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  1. johanne says:

    The question about the expectations people have for him to win every match every week is the best presser question I’ve heard in a long time.

    “Everybody can talk a lot and everybody can say lots of things. The important thing is yourself.”

    Hell yeah, Rafa. LOVE IT.

  2. miri says:

    I love his reaction to the NZ accent. Understanding a foreign language is difficult enough. Understanding it coming out you in so many different accents? Can’t imagine.

    • Atch2 says:

      That Kiwi guy had a really thick NZ accent. He toned it down for his second question though and luckily was humourous about Rafa thinking he was an Aussie. Kiwis sometimes get offended when their accents are confused like Canadians who get mistaken for Americans.

      That Kiwi journo must be the one who wrote the ‘popularity’ and ‘Eng and Spanish answer comparison’ articles.

      But Rafa handled the questions wonderfully. Very mature.

  3. Cissy Smith says:

    I thought the best question was on his schedule for next year…and it was a great answer. Everyone keeps saying he has to play less, but he was pointing out that to stay at the top of the rankings and maintain his position he has to play and play often…I also think he’s a player that believes he has an obligation to play, particularly at the clay court tournaments because they are primarily in and around spain. It’s up to the ATP to come up with an answer to the injury issue with all the players…Also, I hear a lot of the ‘he’s got to change the way he plays’ or he won’t have a long a career…hasn’t he already had a longer and better career than almost everyone except Roger (?) And if he plays as long as roger, which i’m sure he will, he’ll have even more wins…so let’s focus on the fact that he’s been #2 or #1 for five years already…he didn’t just arrive last year at #1 out of the blue…you can’t ask Rafa not to be Rafa…give him a break.

    • Atch2 says:

      Totally agree with u.
      His schedule appears very full but when he was reading it out it seemed ok. Bec he gets to the final rounds (qtrs, semis, finals) to most of them, it would tire him out more and make him more prone to injury. We know he likes a lot of match play to build to the big tournaments and if that gives him confidence then he should try to keep that same routine. He maybe needs to cut 1-2 tournaments or space them out more.
      (Rotterdam seemed like a big mistake but he had played those 2 long matches at AO lasting about 10hrs in total. If he won AO in straight sets for every match maybe he wouldn’t have had that injury)

      I thought that the exhibition in the UAE over new yrs was a mistake but if u think about it AO 2010 starts 18 Jan, so it now seems loginal to me that he wants to gain the match practice.

  4. mary says:

    The whole presser was priceless. I’m still cracking up over the NZ guy & Rafa’s reaction, especially when he asks from the sound of it an aussie journo or interpreter. Btw who took the cap off the heineken & partly drank it?

    • Atch2 says:

      He gave the most wonderfull reactions/smiles during those 2 questions from the Kiwi journo. Very endearing. He cracked the whole press room up as well.

  5. CC says:

    Yeah, the best question was undoubtedly the one about the schedule, mainly because he looks so damn SEXY when answering it. The way he changes position on his chair, puts one leg over the other and then faces the journo is hooot… Add to that his gestures and the dimpled smile and it’s another “do-me-now-Rafa-rather-than-later” moment. ;)

  6. Rafafan says:

    Loved the ibt where he get itching (himself) at the beginning. Looks like he was sort of had something under his bott. Then when he guzzled the water he was firmly looking at that heinekein whishing he could wolf all this down! He had to be careful with his fidgeting otherwise the whole bottles will go flying – now that would be priceless.

    Yes he was so chatty with the long answers and the one at the end about the schedule – didn’t he really get animated turning to his side and trying to explain the answer in dept.


  7. Carol says:

    I love the way he always listens so intensely to the questions: OK, he’s probably doing a rapid translate to himself, but it really looks like he cares. Oh, and the amazing range of expressions, shrugs, gestures and the whole “Rafafidget” thing – so sexy and funny at the same time. Oh, yeah, and the dimples, and… and… *deep sigh*

    Some very good and straight answers here. Especially as Johanne pointed out:
    “Everybody can talk a lot and everybody can say lots of things. The important thing is yourself.”

    A great I’m-the-one-doing-it,-so-let-me-get-on-with-it answer. :-) You tell’em Rafa!

    I know Heineken are a sponsor, but it looks so odd having a bottle of beer at a presser (just one lonely, token little beer…) Now, if Rafa had slurped down the beer instead of the water, it would have set tounges wagging!

  8. jo says:

    it’s funny how they got all those diff. sponsor drinks lined up in front of him, like he actually has the option of guzzling down that heineken in front of the press if he wanted to lol…did he actually say “worse” about the NZ accent? rafa, u crack me up!