DC Final fertilizers

At least, that’s what Google Translation is calling what, I assume to be, tickets from this post on Facebook:

The Royal Spanish Tennis Federation has begun the process of selling season tickets for the final of the World Group Davis Cup final to face Spain and the Czech Republic at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on 4 to 6 December.

Until November 9, the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation is now selling, with a 10% discount, and through its Regional Federations, a total of 4825 season tickets for the three days of the final. On the 9th also ended the period Sponsors International Tennis Federation and Tennis Federation of the Czech Republic have to withdraw its quota of fertilizers set by the rules of the competition and for the final adjustment of the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona requirements in the areas of media, protocol and services.

From 11 November, the RFET will release fertilizers to the general public. These fertilizers will be sold from November 11 through the normal channels of the RFET in Davis Cup playoffs: www.ticketmaster.es, Carrefour and FNAC stores and collaborators points.

Prices for fertilizers of the three days are:
First class background: 340 euros
First class side: 300 euros
Second category depth: 270 euros
Second lateral category: 220 euros
Bottom third category: 160 euros
Lateral third category: 100 euros

Sentence I never thought I’d say: I want some fertilizers!

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  1. dutchgirl says:

    It sounds like farmer’s news or something like that! Especially in combination with the word ‘quota’.

    • natch says:

      At least they’re selling crap through the “normal channels”…
      I would hate it if they only considered Davis Cup crap.;)

  2. faeaki 7 says:

    Fertilizers? google translations hardly ever make sense! but exact translations of another language never do! still I cannot connect for the life of me the connection between fertilizers and tickets? *confused*

  3. Eliana says:

    Ha! I get it, “abono” in English is fertilizer. It refers to all-season tickets or all-tournament tickets.

  4. Atch2 says:

    The prices of the fertlizers seem like really good value if you’re a Spanish fan and given the quality of tennis and atmosphere you’ll be getting. It’s actually quite cheap if you’re also a Rafanatic. Man wish I could go.

    And the Carrefours in Europe really have a variety of products/services. Here they only sell groceries.

  5. An says:

    I would love to go too… SO.MUCH
    but can’t… Why did it have to be this weekend???

    • dutchgirl says:

      Same here, An. I keep dropping hints that it would be a hell of a ‘Sinterklaas’ present (for people outside of the Netherlands/Belgium: Sinterklaas is sort of Santa Claus, but we celebrate his birthday on 5th December. Detail: Sinterklaas is supposed to live in Spain…), but I get the feeling I’ll be stuck at home that weekend!

      • natch says:

        *begins letter to Sinterklaas*

        Dear SK (may I call you that?),

        When you are flying around the world on your birthday, delivering toys to good little boys and girls, please pick me up. I won’t have luggage or need an in-flight meal. I also don’t need any presents. You can drop me off in Mallorca on your way home. I’ll wait at Rafa’s until he gets home.

        Your new bff,

        P.S. I will totally make it worth your while if you do this. You know what I mean. ;)
        P.P.S. Oh, also? I won’t need a ride back.

        • An says:

          Heeee Natch.

          There might be one problem… Sinterklaas is not flying around the world to bring presents but he makes the trip to the Netherlands once a year on a steam boat. We can all see him arriving in evry city in the Netherlands on that boat somewhere around the middle off November but no-one knows how he leaves the country again!!!! But i’ll try to hide on the boat this year and def. tell him we have to pick you up on the way to Mallorca, OK?
          By the time we arrive there then we could be Rafa’s Christmas presents to play with on Christmas morning, No?

          And dutchgirl. Yes it would be a hell of a Sinterklaaspresent!!And since he alway brings surprises i keep on hoping…. but i do have one other small problem. My BF’s birthday is on the 5th off december ( No he’s not Sinterklaas ) and i guess it would be asking to much iff i go spend his birthday with Rafa…

          • dutchgirl says:

            We’ll be sodding together then on the 5th of December, because my kids wouldn’t forgive me if I went to Spain on that day – even though they stopped believing in Sinterklaas a couple of years ago.

            And natch: Sinterklaas puts naughty kids in a large bag and takes them with him to Spain, so maybe you could come to the Netherlands and do something bad… :)

          • miri says:

            Dec 5th seems to be a very popular birthday – just saying.

            • dutchgirl says:

              Does it happen to be yours…??

              • An says:

                “And natch: Sinterklaas puts naughty kids in a large bag and takes them with him to Spain, so maybe you could come to the Netherlands and do something bad… :)”

                I do not believe in that anny more, i tried evry year since 2005 thinking it would be THE way to come to Spain cheap, but he just doesn’t seam to notice my “bad” behaviour because evry year i get presents..
                I’ll stick with my idee!

                And yes Miri, is it youre birthday too?

                • natch says:

                  “And natch: Sinterklaas puts naughty kids in a large bag and takes them with him to Spain, ”
                  Hmmm…that sounds like fun all by itself! You add a boat..with all that motion…and Rafa…*faints*

                  “Dec 5th seems to be a very popular birthday – just saying.”
                  Happy Birthday, early! Mine is Saturday. I’m definitely the trick part of the “trick-or-treat” tradition. ;) I’ll be 45, so we decided this is my last year to be sexy. So I’m going in a tight, white t-shirt, with syringes strategically placed, as a “Drug Bust”. :D
                  Erm, sorry for venturing OT.

                  Oh, BTW, Dutchgirl, I HAVE done some very “bad” things in Amsterdam! Tell SK I’m waiting for my spanking! ;)

                  • dutchgirl says:

                    Ok, and if it works, be sure to mention my name and maybe he’ll pick me up as well!

                    • An says:

                      To be sure we come with him to spain this year we’ll hide together on the boat, No?

                      Yes, sodding whole weekend long while the others celebrate BF’s birthday and Sinterklaas… Constantly cheaking out to get behind TV or computer to watch Rafa play!

  6. sia says:

    I think Miri has already admitted this date as being her birthday … last day of the tennis season.
    I can’t imagine what we might give her as a present …

    • Carol says:

      OMG, by this token, Rafa is going to be one tired guy by January.LOL!!!

      ‘Cos there’s Dec 24th (Christmas presents in some other European countries (Germany comes to mind), Dec 25th in UK, and of course 6th January (in Spain -los Reyes)

      Correct me on any of this if I’m wrong, guys, but I think we’ll need to be a leetle gentle on the sweetie!!

      (And no I’m not going to offer him that disgusting thing that is Christmas Pudding – even Rafa’d still be digesting it in February :-S)

  7. natch says:

    I forgot to thank An and Dutchgirl for the education on Sinterklaas. I love learning new things! :D