[Updated Again] Practice session

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Some slightly different footage of the practice:

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Updated with better version of video 2 – one that also includes Spanish subtitles.

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  1. Kate says:

    darn wish they did English sub titles lol!

  2. Rafafan says:

    Ok guys and girls! – did u c his practice session? R we anywhere nearer with that flatty forehand! on an indoor court (a la Paris and London!!) and the volley at the net and the serve out wide and the in court and if he does another 4 metres behind the baseline I shall do my nut and his but!!!

    Rafa – Agressive/offensive – doesn’t matter now if you lose but take a chance. And your fans r absolutely sizzling if you can start to attack – ok even if there are a few mistakes. We love you for it and know in the end that will win u trophies

  3. faeaki 7 says:

    Yes exactly, no more running around that baseline, and you forgot to mention the volley’s, very effective behind the outwide serve! damn it he looks so damn gorgeous, floorless skin, those lovely brown eyes and full lips not to mention that physique of his, wow best fix ever after a some what crap day!

  4. Atch2 says:

    Great to see Rafa having a hard practicing session. Hi to Uncle Toni as well.

  5. tiemyshoe says:

    Can’t believe there are, what, three more tournaments this year including DC? Gah. Fall tennis season dulldrums.

  6. Rafafan says:

    faeaki 7

    The outward serve a must! then coming in with the volley or overhead smash to make sure for those shorter points and no running around the baseline as you say. Our nerves will not take it any longer. Good to see Uncle Toni with him again. However gone are the smiles from Rafa – he seems very serious in his interview. U Toni utting him on the straight and narrow. Wish I knew what he was saying.

    Miri – that is a tease – shirtless for 2 seconds!

  7. nic says:

    Rafa looks a little sleepy dopey in these vids. Cute!

  8. George McCauley says:

    I think now we all have to wait untill next year to see the real rafa again. Don’t be expecting too much from these last three tournaments, anything can happen i hope he wins as many matches as possible but don’t be expecting trophies.

  9. Atch2 says:

    Rafa and Uncle Toni have the same toned strong legs.

  10. sia says:

    Don’t forget how much the Davis Cup means to him, George McCauley … I think we’ll see the real Rafa there … I think you’re right about the hard courts tho’ I think he’s been medically advised to take it easy there. Vamos Rafa!

    • Ana says:

      I believe he’ll get some confidence playing DC final.. 1st – it means a lot to him, 2nd – it’s played on clay which is nice too :)

  11. patzin says:

    Meriko has a video with Engl subtitles on YouTube.

  12. faeaki 7 says:

    Yep I read the clip with English subtitles on the official site, he is saying, and he is so right (Rafa I mean), this is a problem if you cannot train because of injury. This is something the critics haven’t considered! He does look serious but I hope that this is because he is focused! Lovely view of shirtless Rafa, *sighs* how many seconds was it? God he has the best physique ever!!! anyway more importantly, Focus Rafa! focus focus focus!!!

  13. Rafafan says:

    Faeki – don’t really understand. Saw the English titles too. But don’t get that impression. He has always said b4 he needs match fitness to compete and get better, so WTF is he training. Unless there is something truth in what Sia says – “he is medically advised to take it easy”.

    Lets b honest. Rafa what I saw in that interview and subtitles – Rafa was dejected, making excuses about how imortant training was and that really he wants to be competitive in everythng and play Valencia. I reckon U Toni put his foot down and said NO! No smilies in the interview u know what I mean? Even Davy said don’t wanna practice rather have competive tournaments.

    Yet if Rafa doesn’t play in Valencia (which I can c deep down he is jumping up and down to play!! – this is one of those “we have got to look at your schedule bit”) – he may lose confident b4 he starts! His beloved fans in Spain can’t cheer him – it doesn’t make sense and if you look at his interview and the way he is with his body language you know what i mean. Let’s hope he has a “wild card entry to Valencia”

    • miri says:

      He looked dejected? Seriously? He looked tired – which I would totally expect given he just practiced his ass off and was having to do a media interview. I saw no dejection.

      Practice has always been important to Rafa or he wouldn’t spend so much time doing it. Yes, it’s not the same as playing in tournaments, but he needs both. It’s all about balance, no?

      It never fails to crack me up that he can’t win scheduling-wise. People are either damming him for playing too much (Rotterdam, etc) or saying he should pick up more tournaments.

  14. Rafafan says:

    Miri – let’s b honest he has just come back from injury and he is fresh (as he keeps saying – mayb 2 fresh)- he keep saying on and on and on in his pressers he needs match practice – so then give it to him for christ sake. If he is free of injury – the rotterdam of last year and anything else has nothing to do with it. Can’t u c?

    Don’t really understand and he needs to have MATCH practice to do stuff like being aggresive, volley at the net, serve outwide and volley/smash and WTF not in a million years behind the baseline. Do you get my drift? (as a fanatic Rafa supporter!)

    Thre has got to be something in it with either Toni or Sia where he got medically advised? don’t u think. Seems a bit odd to me

    • miri says:

      I am being honest. Coming back from injury requires practice too. You lose some of the muscle memory.

      Sorry, I refuse to see conspiracies everywhere. He said he needs practice and that’s important; I think he needs practice. Why only believe him when he says he needs match play? Why can’t both be true?

      If he wanted to play at Valencia, he would. Simple as that. He’s gone against the wishes of his team many times – don’t know why Toni ‘putting his foot down’ would stop anything now.

  15. Rafafan says:

    Miri – I understand the thing with the injury and the confidence thing. How many times have we heard Rafa say this? I understand (to an extent). I have had a broken foot for the last 5 weeks and the confidence sucks out of u. U R mpt sure when yr ready but to see if you are there is nothing like getting back to the real thing how u used to be physically and mentally. The only way to do that – yes practice but a MATCH is the answer – otherwise it will be the same old story that starting to become a bit weary. How else are we (and more importantly HIM) gonna c his aggressive style and his confidence unless he does it in a match – not in practice, as he says himself. By the way what do you mean by muscle memory? Valencia is only a small tourney so am really surprised. I hope he doesn’t regret. Mayb they think he cant do 2 weeks in a row in tourneys but he did that (2 week grand slam – albeit a day of each day, well more or less)

  16. Atch2 says:

    Dejected Rafa to me is in the Presser where he withdrew from Wimby. Rafa looked tired from the practice to me. Hope Uncle Toni, and Tomeu or any other practice partner gives Rafa a hard work session everytime.
    As the season winds down I think a healthy and happy Rafa should be the objective, esp if he felt something in his abs a couple of wks ago.

  17. patzin says:

    If you believe the newspapers, Rafa is most interested in Davis Cup in December and prob starting strong for the new year. He will play his best level, whatever that means, in France and London, but seems his focus is clay and DC.