More Montreal photos

I took some photos for the kind people at Tennis Connected when I was in Montreal. They are the folks who helped me get access to the on court photo bench. I had set them aside and not posted them, but I was recently pushy enough to ask if I could go ahead and post them and they said yes. Here they are.

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  1. kefuoe says:

    Lovely set of shots. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t use them (or want to keep the right to use them…). Still, you got the press pass out of the deal.

  2. natch says:

    Great pix!

  3. An says:

    Great work Miri! The only reason i can imagine that they never used anny is that there are so manny great ones they found it too hard to choose…
    I would *kill* for the chance ever to be able to make a Rafa *tigh porn* pic!

  4. Rafafan says:

    I have to say the Rafa photos in white sleeveless and shorts and the yellow bandanda with the yellow wrist bands are absolutely priceless! Keep it for the archive (2009!). We may never see again. God he was hot hot hot hot and extra hot there – and I know he did it for fun with the doubles playing as a wild card with his coach but wooooooooooooow these photos were the best ever – i Mean it! It was torture watching the test card scores – knowing they don’t show it on tv/pc! Could have died when he lost it in th third 10/8

    We may need to bring the photos out now and again if Nike doesn’t do anything about it next year (although I know we have heard the rumours mayb sleevless (no capris though i guess)). Sorry folks. Don’t mean to go on about clothes again. But it would be the lack of clothes to be precise that is what is better for our rafa and what he is comfortable in. Don’t let me dig it all out and try and find on the internet but he definitely said “he feels more comfortable in sleevless” and we have gotta watch next yr

  5. faeaki 7 says:

    Lovely pics of Rafa, simply because he was soo relaxed in this match, just really enjoying himself along with his 2nd coach, just to see him back on the courts was awsome after what seemed forever! I love that one of him straining during his serve when his body is really arched, he looks so intense! Its a shame they wouldn’t post them but its probably against there policy bla bla bla.. great photos alround, *ferrer mmm* a nice re-cap of Rafa’s return to the courts.

  6. Atch2 says:

    I luv the colours of these pics, vibrant and sharp.

    Favs are Rafa with the smiles during his doubles, Rafa racing the cameraman, skipping with his back to us and can’t leave out ‘Thigh porn’.

    Monfils hitting a buggywhip forehand whilst in the air is pretty cool too.

  7. miri says:

    Hey, guys. My post apparently sounded like I was unhappy with the Tennis Connected people. I sure didn’t mean things to sound that way. It’s been pointed out to me that they did use some of the photos and I’m just unobservant. *hangs head in shame* I am very grateful to them for getting me photo access in Montreal as it was an experience I never could have hoped to have otherwise. Sorry for the misunderstanding.