Home again…

Posted by Patxy270180 – if the ib3 channel posts a copy in their YouTube account, I’ll update the embed later as I hope it will be better quality.

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  1. CC says:

    I love mallorqui… I love Mallorca… And I love those shorts…

    • nic says:

      Love love love all the above too. Gorgeous hair, funky shorts, gorgeous mallorqui-speak. He is just too yum here. And how the heck does he look this fantastic after travelling halfway round the world?! Hhmm, well maybe first class has something to do with that :p

  2. An says:

    Good to see him being back safe on his sunny, lovely island!

  3. Kate says:

    oh boy those shorts are awful lol!

    • CC says:

      Seriously, what’s wrong with people and Rafa’s shorts?! They look fresh as hell! Especially on Rafa. :D
      The “golfy” old man’s jumper he’s wearing here is awful, though…

      • johanne says:

        I don’t have a problem with his shorts either. Nice bum definition…he looks gorge. :)

        • CC says:

          He just needs to learn how to match his clothes a bit better.
          Note to Rafa: Do not wear golfy, old man’s jumper and burgundy (hate!) coloured polo top with fresh looking, surfy shorts. OK? Actually, do not wear golfy, old man’s jumper and burgundy coloured polo top at all. OK? OK. ;)

          • An says:

            Best we take him shopping one afternoon soon, NO?

            Yes Rafa, you absolutly have to change into that outfit again, we’re still not so sure, and yes off course, we will be glad to come into the fitting room with you to judge the outfit right away..
            And you abolutly have to show us evry outfit we selected for you as soon as we come home, another time!;)

      • miri says:

        They look like pj bottoms!

        • CC says:

          No, they don’t. Anyone been to H&M this summer? To the beach? ;)

          • Ch F says:

            Haha, you’ve got a point there CC!! As for Mallorca, it’s a wonderful place indeed, I was there on a holiday once before Rafa became famous…I’ve actually been to his hometown as well. If only I had known!

          • Nada H. T says:

            Totally agree with you ;)

            Great Outfit RAAAAAFAAAAAAA

            Keep wearing WHITE :p

      • Carol says:

        Yeah, I think it’s something to do with the combination of the nylon-y looking jumper, the burgundy collar and the shorts.

        But let’s be fair, despite that massive pile of baggage on the trolley, Rafa’s probably scratching the bottom of his suitcase by now for something to wear after the time away from home!

  4. Rafafan says:

    Let’s b honest the shorts he recently has been playing in is so NAFFA!!…RADALL (so much criticism in the British press its unbelievable! – its the talk of the town mayb thats what nike likes gets them on the map – worse than x factor or strictly come danciing if your in England u will understand what I mean) ! Naffa radall that’s what my friend came out with – clothes and the way he f…cking played yesterday with the tactics or lack of them – no aggresive style (I don’t mean clothes)compared to Davy – and she doesn’t even know much about tennis and hates it. The shorts r naff both here and playing – lets hope for those capris shorts and sleeveless back again. As people been saying – if he aint gonna win – we have to make him feel more comfortable on court and back to the sleeveless and winning ways – and if anyone has heard from Nike and what he had been saying – he says he is more comfortable with sleeveless. Can we get a petition together?. (By the way my friend who hates tennis had loved Rafa’s bum everytime i put the vids on with his capri shorts facing the camera – wobbling about with the C through pants. Nothing can ever touch that – u know comes near to that in terms of hotness, sweatyness, oozling out in that one and only charisma bum – or his famous arse as he called it in the infamous interview a few years ago! If u no what I mean CC)

    • Sam says:

      Rafa did hint a little at a “retoorn” to the sleeveless look in his USO Times Blog….we’ll see I guess!!!
      To be honest, after the year he has had in that new kit, going back to the old pirate pants could be a good confidence move for him.
      I loved that look…..FO/Queens 2008…oh boy!(swoon!)

    • johanne says:

      You want to get a petition together? For the sleeveless? Honestly, this sounds like much more of Vamos Brigade movement than a Nadal News movement. Because as I’m sure you probably know, the author of this site couldn’t give 2 shits about the debate on Rafa’s clothes.

      • miri says:

        Not to mention:

        1. Did you see the shorts Rafa’s wearing in this video? He likes fugly-ass plaid shorts. Notice Nike isn’t selling the fugly plaid shorts in their online store? Probably because they know no one wants them and they made them just for Rafa because he likes that kind of crap. (Oh hell, they must have recently added them to the store. Oh well, I still stand by the “Rafa likes fugly plaid shorts” statement.)

        2. I care far more about Rafa’s tennis then whatever the fuck he’s wearing.

        3. Can we have one post that doesn’t lead to drama? Please? Pretty please?

        4. Most importantly: The on court clothes have nothing to do with this post.

  5. marla says:

    I needed a Rafa lift, so I went back to this quick presser blip from AO, it is one of my Rafa favorites. I thought it appropriate after all the argument on the checkered shorts this week.. “In the end, it’s not the cloths…” Love it.

    • MS says:

      Thanks for the link…. Rafa is so right on !! The important thing is the ball and the racquet…. that’s the true, no?

  6. Mary says:

    I love the fact that sometimes it seems as though he couldn’t care less about what he’s wearing. It’s so endearing. I always end up really liking what he wears on-court because he always pulls it off and makes it look fab, even if it looks like it wouldn’t necessarily go together.

  7. Atch2 says:

    I think he’s going straight to the gold course to play a round with Sergio. Luv the shorts.

    Also luv how Maymo gets stuck with the trolley with the bigger load even though he is smaller than Rafa.

  8. CC says:

    WTF!? I only said I love the shorts he wears in this clip. (And I stand by that statement!) I used to be able to say that, without it turning into a drama.
    My conclusion from reading people’s comments however, is that Rafa would be better off walking around with nothing on at all.

    Oh, the humanity…

    • miri says:

      I think that would work for most people.

      • CC says:

        Yeah, I can’t see there being anything to complain about there!

        • miri says:

          Maybe some chafing. Oh, and someone will need to apply sunscreen.

        • Atch2 says:

          Saves on buying more clothes.

        • Carol says:

          Yeah, most definitely in principle – so long as he doesn’t get cold :-)) (biiig smile), but who of us really wants to give the paparazzi more food for their parasitic lives…?

          The famoos arse on the boat was pretty intrusive, IMHO. No? (Yeah, OK, I did have a good look – so I certainly can’t take the moral high ground, but…)Shit, Rafa’s minding his own business, or so I suppose, on a boat in the middle of the sea and one of those mother******s shows up!

          Perhaps more practical to let him loose in a Hugo Boss store to spend his runner’s up cash.

          • CC says:

            “Yeah, OK, I did have a good look…”

            Who the hell didn’t?! On that occasion. ;)

            • Carol says:

              Sorry, Rafa, but you shouldn’t be so Goddammed gorgeous all over… *blushes*

              (If this is off post, sorry, but have just come from browsing a site that is so vitriolically polarised between Fed-Rafa-Djoko that I feel unwell, so it’s a real relief to come back here…)

  9. Rafafan says:

    CC – I confess I saw the botty on the boat and saved it in my favourties. I know it is so awful (how can I be forgiven but I have to thank the paparazi for that even though they are vultures)!

    Poor Rafi – will he forgive his rafanatics?

    • An says:

      Confessing guilty off looking too, but not stored it on the pc…

      I was so sorry for Rafa when the pics where taken but still loved the view… If he doesnt understand he can tell me what to do to make uo for it!!