Even more golf coverage

Yep, it’s a slow news cycle… This includes archive footage of golfing and a bonus thigh massage shot.

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  1. kefuoe says:

    I was ready to give it a pass until I read “thigh massage.” You sure know how to sell a girl a click!

  2. johanne says:

    Hmmm that thigh massage looks familiar…Paris retirement last year??

    And LOL at Rafa always eating. :)

  3. CC says:

    The concentrate nom, nom, nom at the beginning is priceless. I find Rafa eating sexier than the thigh massage. How weird.

    • An says:

      Rafa does evrything sexy… even eating…
      Oh my!

      • Carol says:

        And just look at that sexy confident strut around the course in those just-nicely fitting chinos, especially at the end… Yes Rafa, you are one hell of a MAN… hmmm *bye, bye everyone…*

  4. Kate says:

    I love how he colour coordinates his shoes and shirt soooo cute!

  5. faeaki 7 says:

    yep I nearly skipped this until I read “thigh massage” but his famous arse looks nice in those golfy trousers,*laughs at Rafa snacking!*

  6. Rafafan says:

    What did Uncle T say about the cookies b4 a match!! You will learn when you lose. And what happened to that birdie trying for the hole – it went past. Does he ever listen – and he is eating on the court! Very funny he he and very sexy – I agree with you CC. By the way the leg massage – if you remember he had to retire last year in Paris hard court (the one that is coming up now!) and it was against Davy in the quarters. Did you hear today about Marat Saffin taking Davy out in the first round!! of Moscow. Why oh Why do they always have to play so fuc…ng A game + against our Rafi and then rubbish after him. Just not fair. Saffin said he looked like he didn’t recover from the Shanghai win. I take some stuff back now about our Rafa – it was just a fluke how Davy played so well but inconsistent of course. The won thing Rafa said as long as you make the semi, finals in the end you will win. God I have suddenly found all that confidence.

    • Sam says:

      When someone plays their ‘A’ game against our boy it takes every bit of energy out of them….for months!!! But Rafa plays with that intensity (at least!) day in and day out…which is why he is the greatest of all time (ignore any comments about Federer and this topic..lol)
      And as for Rafa playing golf…I love that! I play golf, and girls, believe me, if you are under 40 and playing golf the boys on the course notice you because there are so few ‘young’ female golfers about, so don’t pooh-pooh it til you try it!! Let’s face it, it would impress Rafa…right? ;-)

  7. Rafafan says:

    PS the thigh thing – it was lovely to watch the rubbing but look at the pain on our Rafi. That was last year as said in Paris hard court as of in a matte of 2 weeks time. And the crowd never let our Rafa forget that. They booed him off court even though he had to retire.

    Rafanatics – what u think gonna the crowds b like this time and after the French Open. I am slightly worried given Rafa’s confidence or a bit lack of it (as he keeps saying)

    • Sam says:

      I was also thinking the same thing about the Parisian crowd, not only because of the FO this year, but also because they booed him when he retired against Davy last year at Bercy. I can imagine he will be rather nervous about that. I read a comment from Rafa recently (I think maybe on facebook?) saying he hoped he would get support there…he must be worrying about it to have said that. Poor lamb :-(

    • Ch F says:

      I think he is worried about the crowd in Paris but not to the extent that could cost him a match. I agree that it could hurt him if he’s in trouble and things are very tight but will not really harm his game if it’s solid. I think he has more on his mind right now, he probably worries about his game more, plus he probably doesn’t expect any support in Paris. Knowing the French, they might be nicer to him now that Roger made it to the trophy and they don’t see Rafa as an obstacle anymore.

      • Rafafan says:

        Hi Sam, CH F. The fans in Paris can go 1 way or the other. They may feel so guilty after the FO saga booing Rafa(and last year Paris Bercy), then Rafa being out injured (which goes a long way to explaining why he lost to the SOD) they may well now appreciate Rafa and all what he has done to tennis and the 4 FO.

