Paris draw

Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images Europe

Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images Europe

The draw for the Paris Masters is out. Seeds in Rafa’s quarter: Tsonga, Simon, and Robredo. Seeds in Rafa’s half: Davydenko, Soderling, Haas, and Djokovic. Seeds in the other half of the draw: Federer, Del Potro, Monfils, Cilic, Verdaso, Murray, Stepanek, and Gonzalez. All in all, it’s not a bad draw for him. Quite a few of the guys have been giving him the toughest time lately are all in the other half of the draw which means they will knock each other out.


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  1. Mim says:

    You know what? I don’t think that’s a bad draw at all! In fact, considering all of the other potential possibilities (and past experiences with Rafa and The Draw), I think this is a downright great draw for Rafa!

    Sure DavyD. and Tsonga are potential tricky ones for Rafa. Of course anyone can beat anyone else on any given day, but I really think he can take ’em! This time, God willing, I think he can go the distance!

    I’m reeeaaally looking forward to this tournament! And most of all, I’m looking forward to seeing Rafa back on court competing and doing wht he loves doing most!

    Vamos Rafa! :D

    • Emma says:

      Yeah, definitley very good till the quarters. Semis I would pick Davydenko (damn good again this week) or Nole against Rafa, though I hope am not jinxing anything. I must admit to having a sort of horrified fascination to see what happens next time Rafa plays Robin Soderling – I mean they are never exactly dull matches – but I can’t see him getting past the two above given the injury this week.

      Rivetted. And kicking self for not going.

  2. johanne says:

    This draw ain’t bad. That also doesn’t mean shit LOL ;)

    Vamos Rafa!!

  3. faeaki 7 says:

    I think all draws are tough at these masters events, it won’t be easy for Rafa, but I get the feeling that he ain’t puttin to much pressure on himself. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t secretly hoping and praying for him to win the whole thing, but I am a pragmatist and know its probably just wishful thinking when your such a die=hard fan lol!

    • Mim says:

      Not at all Faeaki 7! As long as Rafa steps and court, he has a chance!

      I’m rather excited! I believe he can do it!

  4. Rafafan says:

    Yeah I am excited too. He knows now what to do on fast hardcourts – we said all b4, serve out wide, then volley at the net with good approach. Flat forehands no loopies and no 3 metres behind the court chasing balls. Aggressive, offensive, confidence and he will be biting that trophey in front of all those French fans who will find it in their hearts to simply adore him. Vamos Rafa Vamos! Let the crowd and your fans enjoy your wonderful talent on show x

  5. Mim says:

    *grins* You pretty much covered everything. Now, all adorable Rafa has to do is bring it all together and I truly believe, this time, (God willing) he will!

    Hum, I just noticed Tommy Haas is in the draw. Doesn’t he have Swine Flu?

    And where’s A-Rod?

  6. Atch2 says:

    Our half: Davydenko and Djokovic are having good runs still fm Asia, in the semis at Valencia and Basel respectively, but Haas could be the most dangerous bec he has swine flu. And Soderling is back from elbow? injury after missing Valencia.

    But as Rafa says, one match at a time. Just look at the upsets and retirements in Shanghai. There were a couple of walkovers and injury retirements in Valencia too.

    A-Rod is probably taking a rest bec he’s qualified for London.

  7. Chant says:

    I believe Rafa will do really well in this tournament. He’s had a few weeks since China… so let’s hope that he’s practiced his tennis as much as his golf. ;)

  8. CC says:



    Que sera, sera. They’re all pretty good players, no?

  9. Rafafan says:

    Oh … forgot and NO short balls into the court please Rafa – great flat returns stepping up the court not just retrieving it from baseline! Othewise the likes of the Sod, Tsonga dep port Cilic will kill it.

    Show them what your made of and how you can change your fantastic game up (defence to offense) to suit all court surfaces and now have the confidence to do it. We Rafanatics are right behind you and if any masters series I would love you to win it is this one in Paris – what sweet revenge that would be after FO and having to retire last year at this tourney Davy and to play with an injury in that painful defeat against Ferrer in 2007. The writing is on the trophy I think/hope/know you are destined to win it this year! ….

  10. Ch F says:

    The draw could have been worse and as Rafa always says, there is no painless draw in these events nowadays. I only hope the determination is still there…I loved the talkasia interview but somehow was left with a mixed feeling that I cannot describe, although like all of you said it was a great and relaxed interview in improved English ;-). Rafa is a great person, humble and down to earth. He deserves the best and even more than what he has already achieved. I just hope the feeling he has achieved so much doesn’t make him try less especially after the injuries and because he is afraid of getting injured again. I hope he’s left that behind and is eager for more. Vamos!

    • Rafangel says:

      I get the impression that the poor baby is really demoralised and emotionally wrung-out after this year (who wouldn’t be?). Naturally he isn’t quite as enamoured of tennis is he was, say, last year, and sounds a bit less upbeat than he always has before. must’ve been a real shake-up for him this year, but it’ll only make him greater. he’ll be back, don’t worry :-)

      By the way, just found Benito’s posts about the French crowds. Cool – but am I the only one who finds it just a bit weird that he’s crawlin’ around the www reading all our between-cyber-friends fantasies about Rafa?

      Still, Benito-spook, if you’re reading this, tell London-bound Rafa to get his culo famoso over here and I’ll find a way to perk him up ;D

  11. Maya says:

    In TalkAsia Rafa did say that tennis means more to him now than it did before the injuries. He also mentioned that what he appreciates most about Federer is not his perfection as a player, but his willingness to change his game and to continue to grow as a top competitor. He’s said more than once that he expects to be playing his best tennis at the start of the new year, which makes me think he has some changes in mind and since change takes time and lots of practice, I’m looking forward to the AO. That being said though, I’d love to see him win in
    Paris or London.