Facebook update: Nov 4

Rafa’s Facebook status was updated this morning:

Voy a Lyon (oficinas de Babolat) el viernes y el sabado para Paris | Going to Lyon (Babolat HQ) on Friday, Saturday to Paris

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  1. Manahil says:

    ok ill use dis place to vent abt da fed heads ‘tryin’ to take over rafa’s official FB pg..i mean i knew dat sum of feds fans were over da top obnoxious ppl but Hockson Floin sure takes da cake for bein 1 of da leaders of da ‘loser brigade’ singin feds praises even on rafa’s pg by first postin several pics of his highness n den tryin to diss rafa!!..usually i take da high road nd dont say a thing but i dunno dis really got to me..i respect fed for his tennis but the plethora of his images frm da continuous rolex adds playin on tv nd even in da newsweek i suscribe to just gets on my nerves nd i guess dis was just da last straw! cant sum1 get him kicked off rafas page?

    the obnoxiosness starts frm dis page nd continues for further 7 pages:


    • Mim says:

      Hmm, I understand your frustration. Maybe you should contact Rafa’s people via Rafa’s official site ( http://www.rafaelnadal.com/nadal/en/contact ) and ask them if they could moderate Rafa’s FaceBook page a bit better. There’s no harm in just giving them the heads up and letting them know that, as a Rafafan, you are upset by those things.

      It is frustrating and, like you say, downright obnoxious. Obviously some people have issues. You’d think those Federer fans would be too busy posting on HIS page and HIS site. It would NEVER occur to me to do such a thing. But we can’t get him kicked off. Only the people who control his page can do something about it.

  2. CC says:

    Thanks for letting me know, Rafa. I’ll be over as soon as I can tomorrow! ;)

  3. Manahil says:

    Sorry miri…got carried away in my frustration wid da fedtard..ill stay in line frm now on :) nd thanx for da suggestion Mim.

  4. Yaritza says:

    I wrote on his facebook wall on my Birthday, last Wednesday (November 4) and he (or someone from his team) commented on my wall post. He said “Feliz cumple!” which means Happy Birthday! in Spanish. I can’t begin to describe how good it felt when I was checking my e-mail and I read one that said Rafael Nadal has just commented on your wall post. I didn’t believe it at first, and then I checked and read the comment next to his profile pic. Awesome! It was a great birthday present for me and I’ll never forget it!