        On the otherhand they may well boo him (particularly if he is up against a french player – Tsonga, Monfils?). If this is the case I will be very worried. I know he is a professional but the support of the crowd is very important to Rafa (he has admited it somewhere that the crowd has helped him win matches – mayb when not playing well!). I also felt he partly lost to the SOD coz of the crowds influence. I think he was so shocked by the lack of support that he will be a bit worried, particularly has his confidence is still flaging. His comments in the presser after FO loss “I hope the crowd will support me a bit better next year” and also Toni’s comments (which will not help Rafa at all to get the support behind him) are all very revealing

        We shall see. It will be very interesting and I will be nervous for our boy. Let’s hope he lifts the trophy and he gets the respect from the Parisians he deserves. Vamox x

        • Ch F says:

          You’re right. I agree it might be a reason, but if Rafa’s game is solid he’ll get past that and who knows, he might even find a way to win them back. The French are in love with Roger Federer and Justine Henin. It’s also a language thing, sometimes they find it more natural to support french speaking players. When Monfils lost to Federer in the FO, the commentators said during an interview with Federer that he’d just won against a French player but the crowd couldn’t even hold that against him. Going through the chat forums during the FO last year, I realized even a lot of French were shocked at the way the crowd treated Rafa and said it was not elegant nor athletic on their behalf to treat a champion like they did. What I was trying to say is, if Rafa’s game is at its normal level, confident and injure-free, the crowd being against him will not play a decisive role. Rafa was hurt by the lack of support because he knew he was injured and couldn’t compete the way he normally does and the fact that the crowd was so openly against him only magnified his feeling of frustration. So yes if his game isn’t at its best level, it might of course affect him a lot and that’s only human.

          • Rafafan says:

            CH F. I agree with you. I have had an injury (broken leg) and what happens it’s the confident that goes and even though (they say) u OK you are so scared the injury will happen again. Mine has been 5 weeks (can’t remember with Rafa) but the problem is you probably are still as good as b4 but with no confidence you are terrible. That’s why I can relate to Rafa – coz b4 I have never heard him say anything about the problem with his confidence when he played tennis until now – not even when 2005/6 he had very serious injury problems that (if you remember u toni – well being his uncle was so concerned didn’t think he could lay again)

            • Rafafan says:

              Whoops sorry girls didn’t mean lay!! but mean play … if you no what I mean

              • Rafafan says:

                Ps. Meant to say that when Rafa won – i think in 2006 against Fed in the FO there was some translation problems and Rafa was booed then!! And I don’t think the French crowd every forgave him from that – and it wasn’t his fault. They say the French crowd r very knowledggeable but I am not so sure. But I do think what happened there has gone a long way to say we want Federer to win and we do not like u Rafa for what you said – mis interpretation. I think the French fans r gonna look at this and c what Rafa has been through and they miss his fighting spirit and gonna cheer him all the way to the the Paris trophy. Wouldn’t that be a fairy story.Losing the French open to get the Masters 1000 (for the first time?) I think everyone incl. the french would want that for him. Vamox xx

                • Emma says:

                  That’s why I thought if he could play Valencia in front of the home crowd next week he could really get the confidence boost of the mega adoration. However he isn’t, and I guess he knows best – and selfishly I am desperate for him to play London as I am going nearly every day, so the less chance of getting re-injured the better.

                  My personal view is that Uncle Toni’s (entirely justified) comments will probably have put the Parisian crowds even more off Rafa, and he will get a hard time. But he has been round the block a few times, and I am sure he can handle it. Hopefully he can pull the reverse psychology thing, and think stuff the lot of you, I’m going to win.

  8. sandberry says:

    I’ve watched a lot of golf – NO ONE has ever looked so hot in golfing attire!

  9. Atch2 says:

    Luv the munching.
    Anyone know what Rafa was getting teased abt at 1.03?

    • An says:

      About him playing golf in the olympic tournament 2016…. At first he awnsers, he first wants to make olympics 2012 in tennis and after that he jokes, well i’ve got time to train, No?

      • Atch2 says:

        Thanks. That’s cute. He’s always the one getting teased, like the youngest bro in thr gang.

        Rafa will only be 26yrs for the 2012 Olympics in London and 30yrs for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Still young and hot.

        • CC says:

          “Still young and hot.” Indeed. Or as I would put it, a little older and probably much hotter! (If that’s even possible.)

          *imagines Rafa in ten years*


          • Carol says:

            Hmmm… if Charly Moya’s anything to go by, I think we’ve got a *lot* to look forward to… (and experience counts too, no?);-))

            *uh,huh…off to a sunny Sunday Rafa-morning*