Golf round-up

Twitter searches are turning up lots of articles about the pro-am golf tourny and a presser Rafa gave after. I’m on a quick lunch break, so will let you guys feed the urls through google translation, but the gist of things seem to be that he’s okay with his current results because this part of the season usually sucks for him. His main priority is the Davis Cup.

Some pictures:

Photos by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images Europe and EFE

TV coverage:

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  1. SapphireSwell says:

    I love this relaxed and happy Rafa. Those pics of him biting his lower lip are beyond cute! And I see you’ve posted a nice shot of the yummy tummy. :D Yay, happy afternoon.

    • teejustice says:

      I stared at the yummy tummy quite a bit :D

      • Carol says:

        Yum…tummy& treasuretrail…face…tummy…face? What a dilemma. :-) Just got to keep looking I suppose *shrugs* And the blue just suits Rafa 100% *sigh*

        Uh, golf? What golf? LOL

  2. Nic says:

    I just had flashes of rafa as a top professional golf player in another life and boy did he send the crowd into a tizzy every tourney he went to. He’s even more exciting than Tiger and reinvigorates the game for another generation. And his rafa line of golf clothing is the best seller. Oh, and commentators can’t stop talking about his biceps, and female fans keep a lookout for when he takes a swing and his shirt rises to expose that fine tummy! Hee.

  3. anna says:

    i still cant understand what is all the fuss abaut golf….ok i never tried but it looks boring to me….JUST PUT THE BALL IN HOLE give me a break…this rich people i think dont know where to spend their time and money….TOO MUCH TREES CUT because of creating this silly golf courses as well….for rafa enjoy it rafa what can i say….but even fishing was much more enjoyble than this….

  4. johanne says:

    So concentrate. YUM.

  5. patzin says:

    thanks – I found the translate website and it worked great. A new skill learned today.

  6. miri says:

    More photos here – click on the “Ver foto original” button at the bottom of each page to see them mondo-sized.

    • Atch2 says:

      Hey Uncle Miguel and Tomeu were there too. And Rafa being a rebel on the green with his shirt hanging out.

  7. Atch2 says:

    Didn’t know Nike made belts as well.

  8. An says:


  9. Emily says:

    rafa looks so good in blue – they should consider putting him in this shade of blue for his next outfit. picture 2 leaves me speechless…