Whot’s the hurry?

Rafa, as always, is on his own schedule.

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  1. Diane says:

    The speeded-up pace of the video is cracking me up. It sounds like the announcer is Alvin or Simon. LOL. That’s hilarious!!

  2. Atch2 says:

    Has Mo ever looked stressed? He always seems to enjoy himself on court.

    And Rafa Rafa Rafa. If they had a time limit for pre-match rituals, u’d get a time warnings or a violation.

    Next time, let Rafa on court first to save time.

  3. Kate says:

    Dear Lord, no wonder some of these tennis players think they are rock stars lol!

  4. patzin says:

    So funny – the announcer sounds like Donald Duck.

  5. patzin says:

    Ok – maybe more like Alvin, as Diane said. This tournament does make the matches dramatic with the entrance. Nice also they provide private dressing rooms for the top 8 seeds – nice touch.

  6. An says:

    Rafa just being Rafa. I like Rafa, whatever he does, however long he lets us, the referee, the public and his opponent wait!
    Did i say i like Rafa?I love Rafa!

  7. mary says:

    What can I say, lol, I can’t stop cracking up, lol. I saw the intro of both of them & the ritual Rafa usual takes while all others wait. Rafa you could play half a set by the time you get on the court. :)
    No wonder the vid was speed up. I must admit thanks to Rafa’s rituals I have time to quickly rush to the little room, get a cuppa, grab a snack, then find a comfy posy. By that time the match is just about to start. So Rafa don’t change your routine, people like me need time to get ready, including the preperation for the stress you bring us & the joyous momments when you win. Vamos, vamos!

  8. natch says:


    The announcer was Alvin and Mohammed Lahyani was Simon!
    *cries for Theodore being left out*

  9. CC says:

    Lol! This clip has just made my afternoon… Love Tommy’s warm-up at the beginning. :D

  10. Dale C. A. says:

    hahaha this is sooo funny

    damn, Rafa was taking his sweet time, but i still love him mucho

    Vamos Rafa!!!!

  11. allyS says:

    whahahahaha rafa is such a SLOW BOY!! tommy has already done a number of things while waiting for him to appear. He was already at the net just when rafa sat down..so funny

  12. Maya says:

    So Tommy is Speedee Gonzales trying to pressure Rafa from the beginning. Didn’t work though. Rafa moves at his own pace.

  13. faeaki 7 says:

    Lol! this cracked me up! hilarious* he always does his same routine no matter what, and I love the dramatic entrance, they did this in Paris last year! But I agree, Rafa’s rituals allow you to get prepared also, but not with a cup of tea it would be a glass of wine more like, its so nerve wrecking!!!

  14. Carol says:

    “And there isn’t any need for me to spout it:
    For he will do
    As he do do
    And there’s no doing anything about it!”

    Sorry, can’t help quoting TS Eliot’s Rum Tum Tugger again – it’s just so apt.

    Never change, Rafa sweetie and “don’t let the bastards grind you down” (but I think he’s pretty stubborn anyway!)