Facebook update

Rafa’s updated his Faceobook status and added two photos:

Nuevo album de fotos personales | New private pictures album

Photo 1 – Con todos mis amigos comiendo en Les Thermes

Photo 2 – “Thanks to SBM | Les Thermes Marines for the picture. This is at the balcony. Unbelievable view”

17 Responses

  1. Atch2 says:

    Rafa and his buddies. Sweet.
    Rafa and his beautiful Spanish sea. Gorgeous. (CC I envy u)

    I luv that Rafa is comfortable sharing his personal photos with his fans. Maybe he’s caught the facebook bug and we will get to see more frequent updates *Fingers crossed*

    • Denizen says:

      Atch2, these photos weren’t taken in Spain. They are from last month’s vacation when Rafa took his friends to France and to a yacht show in Monaco. Les Thermes Marines is a spa in Monte Carlo that treated them to lunch.

      • Atch2 says:

        Thanks Denizen. Need to have a quick word with Rafa.

        “Ok Rafa. U need to update more frequently.”

  2. CC says:

    View, Rafa?! WHAT VIEW?!

    I mean, how can he just stand there and lean casually, poking his bum out, in his Lanvin trainers, a WHITE polo shirt showing off that fantastic tan and then tell us to look at the VIEW?!


    • LeLe says:

      Ha I just realized I looked at the photo and didn’t even realize water was in it…was there water view in the photo? rafa looks good in those pants.

    • nic says:

      Love love love that pic of Rafa, the best view of all. Am so loving those tight jeans he’s wearing. Just the right fit. Looking sooo gorgeous in those loafers. Mmmmm so yummy and relaxed in this pic. Haha CC, “poking out his bum”. Hehe, indeed.

      To be fair though, Tomeu is quite a hottie himself :)

      • CC says:

        Tomeu is cute, but hot…me thinks no.

        • An says:

          They could be my cover when Rafa’s training and playing in Rotterdam, No?
          I’ll take some off my friends with me and they can entertain them when Rafa’s off court and can spend his full attention to me… MMMMMMM.

  3. faeaki 7 says:

    yep its hard to appreciate the view when Rafa is standing their! love the group picy nice looking bunch of spaniarrds aren’t they.