Players Lounge

The Tennis Channel has put a new feature up on their site called “Players Lounge”* – it has a few quick questions for the players and links to buy songs from they have on their iPod. Rafa is one of the featured players. You can see players lounging here.

* Yep, that’s how the spelled it on their home page. Guess it’s not a lounge owned or frequented by the players (players’ lounge), but is simply a statement about what players do: they lounge.

24 Responses

  1. sunset says:

    How adorable Rafa’s answers are…friends, family, team, hometown island, hometown seafood, —appearing over and over again. Just adorable.

  2. CC says:

    Yeah, I love it that he wants to invite his family, friends and team when inviting three people for dinner. That’s at least 20 right there, Rafa.

    Any point in checking those songs out on Spotify? Probably not. ;)

  3. CC says:

    Oh, and also…

    *types letter to Rafa*

    Dear Rafa,

    Re. your love for seafood and fish:

    I’m allergic to all seafood and fish. It makes me puke really bad. Please reconsider before you come to dinner/invite me out for dinner.

    Besos y abrazos,

    • An says:

      Aaawww CC… I’m sure when he invites you out for dinner or comes to have dinner he’s gentleman enough to let you choose!
      And since we share… i’ll cook him seafood or let him take me to a seafood restaurant the next night, Ok?

  4. An says:

    And oh the music….Let me just say a little cheesy..
    But what strucks me more, what is on Rafa’s mind when he says he lissens tot his songs…
    Corazon partidos… Amores Dormidos…

    • CC says:

      The song titles tell me it might be good making out music…? ;)

    • Eliana says:

      Actually Corazón Partío is a great song! It has upbeat latin rhythms. And its singer, Alejandro Sanz, is one of my favorites, in heavy rotation in my iPod :). If you are interest, you should check some of his songs on Definite Spanish roots, some sexy songs, others about heartbreak, but soooo great. La Oreja is a Spanish rock band, also really good.

      • CC says:

        Yep, not bad. Definitely cheesy, that Alejandro Sanz song. But hey, I love cheesy. And definitely a great making out song. I’ll be over tonight, Rafa. We will listen to your ipod and take it from there, no? Mmmm… ;)

        • An says:

          Well you sure make it sound intresting enough… In Paris, listening to music with Rafa and get into the mood… Deffintly Mmmmm…;)

          • CC says:

            Mhmmm… Maybe there’s a sofa in the…erm…players’ lounge we can use, when it’s empty. A nice, comfy one…no?


            • natch says:

              Oh, sweetie, there’s several sofas in the players’ lounge. Everyone can take a turn! ;)

              P.S. Sometimes it’s more fun to use a full sofa, than an empty one. Just sayin…;)

      • Ch F says:

        Isn’t Alejandro Sanz the guy singing the song La Tortura with Shakira? I love that song. Plus, it’s a Shakira connection ;-)

    • Ch F says:

      La oreja den Van Gogh is not bad I think ;-)

    • cookie says:

      I wondered the same– especially when one views the video to Edurne’s Amores Dormidos. Wishing Rafa only happiness in love.

  5. Atch2 says:

    His family life and upbringing sound so happy. Would luv to be Mrs R. Nadal or someone in the posse.

  6. nic says:

    Hahaha omg I just read this one.
    So Gladiator makes an appearance again, and this time it’s Rafa!
    The whole ATP tour’s favourite film is Gladiator!
    Does anyone else find this as funny as I do?!