R16 Spanish tv coverage

On court interview:

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iB3 match report:

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  1. miri says:

    Updated because it really helps if you don’t post the same video twice.

  2. Yaritza says:

    Hahaha He’s so sincere admitting to making a disaster at the start of the second set. That’s why I like him so much! Hope he wins tomorrow (well, today in China already). Vamos!

    • Eliana says:

      Hey Yaritza, read in another post you are from Puerto Rico, good to know I’m not the only mega-obsessed Rafanática boricua, woohoo! I’m with you, he’s so sincere in the interview, accepting he was screwing up the second set in the beginning-which was totally true-it’s endearing. Here’s to another win in about 8 hours!(hope I can get up to watch the match :))

      • Yaritza says:

        !! This is great!!! Look me up on twitter (twitter address /yaritza). If I’d read this before I’d asked for your number to give u a wake-up call!! Proud Rafanática since 2006. He should sooo buy a house here, since he loves the sea and fishing. Yeah I don’t like when people give this robot-like, boring, scripted answers. It’s like, I would’ve thought of that!! Why am I watching you say it then? I like the element of surprise and he does bring that each time.

        • Eliana says:

          Jeje, my answer a day later! Sorry chica don’t have Twitter, for me Facebook is enough :). I’ve liked him from like forever, but this January with his win in the Australian Open just captivated me, and not even the match against Roger, what did it for me was the match against Nando. WOW, watched it on the web in my job(risking a memo from my boss but, who cares, is Rafa!) And now with The Tennis Channel is like…I don’t have a life! All Rafa , all the time, as it should be ;)