Post final presser



Video can be found here and a transcript here.

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  1. CC says:

    I always feel better when watching Rafa’ pressers (for obvious reasons, check out the smile), and he says himself here that his change in the game came a little late, at 2-5. Love you Rafa, in case you didn’t know that already. :D

    • An says:

      Its nice to hear his toughts about the match :P

    • teejustice says:

      Yes, I saw that he changed his tactic in that game. I noticed early that he seemed to fight harder to beat or recover from the wide serve – pull off the court – then down the line tactic from Davy rather than get agressive himself. But he just said that Davy’s play pushed him back and didn’t allow it to an extent. Glad he’s leaving with positive feelings. On to the next…

    • nic says:

      His smiles throughout the presser were awesome. Sweet and relaxed. Those gorgeous dimples just kill me *melting*

  2. CC says:

    BTW, that photo is to die for. When I saw this in the match I was wondering why he didn’t use the sweat band. Guess he needed to get in there a bit and dig some sweat out of the eye.

  3. mary says:

    “today was a positive lose”. How cute is that. Glad to see Rafa leaving this tourney on a positive note. So then should we!!!
    Vamos for your next challange Rafa. And yeah I think when I see pics like that I wanna jump into cyberspace(quickest way to travel)get to him on the other end & well you can just imagine the rest. And, I’d definetely let him bagel me. ;) ;)

  4. marla says:

    I feel a little better, but only a little. I really feel Rafa needs a title to get his confidence back… no matter what he says. I really like Davy though and I am happy for him. These pressers have driven me crazy all week with the translation while Rafa is talking. It was just today that I found out that if I put speaker balance all the way left – it magically disappears. Think I would have got that sooner since all week I covered the right speaker w/ my hand and put my ear to the left one. Duh.

    • teejustice says:

      LOL. I just figured the speakers out too. I was thinking why does she have to be just as loud or louder than Rafa. Then I noticed she was coming from my right speaker…all this time and duh squared

    • Ch F says:

      Another thing you can do is use earphones but only the left one.

    • mary says:

      Oh maria, now that cracked me up.
      My speakers were buggered so I had to use a cheap set & they didn’t have anything I could adjust it with. I had to cover one & tune my listen ear to the left. Will be well & truly prepared for it next time. ;)

      • marla says:

        Mary, glad you got a kick out of that, my hubby did too. My name is marLa, not marIa. Wouldn’t bother to point that out – but my married name is hispanic and ever since, I have ALWAYS been Maria, not Marla. Drives me crazy.

  5. Rafafan says:

    Will try that with the earphones. As can’t really work out what he has said but it seemed long and in depth and he looked so cute in it.

    Anyone know whether the ceremony was posted anywhere with Rafa talking?

  6. Atch2 says:

    When I read Rafa’s pressers, I feel like he’s comforting me after his loss. I got positive vibes fm that presser. Rafa looked awake, didn’t look devastated, gave us sweet but sad smiles and he kept things in perspective.
    It’s true Rafa, u usually sux at the end of the year hardcourt season bec your body starts to give up on u, so your performance so far is pretty good. And he knew what was wrong and how to fix it, so good to hear.

    It’s shame the vid didn’t show this bit of the presser:
    Q. Are you surprised that he hasn’t won a Grand Slam yet? Because with the type — you say he has all the shots. How come he hasn’t won a Grand Slam?
    RAFAEL NADAL: No, I am not surprised. He can do it, but, you know, how difficult is winning Grand Slam, no?
    Q. I don’t know. (laughter.)
    RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I know. You don’t know; I know.

    Good to hear fm Rafa “… I fight all the time with positive attitude, no physical problems… “…I am playing much better, am moving much better on court..” “for me today is a lose but is a positive lose”

    • nic says:

      This presser was just lovely to watch. That sounds cute what they missed out in the video. Rafa just sounded so positive throughout, and I love that the journalist pointed out that Rafa takes his losses with grace, and Rafa was so sweet when he said thank you to that. Yeah I agree with you, feel like this has made me feel much better about the loss because Rafa himself is with so much colm it’s amazing. So relaxed, and so open, just beautiful. What a gorgeous soul. I’m glad the press were pretty sweet to him here.

      • Atch2 says:

        Yeah, both the male and female reporters, from different countries just seem to appreciate his attitude (even when he can’t tell the difference btw an Aussie & Kiwi accent-which can be hard) and manners. The ones that take a swipe at Rafa seem to be the ones that don’t interview or talk him directly, or come to see him practice or play live.

  7. Rafafan says:

    Marla, agree with u he needs a win 4 hs confidence. He more or less says that in hs splanglish. Just can’t get over how gorgeous he looks – better than ever. Never thort he cd get better but the eyes, the dimples, the smiles r outrageous. I look back at some of the interviews when he was younger and this is even more adorkible.Boy do those pressers love 2 interview him! and what a change not to talk injuries. He is so relaxed – a totally diff person 2 the 1 at US who had 2 watch what he said coz of abd muscles and of course at FO and wimby announcement. Love Rafa enjoying hmslf with this interview even if he had a loss – he just seems so positive. He really is determined 2 get back to hs best. Just hope he listens to Unc Tony now on tactics/strategy Just tweak a few things – b aggressive, good serve outwide, in2 net and volley, deep flatty return – no loopy mid court spinyballs, keep inside the baseline not 5 metres behind! Confidence 2 do these things? – a matter of practce but need 2 do it in the matches to give u confidence no? when u done it once – u did at 5-2 down u will continue…just a little bit late this time but u no for nx time. rafa always has a habit of working it out in the end a la blake, tsonga. Noticed the swagger walking coming back. Vamos x