Rafa gets his runner’s up plate

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  1. patzin says:

    Given the injuries, I think he has made a good progression through the different tournaments in US and Asia to make a final here at the Masters. Coming back is a process and Rafa said something about it being a positive loss. The presser with Nikolay was interesting, a lot of questions about how it was to play against Rafa. Interesting.

  2. CC says:

    Rafa towelling off AND Rafa trophy ceremony in one clip. What more can I ask for on a Monday morning? This will definitely keep me going today. That naked torso, the shoulders…yum.

    Lol at Rafa and microphones. Not a good match. Although he looks pretty hot when talking into it. :)

  3. Atch2 says:

    For a shy person that is not fluent in English it admirable to see that Rafa’s speeches cover relevant points and flow nicely, and he doesn’t look like ‘I want to get the hell off this court ASAP because I just lost’.

  4. Rafafan says:

    For some reason I can’t get into the feature. It is just blank. Do I need to download something?

    This is the one thing I wanted to see the ceremony and the speeches. Is it on utube?

    • mary says:

      I have been looking for you but to no avail yet!

    • mary says:

      Oh it is on another thread. Just a summary, very quick. Spanish tv coverage of the final

      • Rafafan says:

        Hi Mary

        Can you post it on here? Or what do I have to google in to get it?

        All these people who have seen the ceremony, the lovely towelling off, his speechh and Davy’s speech about Rafa! It’s doing my head in!

        • mary says:

          I think for some reason it has been withdrawn from this post by miri or something has gone a miss. However, you should try luneworld. Always has Rafa vids. Here is the link.


          Sorry miri but Rafafan was desperate.

          • mary says:

            Also this site too Rafafan.


            Don’t shoot me for posting this. Well maybe a little jab!!

            • Rafafan says:

              Thanks Mary – that’s just made my day. Yes a very desparate Rafafantic indeed! Hope you didn’t mind Miri.

              U know what I reckon Rafa is gonna leave his best to almost last – in Paris! He gonna win that with an outstanding display and get the Parisians to choke on their croissants, particularly how they behaved after last year’s event. Our Rafi pulling out injured against (ironically! Davy) and he got the boos for it and then we know the FO Paris crowd.

              I hope he plays Valencia b4 to get the confident of the crowds – coz it mite be a wee bit tough say if he faces the frenchman (Tsonga in teh final)

              Thanks again for the link – Rafa is so hot hot hot, with the towelling etc. I know I am a fanatic but seeing Rafa and then Davy – the charisma just oozes out of Rafa – when they are next to each other Rafa just fills the whole screen

              • mary says:

                Oh I know what you mean. Rafa is larger than life. It is amazing how many of us absolutely want to hear, read, see something about him on a daily basis. I have to have my Rafa fix daily or I get anxious. Stupido no?!!!
                Maybe he needs to be home & be normal for a short while. He didn’t get much time after the USO as he had his ab problemo’s as well as the davis cup. At least he is returning home this time without injury for the 1st time in 4 months. Hard to believe.

                • Rafafan says:

                  Hi Mary – yes the fix! – it’s like getting up, getting ready and to work. Need it to get me going.

                  I love his presser as well (and they were kinda gentle with him). He admits first match against top player competing 100%, pleased and admits need to be more aggresive. He gona do his homework and say right I am good at this, gonna win, come to the net, volley and serve wide out – yeah and there will be many more trophies soon.

                  Bleacher report Rafael Nadal inside out part 1 and 2 make fascinating reading.

                  He was also saying to be aggressive – helps if he has won a final again but also the need for confidence you get with this and match practice on the points. Mayb Rafa will rethink Valencia. I hope so. Interesting statistic of the match. Davy 35 winners, Rafa 9 winners says it all. Best form of defence is attack. Not gonnna go over the same old ground but Rafa, his coach Toni and Roig and all his fans know it and the media that if he turns on the offensive/aggressive charm he will be a winner again. Vamos

  5. chloe says:

    Rafa is slowly easing himself into his game. He has said that he needs time to feel the ball and get his rythm back. If he had lost playing at full throttle, I would have been worried, but it’s obvious that he was only doing enough, so I’m sure with time he’ll be blowing them all off the court.


  6. Alice says:

    Congrats to Rafa, for making the final. Davy D was on fire this tournie.

    What I don’t understand is that Rafa was off at the end of last season, missing year end Masters and retiring in Bercy. Yet, he was able to make a ‘come back’ doing well in exhibition, Abu dabi and made quarters in Doha. He went from there to Aussie Open and WON the Grand Slam Championship. That was not a lot of matches to get dialled back in.

    He is a great Champion and maybe needs to regroup and get help from elsewhere. Perhaps, advice from a sports psychologist, and or top tennis tactician, strategist could help his game development more. Andy Murray always looks for fresh uptake on things and had Alex Corrieta to help add a new dimension to his game this summer. He’s now with Addidas who have a training programme in place to help its tennis players, run by Andre Agassi coach. You can bet AM will explore that option and why not. It appears to have helped ‘ hot sauce ‘

    Vamos Rafa, you owe it to yourself to give yourself the best possible chances for next season. Cant wait to see you bite your next trophy.

  7. Carol says:

    As the commentator said, it is easy to forget that our Rafa is still only 23. I’m sure and hope that he will continue to evolve despite the doomsayers!

    And hey, he didn’t walk away empty handed – he’s got a nice engraved cookie plate to add to the groaning shelves!

    Enjoy Mallorca, and see you in Paris, Rafa! (*Sends him a cybercuddle*)

  8. miri says:

    Sorry, something went wrong on an edit I was trying to make via the mobile interface…which I’m now going to disable.

  9. CC says:

    And how cute is he when he’s putting the towel on the head to then towel off his back?
    Gosh, I don’t think my ovaries can handle this much hotness today. Drives me mad! ;)

  10. faeaki 7 says:

    Rafafan, Nadal when confident is the best in the business in turning defence into offence(attack), he is just not confident enough yet, at 2-5 down he chose to mix things up because he had nothing to lose but still hasn’t gained enough confidence to do that from the start. Reminds me of Wimbledon 08, the last game Rafa served and volleyed his way to victory, that said it all! He’ll get there just needs to find his range and that can only come from training consistently with no injury set backs! Vamos Rafa.
    Finally on topic, glad to watch the trophy ceremony thanks for the links, Rafa shows why he is truly a champion in defeat, so cute here, love this, and feel better now, if he can except defeat so must we!