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Photo by REUTERS/Aly Song

Photo by REUTERS/Aly Song

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Q. In the match today your volleying was very good when you came to the net, but I’ve watched you practice this week and you don’t seem to practice it a lot, so have you been working on your net game, your volleying?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, I always work on my volley, no? I know one of the points I have chance to improve more, but I think the volley is not the problem, because I improve it a lot, the volley, but the thing right now is go to the net and know exactly how to volley, no? How to go to the net. The movement in the net sometimes is more important than the volley. So that’s the most important thing, no?

Transition game…it’s tough for most natural baseliners, no?

Q. Because, as you said, Tommy played very well in the start of the second set, so how did you get out of that problem that you had?

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, Tommy played better, no? Played some he had some good movements with the forehand, playing more aggressive with his forehand, but I really have to improve a little bit more this, yeah, these moments, no?

Because I am playing well, really well, and for a few time I had the match on the court, but I had two terrible games in the start of the second set, so that’s what I have to improve if I want to win against the top players.
So that’s the way, no? Yesterday I had similar thing, so that’s can’t happen tomorrow.

Or the next day, or… consistency is so very important the deeper you to into a tournament, no?

Re where is game is now:

I am playing well, but we will see tomorrow. That’s day to day, not right now. When you come back after injury, you can’t think more than the next day, no? I say it every day, you are playing well, but it’s easy to have up and downs than when you are totally on the tour every week, no?

I need more weeks, I think. I need to play very well all the time, not like today, for example, I have this bad games, no?

Q. Is it a lack of playing matches or a lack of confidence or a little bit of both?

RAFAEL NADAL: Both, no? I think when you are playing more matches, you win more matches, you have more confidence. You are repeating the things every day, and that’s common, yes? But you lose the concentration a few moments, play good. The important moment for example, in my opinion, the beginning of the second was very important, because I was playing really well, 6 1, having the control of the match, playing aggressive, and Tommy didn’t have lot of chance. So playing two bad games in the beginning of the second, he has a lot of confidence later, and the set was difficult in the second.

Yep, consistency and concentration are his biggest problems now.

Q. How frustrating was it back in New York when you had your abdominal problem? Because you used to come into press conferences after matches and say, I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to talk about it. It must have been very frustrating. And how have you recovered you’ve recovered quite quickly from it. What sort of treatment did you have? Was it just rest, or did you have special treatment?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, I say I don’t want to talk about that, because I had to play next day, so first of all, is not very nice for the opponent.

And second thing, for myself, too, because if I want to go on court and try to have chances to win, if I think I can win, it’s stupid thing more and show everybody I have a broke in the abdominal, no?

I have a broke. Rafa breaks out the lol-cat peak!

But, no, I recovered normal. I had two centimeters of broke, and now I did a lot of treatment of the sound, I did machine. I did, with my physio, a lot of stretch. I work hard to try to be in Bangkok. Wasn’t impossible.

I went to Beijing without practice. I practice two days and I fly to Beijing without serve, and I practice it there.

That explains a lot.

8 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    sigh we love Rafa’s pressers!

  2. glors27 says:

    Oh, I hope he doesn’t get any more brokes…no?
    He’s doing well now, no?
    I’m travelling in France and haven’t seen any games, but keep up to date with twitter- please keep those scores coming on twitter!!!!
    And love the pics….!!! sigh, love….

  3. mary says:

    Love how he is speaking more fluent in English, but Rafa please, por favor, don’t improve anymore. I love your precious slant in your speach & the difficulties with some of the words, it’s priceless.

    “the thing right now is go to the net and know exactly how to volley, no?”. Cute Rafa, but you know how to do it already, it’s instinctive almost. You are multiskilled & talanted. Just keep your fitness up & avoid all injuries as you’ve already had more than your quota for at least a couple of season’s, no?

  4. Atch2 says:

    Luv watching u at the net Rafa.
    Rafa has great reflexes which is a big plus for successful net play. But as he says he needs more experience about the approach and his positioning.

    R u still sleeping with machines and getting tangled Rafa?

  5. naaz says:

    No wonder he lost in the semis of US. He broke his abdomen!!!!!!!!!