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  1. faeaki 7 says:

    Translation anyone? Please? thanx

  2. Mim says:

    I know! It’s such a crime one such wisdom isn’t distributed in multiple languages to the world!

    *pouts* They should automatically translate ANYTHING Uncle Toni, Rafa, and anyone else who is on Team Rafa has to say. In fact, even if it’s Joe Shmoe talking about Rafa, they should translate. I wish :)

    I love Uncle Toni. I have such respect for the man. I wonder if he knows that Rafa has been ‘tattling’ on him in his interviews. :D

    He is, without a doopt, the GOAT of coaches!

  3. emir says:

    translation please…..

  4. IIOO says:

    From what I could understand with my limited Spanish, this interview is about some presentation Toni had that’s called “What’s wrong with the youth today”. Both he and the other guy who’s an former water-polo player were talking that young people today in order to be happy want to achieve success instantly, with very little effort. They comment on the lack of discipline and respect for the teachers and how parents now don’t blame the kids for their bad results due or bad behavior but instead their kids are always right and the teachers always wrong. That’s about all I could understand, hope it helped :D

    • Mim says:

      It certainly is better than nothing. Thanks a bundle! I sure would love to watch the videos in its entirety with English subtitles.

      Hmm, maybe I’ll send an e-mail asking if they could release a version with English translation. When Uncle Toni speaks, I listen. I just love to hear his philosophy of life and hear him discuss his perspective on the world’s problems. Even better, I treasure his solutions and his answers to those problems. :)

      Thanks again for your effort. ^_^

      “Uncle Toni gets my vote for GOAT Coach!” *slaps Atch2 a high five*

      I think that very FEW would even attempt to dispute that!

  5. faeaki 7 says:

    agreed! Uncle toni def gets the title of the GOAT COACH, thanx for trying to translate, its so annoying when you cannot understand a word! I always find him so interesting to listen to.

  6. emir says:

    well if this is all about….well I am not sure I am that sympathies about tony is taking all the credit off Rafas personality because he become good person plus successful….for today’s youth well there is always good and bad like it always has been…..for discipline and respect I agree buy you know Rafael is a good person he has huge heart but you cant show his success as example for all the community people have hard life….Rafael born some kind of a wealth family he still find AN AMBITION TO WORK HARD but there was less pressure on his shoulders that’s why he becomes NO COMPLEX PERSON AS WELL……people from their childhood days dealing with the pressure to be successful at the school and then university and then work not all off them are in the end become millionaires….Rafael worked so hard but he was also fortunate…..he wasn’t in position like if you don’t become successful in tennis you are finished…from all my life I and my sister felt the pressure in our neck we are coming from a very poor family….we in the end become successfully finishd university WHICH IS VERY DIFFICULT IN OUR COUNTRY IF YOU DoNT GO TO PRIVATE SCHOOLS we take our position in business but that process make us hard people….anyway I don’t like the way tony kind of talk like politician giving conferences FOR WHAT he was coach of Rafael that guy become good person doesn’t he have his mother and father as well…now tony some kind of life coach or something GIVE ME A BREAK sorry….tony begins to swim in dangerous waters for a long time ok you and your family are good to show yourselves as a fool example to all community I don’t think this is so annoying in the end people will say enough is with this promotion…..