I played bad

Post-match interviews are up on TennisTV.com:

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  1. Lee says:

    Bad indeed. I’m glad I didn’t get to watch the entire match. I might have put a foot through my TV! I just hope he got all the rust off of him in that match and returns to the Rafa we all know and love.

    • An says:

      You try to find youre “colm” before, after and during the match, huh Rafa?
      Well may youre “colm” find you verry, verry quickly! May it click today and may you play a hell of a game, just because you can!
      We forget about yesterday, yesterday is gone, so Vamos for today, VAMOS!

      Believe in you, no matter “whot”!

  2. mary says:

    Rafa you played well, well like crap really & you know it. The problemo is why? You do not like giving excuses so maybe it could’ve been something that affected your ability to play your best. Hope whatever it may have been is behind you & you can now play with your head well & truly above water not at drowning point. We are behind you 1,000% anyway.
    I’m gonna stay “colm” & with positive “aktitude”. And pray alot. :)

  3. faeaki7 says:

    There was something really wrong with Rafa in this match, and then it struck me, this is where he got booed off the court, it must be bothering him more than I thought, he was so so nervous, so off his game, he was a basket case out there, not the strong Rafa, and yet that competativeness is still there despite. shucks I cannot help but love this guy no matter what!

  4. Emma says:

    Bless him, what an honest response. I used to feel his press interviews were so formulaic and he always said the same politically correct stuff, which used to bug me, but now he seems alot more open. Probably to do with the English getting so much better as well. Bless him again cos he’s lovely. Angel.

    • mary says:

      Emma you are soooooooo right. He is so much more relaxed about his english. Although we don’t see an interpreter I believe he almost doesn’t need one anymore. :)