Spanish TV match coverage

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Heh, Safin gives Rafa a tush pat as he leaves the court:

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  1. Eliana says:

    LOL Safin got a good grab!

    Again Rafa and his tardiness, Nico was kinda mad :(

  2. Atch2 says:

    Maybe Nico was mad at Rafa for being late and took it out on the court. And sweet that Uncle Toni and Maymo were giving him a send-off before he goes on court.

    Shirtless Safin is a cheeky cheeky man giving Rafa’s famous ass a man-pat. LOL. I think it even made Nico grin.
    Will miss u Marat. Luved what you said about Agassi.

    Was Nole wearing a mask going out on-court? Such a joker.

  3. johanne says:

    I like how Rafa doesn’t even react to the tush pat. LOL he must know Marat’s touch. ;) And speaking of Marat…love him, miss him. <333

    • Atch2 says:

      I think he looks abit to his left to see who gave him the pat. Cute. It must be a cute man-to-cute man understanding thing.

  4. CC says:

    Well, no wonder Rafa was unsettled during that match. Marat’s sure got his priorities right, no? ;)

  5. Emma says:

    You guys have amazing eyesight when it comes to Rafa’s backside. I would never have noticed that – had to rewatch it about 5 times focussed solely on the ass. Now feel very dubious and stalker-ish.

    • An says:

      realy you didnt notice that at once???

      I saw it when i was watching the match live and was so totally jealous off Marat!

      And yes Nico seamed a bit pissed because Rafa had to go to the toilete when it was already time…
      Hah, uncle Toni offering to play with him and Maymo encouriging: ” go on, go and play the first games with Toni ” ;)

      • Emma says:

        Nope, missed it. However my Raf-ass-goggles are now fully primed, calibrated and raring to go for the quarters.

        Marat seems to have real affection for Rafa. I thought it was very sweet in Shanghai when he got beaten and he touched Rafa’s face at the net at the end (seen Federer do the same and there is something almost paternal in it). It brought a lump to my throat – which admittedly swiftly vanished in hysteria at that ludicrous send off they gave him there. At least the French one was more fitting and dignified. Will miss you ducks xxx

  6. mary says:

    “Shirtless Safin is a cheeky cheeky man giving Rafa’s famous ass a man-pat.”

    I laughed so much when I saw that Atch2. Safin you got sex on the brain 24/7. Worse still Rafa didn’t respond. WTF!!! But tio Toni held that racquet menacingly towards Marat. “NO touchy touchy!! ;)

  7. sia says:

    Touching Rafa ass is lke the best good luck charm Safin can take with him out into the real world.