Yep, still universal

Even more coverage…

Posted by ib3.

Posted by meriko100 – and check her stream for a YouTube version of the full discussion (in 10 parts). (Thanks patzin and Atch2)

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  1. patzin says:

    Seems he changed his clothes between the award and dinner and the press conference. He looks charming nevertheless. Nice to see he was with his mother.

  2. natch says:

    What? No tight pants?

  3. faeaki 7 says:

    mm I liked the tight pant look and jacket on Rafa too. He looks hot anyway and nice to see his Mum with him..

  4. Zoez says:

    The meriko 100 You Tube videos of the discussion are amazing…because it appears that Rafa is being so forthcoming in his answers, and speaking with such passion. But, it is killing me that I can’t understand what he is saying. I hope his official site or someone will provide a transcript of the discussion as it seems to show us a side of Rafa that we don’t normally get to see…and I want to “hear” every word.

  5. CC says:

    They seem to forever go on about his girlfriend in that Corazon programme, but I think it’s fab that she doesn’t get dragged around to all these “events” and that she seems to have her own life. Since I care for this man’s well-being, though, do they ever get to see each other?! Like, just for “normal” hanging out time? I sincerely hope so.

    • Atch2 says:

      CC how does his gf come up in a report abt being Universal? What do they say?

    • miri says:

      Hmmm…I didn’t know they went on about his private life or I wouldn’t have posted it.

      • CC says:

        I can only get the gist of what they’re talking about but that programme often seems to steer a little more towards gossip mag stuff. It’s on a pretty “harmless” level, though, I think.

  6. nic says:

    omg sooooo blooody gorgeous in that skinny tie and suit! how lovely does rafa look. sigh. one can only dream….
    i love the way everyone seems to treat rafa like a son in that second video, from dignitaries to random strangers, they all seem to wanna cuddle rafa and pat him on the back, kiss him on the cheek. it’s so obvious that he’s such a warm person that he endears himself to people so easily.

  7. Sam says:

    I am a very very sad Rafan…I was in Madrid all last week and had no idea Rafa was around. But I was strolling passed the Ritz last Thursday afternoon and paused for a moment with an overwhelming sensation that he was there, I can’t explain it, it was very VERY odd. Why, of all places the Ritz!?? But I told myself “Don’t be stupid, he is in Mallorca preparing for Bercy” and moved on….I cannot begin to tell you how sad I was when 24 hours later I read that he had been there. But I do believe in “Rafasense” now, does anyone else have that?
    (Dictionary defines the word “rafasense” as ‘the natural instinct for knowing information about Rafa without having to be told it’).
    The moral of this story is…TRUST YOUR RAFASENSE Rafans!!!!!

  8. Nada H. T says:

    So elegant .. RAFA … as usual

    I am VERY HAPPY that he went there with his MOTHER :)

    I only WISH he would change this hair style

    it makes him look old :(