Pics from the Banesto advert filming

Photo by Fernando Gomez

Photo by Fernando Gomez

Spiffy pictures can be found here. That’s a lot of cameras!


3 Responses

  1. Rogue says:

    Truly amazing.

    I began to chuckle when I saw all of those wires coming out of one extension cord. And those cameras! Cannot WAIT to see the finished product.

    Also, how wonderful are the pics of Rafa? I love the ones where he’s looking over the cameras because he’s trying to get a good look at the laptop to see how it all works. That is Rafa in a nutshell. So interested in life and enthusiastic about everything he does. He wants to learn about everything! “Wonder” is one of those blessings that many people lose when they become adults.

    He also looks oh-so-handsome in these pictures and he isn’t even purposely modeling yet! Just a shot of him looking, standing, wiping his eyes with a towel (awww!). Everything about his is so dynamic!

    Boy is he a busy bumblebee! Adventure and experience is his version of rest and relaxation. I think he’d get exhausted and tired if he were ever told to “take the day off” and was forced to actually chillax. :D :D

  2. Carol says:

    Yes, whatever ads he films, he always appears to connect with the folks doing the hard work: wonderful guy that he is! *sighs*

    Rafa could advertise toilet cleaner and still look hot!

  3. Atch2 says:

    So many cameras. Do u think they’d notice if I took one?