Rafa’s problems

ESPN report on Rafa’s physical problems throughout the years.

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  1. Ch F says:

    As much as it hurts to see the sad title of these videos especially given what happened afterwards, he must be one of the few athletes for whom such an overview is at the same time a tribute to his athleticism and elegance. He’s so gracious in everything he does. To see how he hugged Verdasco after that epic semi in the Australian Open or how Djokovic hugged him although he had just been defeated is enough to show how much this man has done for tennis. So inspiring. I just needed to share that.

  2. Rafafan says:

    CH F Absolutely agree with you. I was a bit scared to watch this in case it was gonna make me sadder than yesterday and cry but in fact, it did the opposite. It made me feel how lucky we are to have Rafa – through his ups and downs and how he is so determined to get back to what he knows best – playing great tennis. I can’t praise him enough – yes the hugs with Verdasco and don’t forget how he hugged Fed at the AO and his speech and the Novak hug. They are so complimentary of him.

    Even the media who like to dig their horns in and sometimes Rafa bash (they always like to knock a person at the top or who may be a bit down) – most of them would be in agreement that he is the one and only person who has the complete package and the complete ambassador to the name of tennis. He has it all – tennis, fight, determination, humbleness, graciousness, fantastic interaction with the media, oodles and oddles of charism, sexyness, looks, hotness (I can’t do every adjective in the dictionary) and for all the sponsors who absolutely love him – so marketable. Wow what more can one say. He has it all (and although Fed has 15 grand slams etc…he doesn’t come anywhere near Rafa’s package in terms of his completeness and versatility)

    • Ch F says:

      Oh yes, the Fed hug, thank you, of course I meant to mention that one as well. This is the best image of sports I’ve ever seen, I actually had it as my desktop for a while. Everyone cried during this ceremony. The way Rafa celebrated, so discretely, and instead of going arrogant he sort of stepped aside to let people show their appreciation to Roger as well. And the first thing he said, sorry Roger, you’ll make it anyway, you’re the best. I was almost in tears when I heard that. And when he won Roland Garros in 2008, Roger’s worst loss, how he was modest out of respect for an opponent he had just dismantled. I could go on forever. And he’s not like that only when he wins. Even in his worst time, having lost at the FO, he said I hope Roger-his greatest rival-gets it this time, to complete his slam. That’s what is not quantifiable, stats can’t show that, it’s good that at least some commentators remember and praise him for that. Sorry for the emotional speech ;-)

  3. Carol says:

    Glad some other folks oddly found inspiration in this – I too wasn’t sure about watching (esp as am off work with a bug), particularly with the title.

    I did feel weepy at the Wimby withdrawal bit (I always do, as Rafa is clearly holding his own tears back here): but as we now know, that’s in the past and our Man in on his way back, as recent weeks have shown.

    He’s my chicken soup for the day!

    Rafafan – as far as I’m concerned, there aren’t sufficient adjectives and superlatives to attach to funny, charming, handsome, delightful, shy, determined, courageous, beautiful, super-strong, hunky, fighting, stubborn, kind, virile, sweet, gentlemanly,snarly, smiley, adorkable, versatile, hottest, bestest, sexiest, most delightfully uniquely complete tennis package Rafa.

    Rafadoration – its the best! Yeah, I’m besotted and I don’t care who knows!

  4. Atch2 says:

    The visuals speak for themselves. A great collection of why we luv Rafa and why we luv to see him play tennis. The style of his game is beautiful to me, so high voltage, creative and never boring, and his enthusiasm and attitude is contagious.

    My tennis teacher is a Fed fan and he says he admires Rafa bec he fights for every point, and he teaches his students that if u try and try, one day u will get to that ball and it will be a winner.

    And I luv seeing those beautiful, bronzed, strong knees naked. I watch Monfils and I am so happy that Rafa has recovered and his knees r back to good health.

    Fav bit 3.00-3.06. Pure awe and joy after winning AO.

  5. Laura says:

    Great clips.

    I get the feeling that post-injuries, Rafa is not as aggressive on court as he used to be. I wonder if he has lost a little bit bit of mental strength, or more the feeling of ‘invincibility’ that he might have had. I just wonder if the events of this year, the pain, the family issues, his body letting him down – and the personal growth that comes with it all – have changed him a bit. He expresses a lot more on court than he used to, he’s a bit older, maybe he feels the frailty of it all a bit more? After all, he’s also getting a little older, it’s easy to feel nothing can stop you when you’re very young.

    Also, have noticed more absences from uncle Toni, he wasn’t in China. And it seems to me that Rafa is generally more ‘relaxed’ and less poker faced when Toni isn’t around. He seems happier, if anything. Am I alone in this? Could this be a factor in Rafa’s evolution and he maybe hasn’t found his new ‘strategy’ yet?

    Also, he put on his facebook status that Shanghai was his ‘happiest defeat’. Never thought I’d hear those words coming from him (even though I completely get why he’d say that).

    I think he’s changing. I can’t wait to see what emerges! He’s such a decent, strong and positive person that it will be a joy to see.

    • CC says:

      Although I don’t necessarily agree with what you’re saying about it being easier to feel that nothing can stop you when you’re younger, I agree with everything else about Rafa’s growth and change! He’s growing up, which of course he will and needs to do.

      As we say in Sweden, when you’re “sailing around life on a prawn sandwich” and everything goes well, you don’t need to stop and think
      about what you’re doing. I think Rafa’s had to stop and think a bit this year. He’s taken a bit of a tumble (literally as well, in that second clip, no?). In the end though, that’s not always a bad thing!

  6. vaten says:

    Is there an English version because I am one of the folks who doesn’t know Spanish ( What a shame!). Thanks

  7. allyS says:

    cant bare to watch the FO clips, Wimbely presser too withe teary eyed rafa

  8. faeaki 7 says:

    Yes I thought it would be hard to watch this, but apart from the F/O, he’s worse defeat yet!, it reminded me of why I have always watched, admired the great Rafael Nadal, what a driven, remarkable, passionate, gritty, intense young athelete he is! there will never be another, there hasn’t been! He’s energy is unmatched, his magnetism, his charisma, he’s utter adoreable charm! sex appeal 100% what more can I say, I adore him and although he has been through so much over his career, (as these clips clearly show), it has not been without rewards, he is truly a phenomenon, the ultimate sportsman, one of a kind. Keep it going Rafa, those one of a kind moments that only you can bring to tennis, OMG I am getting sooo emotional!

  9. Lou Lou says:

    When this guy finally puts down his racquet and retires (after 10 yrs :)) – His career, the journey he went through will be soo remarkable to look back at.. So inspiring… so heart warming — almost romantic for me… He gave tennis back to me… He made Tennis watchable!

    The fact that for the longest time He, Rafael Nadal, was the only won who could defeat Federer, on any given surface, in any circumstance. A player, who was a natural & prefection on clay, worked his A*s off to improve and won GSs on each surface!

    I love that he’s such a fighter, that he can make unbeleivable returns, I love that he has sooo many crazy quirks.

    I love to watch him play, whether he loses or wins… I have a copy of the FO 4th rd and I have no qualms watching it. Coz i know this guy is gonna win Roland Garros many times over!

  10. Nada H. T says:


    GREAT Vids.