rtve coverage of award ceremony

Video coverage of the award ceremony can be found here. And here’s the Google translation of the article that appears on that page.

“I appreciate this award which I receive in Paris, which is a very important city in my career. I think for me the most important place in the world,” said Spanish.

He’s trying to win those fans back. But he’s always had good things to say about the city of Paris, so this isn’t really anything new.

“We are proud to be the only Spanish after Indurain to receive this award. It’s not easy winning a prize in France,” declared the Mallorcan.


7 Responses

  1. johanne says:

    Awww I bet it still stings:( And yeah he’s always talked about how important Paris & RG is to him, which is why it was so surprising (to me, at least) how he was treated. Cuz it’s not like he was some disrespectful asshole that the crowd wanted to give a hard time, so I don’t get it. But then again, the crowd was pretty rough during the Safin match today, and I didn’t really get that either LOL ;)

    Anyways, congrats to Rafa for this award. Vamos!

  2. CC says:

    Love that first shot of him in the film, the profile one.
    And I love that he always looks so genuinely happy when he receives an award. And how he seems to make all the people around him very happy as well.