Universal Spaniard discussion

This was supposed to be available live, but I couldn’t get the video to load. But, here’s a video of the “chat” that took place before Rafa got his Universal Spaniard award.

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  1. Gottakeeprunning says:

    Sorry Miri – I didn’t see this before I posted a link when reading through everyone’s posts…

  2. patzin says:

    I watched the whole thing – about 90 minutes. Rafa looked relaxed and happy and very chatty – long answers to questions. Lots of laughter. Some videos. That was a long session. He looked professional in his shirt and jacket. Thanks Miri – I tried to access this live w/o success.

  3. Nana says:

    Wonder what they could be talking about for 90 minutes!

  4. emir says:

    PATZIN can you make summary for it please because most of couldnt watch it…i am trying to watch but it still isnt opening….

  5. Eliana says:

    Watched it right now. Firefox didn’t let me open it but Explorer was good. I think one of the best interviews of Rafa I’ve seen because it was like a real conversation. Patzin is right, very looong answers!Rafa very touchy,fidgety and humble(typical). Flove when he was saying that sometimes he think that Toni is an animal(laughing), throwing balls at him and saying things that he doesn’t like, but at the end he knows that Toni loves him and even though Toni may be wrong, he says and does those things because he thinks is the best thing for Rafa.

    They talked about his parents’ separation at the beginning of the year and how it affected him, family unity(very sweet), his mental strength, his trust circle(Maymó, Benito, Carlos, etc.), that he doesn’t throw a racket for respect to his uncle, Wimbledon…

    Wimbledon, imo, was the best part, maybe because this morning I finished watching the match and I’m still reeling. He was talking about the 4th set when he was winning the tiebreaker 5-2 and had 2 serves. He says that that was the only time in his life when he had lost a point before playing it. His first serve was out and immediately thought that he was going to double fault; it happened.
    Also talked about when the first rain delay happened, that Toni fell asleep in the dressing room. After his nap(too funny!) told Rafa don’t worry, we’re better than 2 hours ago, we’re winning 2 sets to none!!!

    Something kinda funny was that, as the majority of you know, you ask Rafa 2 questions, he will only answer 1 or maybe 1/2 of one. In one instance, again a compound question and he answered part of it. But then, surprise, he interrupted the gentleman, apologized and answer the second part(1st one about his team, second one, davis cup team)

    Also, clarified that this season began going down in Miami, not in Madrid where he lost to Roger; that he’s very happy with his performance since Montréal, even though someone who’s looking from the outside may think, he’s not winning titles, that’s not good.

    Try to watch it because even though it’s like 90 minutes, it’s worth it. Or maybe is because Rafa may read “The Illiad” and “The Oddisey” to me and I will think that it was the best day and a half of my life just because I was listening to him :)

  6. dutchgirl says:

    I couldn’t understand most of what was said, so thanks for the summary! However, I played the full 90 minutes because I love to hear Rafa talk and talk. And he looks really fine too! So I’m with you Eliana, Rafa can read the yellow pages back and forth to me and I still wouldn’t be bored…

  7. Atch2 says:

    Why the heck can’t I open it? I’m going to youtube.

  8. patzin says:

    One of the things I was struck with while watching was how comfortable he looked sitting there answering the questions. He looked very much the “man” and it reminded me of how he has grown in front of our eyes over the years.

    • Eliana says:

      Right?? In one instance he was so relaxed he was leaning back in the chair, something I think haven’t seen from him until now. And also super open in his answers, in the way that he answered everything without restrictions and sometimes even with the help of Carlos Costa.

      • Atch2 says:

        Eliana, what did Rafa say about the last qtr of the press con (before taking the qu fm the guy in the front) that made everyone clap?

        • Eliana says:

          I’ll check when I get home and let you know…

        • Eliana says:

          Sorry for the tardiness of my answer!

          Rafa was talking about how his family, friends an team help him to keep his “foots” in the ground, basically making him a better person. People were applauding, apart from his answer, I think, because they see how ernest and humble he is with all the people that surrounds him. So great how he talks about all of them.

  9. Atch2 says:

    Rafa looked a bit embarassed seeing himself on the screen as the gawky kid with the pinchable cheeks. Cute.
    He was quite still during the Wimby clip though.

    Luv his overall body language esp his expressive hands and eyebrows. Luv seeing looking happy and relaxed and cracking jokes.

  10. Gottakeeprunning says:

    Eliana I hope you don’t mind me answering Atch2’s question…

    Rafa was asked how he manages to keep his feet firmly on the ground and not let success rise to his head as it has done to other successful people. In brief his reply was that he believes that the higher you let yourself go, the further you have to fall. He said that the people around him, his family and close circle keep him in check and are comfortable enough around him to say something to him like “come down” if he were to let things go to his head. He finished his reply by saying that he realises that at the moment he has privileges, and that people see him as successful, but in some years time, he will no longer be in a position to have such privileges, and will be the same as everyone else around him. So bearing in mind that it is not for ever, is what keeps him grounded.

    • Atch2 says:

      Thanks Gottakeeprunning. I think this one of the main things that Uncle Toni keeps reminding him on tour, e.g., I think it was last yr and Rafa realised that he forgot his drink bottles in the locker rm at the USO, and Uncle Toni told Rafa to get them himself eventhough their was a USO staff waiting to cater to the no.1’s every whim.

    • Eliana says:

      Not at all Gottakeeprunning! But I read your answer after I post mine, so now there are two interpretations of the same question. Thank you for being more thorough than me-kind of tired after Halloween ;)