Official calendar


Rafa’s official calendar has been added to Spanish version of his site’s pro shop. You can buy it here: Spanish/English. I think that jumping AO picture is worth the price alone!

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  1. Atch2 says:

    Thank for the update. I might even get the 2009 calendar too bec it comes with a DVD of Rafa’s 2008 greatest moment. But how do u open to see the photos for the other months in 2010 calendar?

  2. johanne says:

    If June & July are sad Rafa presser pics I’ll be pissed! ;)

  3. gillian says:

    the calendar is also for sale on the Englsh version of the shop on his website

    • miri says:

      It wasn’t listed in the pro shop on the English version of the site earlier today but I found it via the Spanish site and had provided links to both in the post.

  4. Carol says:

    The blurb does say “beautiful and colorful settings…”, so I hope not! Noo, they couldn’t remind us of the pain, surely?

    Beautiful and colourful Rafa… That’s my Christmas list sorted :-)

    The ’09 and ’08 calendars look pretty decent too. Has anyone bought one and is the quality as good as it looks?

    • gillian says:

      I have 07 & 08 &09 & have ordered the new calendar- I think they are very good quality- some very good pictures

      • g says:

        gillian, just curious if in your recent order of the 2010 calendar, did you have to pay the 19 euros in shipping charge? I want to order too but the shipping charge is a turnoff. I’m really curious who’s running Nadal’s proshop and what they’re thinking.

    • g says:

      I ordered the 09 calendar earlier in the year and there was a supposed to be a bonus CD with pictures that comes with the purchase (you have to pay shipping separately) but they never sent me the bonus CD (only the calandar) despite my asking about it 3 times (and even paid for the shipping in advance) and finally I gave up. That was a bit of a downer. I’m not sure who ran his shop but I was a bit disappointed from that experience.

  5. nic says:

    Aaww I love the pics, but for practical use, it’s a pretty crap calendar don’t you think? No space to write anything, etc. It’s mainly like a poster a month rather than a proper calendar. Thought they might change it this year :( Think Miri’s is a nice balance of great pics and utility.

  6. gillian says:

    I paid 15 euros shipping – the shop is run by zerogrey- I don’t mind mind paying the shipping

  7. gillian says:

    If you ordered the 09 calendar from tennis warehouse you did not receive the free dvd- however if you bought from the shop on Rafa’s website you did receive it

    • g says:

      I did buy it directly from Rafa’s proshop and was looking forward to the dvd but after I paid the separate shipping for it, it never came and they only responded to my inquiry the first time and said it was on back order but 3 months later, there was still nothing and I wrote again and again and never heard back from them. I guess I was just unlucky but was more disappointed. oh well, I can always find his pix online.

  8. gillian says:

    When did you buy the calendar I purchased mine in November last year- I do know the costs were pretty expeensive to include the DVD free- so possibly after christmas they decisded not to include the DVD

  9. gillian says:
    I have posted the link for the 09 calendar which states the DVD is included- unless now they have all been sold