Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/ AFP/ Getty Images

Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/ AFP/ Getty Images

kayM just let me know that Rafa’s going to be on TalkAsia next Wednesday (November 4th). The interviewer has also blogged about the experience.

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  1. patzin says:

    Looks like it could be interesting

  2. SapphireSwell says:

    I do recall that Rafa wasn’t thrilled at the pressers, but then again, they were twice as long as they normally are. (They had to translate every Q&A into Chinese.)

    And is English John’s first language? The blog was a little awkward to to read, but interesting nonetheless.

    • Atch2 says:

      The guy is an Aussie that covers China for cnn. He referenced Aussie rugby league players that I grew up with.

      Funny that he said that he preferred Gaza to Old Trafford. He must have felt very uncomfortable having to do the sports interview when he is used to doing world affairs/politics etc. But everyone ends up charmed or impressed by Rafa in the end. As always.

      TalkAsia show long interviews as well, so can’t wait to see this.

      • SapphireSwell says:

        Good to know! TalkAsia looks pretty good, better than most of what the US chooses to stream of CNN. (Nancy Grace? ewww!)

        Just checked out to find this:

        “Just finished interviewing Rafa Nadal for Talk Asia special . . says he doesn’t expect to be playing for many more years.”

        Now I’m really curious to see the interview. I hope someone defines “many” from that statement!!!

        • An says:

          Lets wait and see in wich context he says it!

          • Ch F says:

            Oh I hope the context does explain that one!!! Hopefully it’s not a new decision we’re not aware of ;-).

        • nic says:

          I don’t like the sound of that statement from the CNN dude. Hate the way they just take one sentence and throw it out there out of context…really wonder what Rafa meant.

          Also, I did read this guy’s blog, and didn’t really like the negative angle which he came from, right from the start. What I don’t get is, why give someone the task of interviewing someone so exciting and majorly popular right now to someone who has zero interest. What happened to the regular interviewer Anjuli, wish she was the one. She’s really good. She usually does her research really well and would have known a lot about Rafa, and she also is good at asking tough questions, but at the same time gushing and treating her subject with respect.

          And it’s a pity he thought before the interview that Rafa was not going to be happy to be interviewed, that he seemed pretty grumpy at the presser he attended, etc. If only he had gotten some input from the CNN sports team, they would probably give him a better idea of the type of personality Rafa is, and how he’s actually a warm and gentle character. Or then again, maybe only his really great fans get that? I dunno. I wish everyone knew how wonderful Rafa is! And also dislike the way they mention his English is not very good. I think it’s fantastic! He’s able to express himself really well in English these days! Anyway, I can’t wait to see this. A whole half hour interview with Rafa in English. Just hope this guy did it justice, otherwise I’m going to be so dissapointed.

          • Atch2 says:

            Totally agree with you. And 30 mins is a really long time to be given for an interview and a shame the interviewer didn’t appreciate it. And u r right he should’ve done more research, like more than just attending a press con. Talk to Pedro Pinto who’s interviewd Rafa before and knows the sport. And shame u can’t speak Spanish either bec the interviewer should be accomodating to the interviewee as well.

            What’s up with cnn? They sent a non-sport reporter to interview Rafa during the Nike event before the USO as well. They don’t know how to match the interviwer with the interviewee?

  3. emir says:

    why rafa late to the interwiew one hour late is also question i would ask during the interwiew… your thoughts too busy playin play staion in his off day…is he begin act like a holloywood star….

    • An says:

      Rafa is “famous” for being late:)
      Its not new, its an old habbit!

    • emir says:

      well i love him but if someone 1 hour late to an appoinment without reasonable explanation I WOULD BE MAD….thats one of those things i hate most…1 hour is long time 5 minutes 10 minutes i wont care that much…i didnt know he had this kind of habit….A HABIT CLEARLY NEEDS TO CHANGE….respect other people time as well….

      • Atch2 says:

        Hey, give the guy a break. We don’t know why Rafa was late. It might hve been out of his control. He’s usually great with the press but he has a lot of commitments.

        • Rogue says:

          You think Rafa was late to the interview because he decided to play Playstation and keep the man waiting on purpose?! You think he deliberately brushed the interview off because he’s behaving like a Hollywood star?!

          It’s obvious you know NOTHING about Rafa and his character. And it’s also obvious that you don’t realize that even though he can arrive late, he is still viewed and said to be the most polite and respectful to the media. Heck, he just RECEIVED an award from the MEDIA for just that! Not only did the media name him the most polite and respectful, but even the chauffeurs at the AO 09 said that out of all the players, Rafa was the most kind and thoughtful and respectful.

          What’s wrong with you? What kind of comment is that?

          Clearly you are here to nitpick. Saying Rafa was late to the interview because he was being a spoiled celebrity is like saying that Roger blubbered at the AO 2009 trophy ceremony because he’s an immature, self-centered, inconsiderate pompous and arrogant jerk who wants everything to be about him!

          • miri says:

            Once again, people prove that they can’t take hints and I have to be blunt: stop it. Stop pointing fingers at each other.

            Yes, Rafa is just about always late to interviews and pressers. He was late to the one I got to attend in Montreal. Why? He wanted more practice time and took advantage of an empty court before heading to the presser. Sometimes, the reasons are good. I’m sure there are times there aren’t. But bitching about it here isn’t going to change anything.

            • Rogue says:

              It’s awesome you got to go the an interview!

              Of course the reasons are justifiable. There is no way Rafa would keep a person waiting to play video games!

              I typed that message before you told us to take that breath, btw. :D

    • Yaritza says:

      I’m no Hollywood star nor I intend to act like one but I too, suffer from tardiness. It’s not something to be proud of and it has brought me problems sometimes, even though I try to deal with it but just to let you know that some people are late almost always.

  4. Yaritza says:

    Actually, November 4 is my birthday! Is this his birthday present for me?! Aw, Rafa, you shouldn’t have.

  5. emir says:

    AN said he is famous abaut being late….i didnt know it….i read the blog if john vause he seem to be annoyed which he has every right to…

    • Atch2 says:

      I agree lateness is a bad habit, but the reporter seemed negative before the interview anyway which is in itself not very professional, expecting yes/no answers, struggles with his English. And Rafa’s in the middle of a tournament. That would’ve been during the Qtr round in Shanghai, and he’s playing the night matches which means the interview is probably during the time he usually practices.

  6. emir says:

    ok i will lighten up but will he hurry up…..

  7. miri says:

    Let’s all take a deep cleansing breath. *iiiiiIIIiiin* *ooooOOoooout* Feel better?

    • Rogue says:

      Thanks Miri. I do feel better now actually. The nerve of some people.

      Nice blog you have here by the way. Fantastic job! Keep it up!

  8. miri says:

    Does anyone in the US get CNN International? My cable company doesn’t seem to carry it, just CNN and CNN ESP.