing in there (OK, I’m so, so sad.)BTW: no, I didn’t :-(

      My Danish colleagues really do need educating about Rafa, but I doubt I’d get a training course on Rafa-knowlege past expenses sign-off!

      • CC says:

        “In Copenhagen I was left looking through the Hugo Boss shop trying to see anything that I’ve seen Rafa wearing in there (OK, I’m so, so sad.)”

        Hah, that’s sooo funny Carol! Whenever I’m at the airport to fly home I spray myself with Rafa’s Lanvin fragrance in the tax free and then walk around in a cloud of citrusy man smell all day. It’s awesome. :D

        • nic says:

          Hahahahaha I can’t stop laughing cos that’s what I just did at the shops a while ago!! Hehe, I went past this perfume shop and thought let me go have a lookie to see if there’ any poster or postcard of Rafa next to the Lanvin section, and let me spray some Rafa-scent on a paper so I can smell it all day :) And guess what, they’re selling the fragrance with a free set of 3 blue tennis balls with Rafa’s signature on them. I WANT, I WANT IT BAD!!! But can’t justify buying the perfume for $100 just for them balls. Darnnit…. or, could I???

          • CC says:

            Well, you could take the balls and give the perfume as a pressy to somebody. Or wear it yourself. I would, even though it’s for men. ;)

  4. Kate says:

    I coudn’t find the Rafa range in my Nike store either – in fact the sales person looked mystified as to who Rafa was? Clueless – maybe we all have to move to the US to get Rafa merchandise?

  5. Rafangel says:

    I KEEP reading this title as “That’s a big one Rafa”. Sigh.

  6. Sam says:

    Blimey…I thought the humungous hooded Rafa I saw in the Nike store in Madrid was big enough, but this one is masseeeeeeeve!!! A picture of Rafa can never be too big :-)