Okay, all the results pages are running from the database now. I should go back and QA them against the ATP/ITF sites (which is difficult since the two sites don’t always agree), but I’m so tired of looking at numbers I don’t think that will do any good right now. I’m going to take a break before making useless historical stats pages with the data.

Thanks to people who sent in counts. It helped me do a quick QA on the total wins/losses against the db.

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  1. killian says:

    This is wonderful, Miri. And easy to read. The hours on court for the US Open are particularly telling. Thanks so much for doing this!

  2. An says:

    Ah Miri…
    I see now why you got confused, i see i made an error in my doubles counting and counted a loss for a winn, i’m sorry!

    But… since you seam want to get the facts right.. I saw you have a different outcome on his 2008 results in singels too and since i’m a numbers girl i just had to check my errors and recounted but i still count 93 matches played and 82 winns.
    I will check it if you want to, if you could send me youre outcome by mail?

    • miri says:

      The counts listed on the page are done automatically by counting up the entries in the database, so if they are incorrect, that would mean I have entered a match incorrectly. (There’s a datafield for each match that indicates whether it was a win, loss, bye or walkover.) So…yeah, if I have something wrong, I’d really like to know! I really had problems with remembering to notate a bye was a bye and not a win and caught a few of those while double-checking. :)

      BTW, your numbers agree with Wikipedia…so…I probably have made a boo-boo. *sigh*

      • An says:

        Ah, well i made one in the doubles and did only one year…
        So, totally understandable that you made some! I found the bye’s troublesome also…

        Its fantastic info BTW! Thanks for doing it!

  3. dutchgirl says:

    Wow miri, this is cool! I’m really impressed, I love stats like that. Great to see you put up the ranking of the opponents as well.