Tournament blog & some photos

The Paris Masters site has an “as it happened blog” for today. Here it is in Engligh and in French – the French one includes a picture of Rafa/Toni.

From the English page:

On No1 court meanwhile we have a French derby between Anraud Clément (hereafter La Clé) and the ridiculously monickered Jonathan Dasnières de Vegi (hereafter Johnny Vegas). Vegas is a pint-sized lefty who has an incredible amount of man love for Rafael Nadal – so much so that he imitates his gestures on court.

Heee! Yeah for “man love.”

And from the French one:

14h50 : Rafael Nadal est la première grande star à poser le pied sur les courts du POPB. Le n°2 mondial s’entraîne cet après-midi sur le court central. Vous pourrez découvrir quelques photos de cette séance dans quelques heures.

Which Google translates as:

14h50: Rafael Nadal is the first major star to set foot on the courts of POPB. The World No. 2 train this afternoon on Center Court. You can find some pictures of this session in a few hours.

And here are the photos by FFT/Christophe Saidi:

11 Responses

  1. SapphireSwell says:

    I’m very excited for the up coming week! Rafa back on court and playing dubs with Pico. Extra distractions at work.

    Hehe, who doesn’t have “man love” when Rafa’s around ;)

    And yes, Rafa needs a tutorial on shirt changes. Cross-legged and with a hat on really puts you at a disadvantage… but the longer it takes for him to change, the more photos we get. teehee!

    • CC says:

      “Cross-legged and with a hat on…” Hah!

      I think that dressing/undressing himself is the only area where Rafa’s parents might have failed slightly in his upbringing. And we love them for it. :D

      • Carol says:

        (Offers to help with undressing…);-)

        • CC says:

          Yes, Carol. I wasn’t going to go there, because the thought of undressing Rafa is almost too much to bear. The verbs unbutton, unzip, undo, pull off, drop (to the floor) etc. all become very sexy in Rafa context, no? ;)


  2. jimmy says:

    Rafa looks like a kid when he wears his cap backwards.

  3. CC says:

    It’s great to see tio Toni there, with his specs and grey temples. Makes me feel with colm.

    Go on Toni, spank Rafa into place!

    • An says:

      Yeah, think its good tio Toni is there….

      Rafa told us in the TalkAsia interview that he feels a lot off pressure when tio is there, he def is more relaxed with Roig but i think he’s not getting away with being satisfied with reaching SF or F with tio Toni!

      Go Toni, Go Rafa!

  4. dutchgirl says:

    *you know, it might help to take the hat off first*


  5. natch says:

    Oh, my! That second pic is almost too much to bear! Legs…legs…legs…looking down shirt…looking down shirt…