Pro-Am del Castelló Masters Costa Azahar

Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images North America

Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images North America

Via @evergolf, here’s more info about the Pro-Am golf tourny Rafa is playing in: Nadal, Donadoni, Clemente y Cruyff participarán en el Pro-Am del torneo (Google translation)

Rafa Nadal, world number two tennis player, Roberto Donadoni, a former coach of Italian national football team, and Javier Clemente and Dutchman Johann Cruyff, football coaches, will participate tomorrow along with other competitors in the Pro-Am of the Castello Masters Costa Azahar .

This friendly competition and charity to be held on the eve of the tournament, played from Thursday through Sunday, will also feature the participation of Jose Mari Manzanares matadors, Enrique Ponce and Pepin Liria, who have confirmed their presence in the golf club in the town of Borriol.

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  1. CC says:



    *waits eagerly for pics of Rafarse in tight khakis on the green*

    • Courtney says:


      • Debbie says:

        Agree-Rafa in flat front khakis makes my day…err…probably will make my week!

        • nic says:

          Mmmm nice images of Rafa in them flat front khakis are running through my mind right now. And he when he strikes a pose while tee-ing off, mmm, just hugs his figure so snugly. Yummy Rafa.

    • natch says:

      “*waits eagerly for pics of Rafarse in tight khakis on the green*”
      Forget the khakis!
      *waits in sandtrap to de-pants Rafa*

      • CC says:

        Do you think Rafa would be up for making out in a sand bunker on the golf course? Because I’d so be up for that today.

        *goes off to floss and brush teeth for second time today*

        Just in case. ;)

        • natch says:

          Of course he would. Rafa’s game for anything! You make out with him. I’ll roll around in the sand naked with him. I don’t mind getting sand in a few places for Rafa. ;)

          Oh, and don’t forget to scrape your tongue after you are done brushing and flossing. :D

  2. An says:

    If we see Rafa pics off Rafa totally puzzled at this golf tournament you all can rest asure, i’ll know whats going on then…
    He just had a chat with Johan Cruyf.

  3. faeaki 7 says:

    mmmm Rafa looks lovely in green! Competing in a golf tourney? as long as he is competing our Rafa is happy.

  4. Atch2 says:

    I welcome any pics of Rafa laughing and hugging other competitors and staring intensely at the grass.
    Wonder what the matadors look like as Rafa’s often compared to them. Bet they can’t pull off looking Rafadorable though.

    • nic says:

      Oh yes, that’s the best part, when we get to see pics of Rafa interacting with everyone else, being all jovial and charming *swoon*

  5. Carol says:

    “*waits eagerly for pics of Rafarse in tight khakis on the green*”

    Intense focus as he squats to judge distance of ball to hole… hmm, this is almost too much…and in a loose shirt working his swing, so that shirt rides up to expose yummy tummy… Oh waah! My heart rate!

    He’s definitely got to come and “play” on the course that backs onto to my house ;-))

    No, seriously, I hope he really had fun and now gets down to business! VAMOS!