Busy “vacation”

Sounds like Rafa’s got some activities lined up for himself (Rafael Nadal faces waiting game after Nikolay Davydenko defeat).

“I expect to be here for a long time and [to] play without problems for a few more years,” the Spaniard said as he departed Shanghai for his journey home via Munich and Barcelona to Mallorca, where he will spend less than a day. Today he is playing golf with Sergio García in Castellon, tomorrow he will watch his beloved Real Madrid in the Bernabéu against AC Milan in the Champions League.

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  1. Atch2 says:

    I miss Rafa already so I may start watching Real Madrid matches just incase the camera pans to a shot of Rafa (with Papa Nadal and sister) in the crowd.

    • CC says:

      Heh, must I too now?! I don’t even like Real Madrid.

      • Atch2 says:

        Never had a favourite football team. Now Real Madrid’s my fav for no other reason than that Rafa luvs them. Yeah, bit shallow I know. But he looks so cute and animated when he’s watching them.

        • An says:

          I realy don’t care at all about “Fussball” altough BF plays it… I hardly go and watch him…
          When he and his friends are talking about football i always say the same: “i’am Nadals fan”… they never ever come up with
          ” but he loves football too “;)
          But what do i have to do now, suddenly get intrested in Real Madrid cause i wanna see evry glimpse of Rafa there is to see?

          • Atch2 says:

            Look how passionate he is when he talks about Real Madrid in this old vid. Very Rafadorable and funny:

            • nic says:

              Ah, too funny this video. Classic. He was so boyish and just himself here. Too cute. That goofy smile at the end.

        • nic says:

          Haha yeah I’ve once watched a Real Madrid match last year just so I could catch a glimpse of Rafa when I was missing him :) And the camera did pan to him quite a few times haha. Embarassing, I know.

        • CC says:

          According to my sister (who’s a massive footie fan), Real Madrid is the most corrupted football club in the whole world. My reply to her is always “and what football club isn’t?”.

  2. Courtney says:

    I really, really, really wish I were Rafa right about now. Sounds nice!

  3. Carol says:

    Unless enforced, I don’t think Rafa can ever have sat still doing nothing! Which is why this summer must have been such a killer for him…

    Enjoy your beloved golf and footie Rafa!

  4. CC says:

    Well, as long as long as you’re home to show me your…erm…”trophy” when I come over next week Rafa, you can be as busy as you like this week.

  5. Rafafan says:

    Atch 2 – Isn’t it great for him in a presser when he doesn’t have to worry about injuries etc etc. To see our Rafa just relax, b happy and b so passionate its amazing. It’s like as if he was talking to his mate.

    Nic – Are you talking about the Champions league last yr? I am a fanatical Liverpool supporter (and a Nadal supporter). Watched the Champs League on TV last yr Liverpool against Real Madrid and couldn’t believe my eyes when they homed in on our Rafa – I nearly fell off the chair! Liverpool won and I went to Rafa’s website to see if I could get pics just to check it was him – and yes with the fasionable scarf and well tailored jacket. Liverpool playing Lyon tonight and not Fernando Torres (injured!) and he is my second hero behind Rafa. There is a utube of both of them together which was quite wicked.

    • CC says:

      I remember Rafa looking delicious during that match… Yum!

    • Atch2 says:

      A happy Rafa make Rafanatics happy too. And great that there’s more emphasis about him wanting to be healthy in his pressers.

    • nic says:

      Yeah that’s the one, Rafafan! He looked gorge at that match. Yeah I just saw the pic saved on my computer, and it was against Liverpool alright. Oo, I think Fernando Torres is a major hottie!! But I don’t follow football much at all, just listen out for the headlines, and to see how Rafa’s faves are doing, hehe. So lame :p

      • Rafafan says:

        Nic – I like your style. Thank God you saw the Liverpool v R Madrid too! – well Rafa anyway – he looked so so in2o the zone and fashionable. (PS: Lvpl lost to Lyon on home ground last night and they were favourties) Just like our Rafa against Davy!

        Torres is a major major hotty. Have you see the vid yet both Rafa and Torres together – coz they are from spain? – u know saying how wonderfl the talent is in spain – and yeah – rafa 1 and torres 2 (not even another spanish player competes with that – includes ferdasco and Lopez!) Supid utube had the Nadal v Torres taken off but managed to get it again! (copyright and all that f..ck). I agree with you about the golf – Rafa playing. Poor sod – he is like a jet setter (for his work – and work only. And everyone criticise him when he has a bit of fun at 23!) He deserves some time off – and knowing Rafa he can’t sit still for a minute. No wonder he is not ready for marriage yet! ” I am 4 23yrs” – something he said at the chinese press that made me laugh. Will find it later.

  6. faeaki 7 says:

    Torres is lovely too, shame his injured. Seriously, Rafa needs to get training though, no time for too much fun Rafa, Paris-London-Davis cup awaits you!

    • Carol says:

      True, faeaki 7. But the golf tourney looks like it was a pre-arranged commitment, and we know that our dearest one never backs out unless there is no other option.

      Let’s just hope Uncle Toni starts working Rafa seriously.

      • nic says:

        I think it’ll be a good distraction actually for Rafa to be doing some fun stuff, and back in Spain too. Just to take the pressure off, and let his hair down. Think it’ll do him much good, then he’ll be fresh and ready to hit the courts again. And we know how therapeutic golf is for him :)

  7. Atch2 says:

    Rafa, don’t u suffer from jetlag like normal people?

    • An says:

      he’s gone “back” in time ( i mean that he gained time in a day ). Going forward in time ( meaning you lose time ) is always worse is my experience.

  8. Rafafan says:

    PS: Nic – watching the Real Madrid now (missed the first part) Did they show Rafa like they did the Lvpool match. R you from England? see it onSky?

    Let me know – hope it can be posted on our Rafa’s website like last year!

    Wasn’t much into R Madrid until I knew about Rafa and then they took Alonso away from Lvpool to R Madrid. Funny how another name of Rafa – Rafa Benitiz like to have the spanish players (but please get rid of Lukas!!). Everytime i c in the English paper – Rafa – I firstly now think of Rafa (our boy) not Benitiz! By the way the posh papers always love to talk about Rafa – The Telegraph, The Times (got a lovely article about him). Let me know Nic if you catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Rafa in the last bit of the match.

  9. Rafafan says:

    Nic – R Madrid (at home – no Randaldo) 2 Milan 3! Just like Lvpol at home 1 (no Gerarrd or Torres) Miland 2!

    Rafa not too pleased. I am sure he is a bit animated, like he is with the playstaion or in the interivew above (Atche – thankyouverymuch! – as rafa says).

    OK – what you think Madrid v Lvpl in Champs final or Rafa winning the Grand Slam!

    (Miri – hope this is not off post)