Teeing off


Posted by ReyesVB

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  1. sia says:

    Hee hee miri … maybe it’s time for a bit of archival tennis footage …

    • aRafaelite says:

      Yes please! I’ve gone 4 weeks without being able to watch the tennis now and am counting the days (69) until I’m sitting in Melbourne watching the Australian Open… I can’t believe I even bothered to click on something that is clearly about golf!!!

      • An says:

        Well, first let me say that i’m not so in to golf too…

        But you know me, always wanting to look at things from the positive side:)
        I think i could keep myself busy for a while watching Rafa get into good position to take the swing from behind him!

        The one who made the vid deffinitly cant be a women… Wrong camera angle!

  2. CC says:

    Have they really got nothing better to do?!

  3. marla says:

    Yeah, yeah. Watch it again – see how Rafa stays – eyes focused and holds the follow thru. Golf is harder than it looks, and he is good at it. If nothing else his backside looks fab in those dreary, unfortunately pleated, khakis. He could make bowling sexy.

  4. Rafafan says:

    Marla – agree with you. Just look at the way he shakes his arse… bootiful and worth the watch even though we all hate golf.

    • Eliana says:

      Well I’m in the minority who likes golf-thanks to Tiger Woods and Sergio García-so I’m pleased to see this clip. I would be even more pleased watching Rafa play 18 holes instead of hitting some practice balls. Booty shakin’ *drools*

      Those may be the best pleated pants I’ve seen since I was a little girl…

      • marla says:

        Eliana, You are not in the minority, see my earlier post, I love golf, Tiger, Sergio – and Rafa to pursue this in his post tennis era. however the pleated pants have to go.

    • Emma says:

      I had no intention of watching this until I saw the backside references. Feel quite ashamed of myself really. I like those pants, I really do. The chap nearest us doesn’t seem too skillful, though.

  5. faeaki 7 says:

    Sorry I will never understand how someone like Rafa, who is so exciting to watch on a tennis court can be into such a slow sport like golf, or maybe its his way of unwinding so to speak! on the plus side though, he looks great in that golf get up, he does have one hell of a sexy posterior, he’s just perfect, infact he makes golf watchable! if thats at all possible. zzzzzzzzzzzzz indeed!

  6. Nana says:

    Is Rafa righthanded when he plays golf? I can’t tell. And I’m trying to imagine if I’m a lefty or righty when I play…