Sergio Garcia on Rafa

You want me to do whot?

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(No, not that way.) Some comments from Garcia at

GM: Much is made of Tiger’s relationship with Roger Federer, but you have a tennis star buddy of your own in Rafael Nadal. Do you and Nadal discuss how to dethrone your respective rivals?

SG: We don’t really talk too much about our games. When one of us is struggling or doing well, we send each other texts or talk to see how the other is doing. But we just enjoy our time together—we play golf sometimes, a little bit of tennis, some soccer. Everybody’s got their own way of doing things, so what works for Raf may not work for me. I’m not as picky as he is with his little routines.

GM: Can you get a game off him?

SG: No. Tennis is not like golf, because in golf you can play with handicaps. You can actually win against a decent player.

GM: What if he played right-handed?

SG: Yeah, if he played right-handed that would change things. [Laughs.] I’m pretty sure I could beat him.

4 Responses

  1. Atch2 says:

    Nice short interview. For a golf site they are quite direct about the personal stuff.
    Sounds like Sergio’s has a downer of a yr too and lacking confidence. I’m sure he and Rafa had many a chat and texts comforting each other.

    Sergio, I’d like to know what Rafa has to say about u beating him when he is playing right-handed.

  2. Rafafan says:

    Interesting to hear that Garcia says he is not as picky as our Rafa with his little routines – I wonder which he was referring to! Perhaps Rafa does all of them when he hits the golf ball as well. Would love to c it and which routines he goes through.

    By the way – look at the link

    Rafa is the top sports personality and this was made from people in France! So lets hope the Parisians are kind to him when he plays at the Paris – Bercy. Can’t wait (but wish he was playing Valencia to his home fans – that would give him the confidence he needs)


  3. natch says:

    “(No, not that way.)”
    Dammit. ;P

  4. faeaki 7 says:

    Interesting that Rafa should be the top sportsman in France of all places, but it just seemed Paris that was unking in particular, now he has lost maybe they are feeling more sympathetic toward him..

    Nice words from Sergio!