Facebook updates

Rafa (or someone on his team) seems to have finally remembered he has a Facebook account as we’ve suddenly got quite a few updates:

Juego a las 14hrs de España, las 20hrs de aqui en Shanghai / I play at 8 pm local time, 2 pm in Spain, 8 am Eastern!!! Another night match!
10 hours ago

Mi apodo en China es “NA-DOU”. Asi me han puesto de aqui, muy divertido. El otro dia tuve una accion con mi patrocinador Nike y asi me llaman los fans. He puesto las fotos aqui / MY NICKNAME IN CHINA IS “NA-DOU”… This is the wa…y fans are calling me here. I did a gig with my sponsor NIKE and that’s one of the things that came out. I am posting pictures.

Pictures are here.

Por cierto, Na-Dou significa “pequeño guisante”… / By the way, Na-Dou means little pea…

Also posted, is the cover of the Chinese edition of Sports Illustrated.

9 Responses

  1. dutchgirl says:

    I know, I opened my facebook page tonight and suddenly was looking at 7 messages of Rafa. Nice… It gives me the impression that he suddenly remembered I needed his attention ;)

  2. SapphireSwell says:

    And “Na Dou” sounds so much better than “Nadaer”. (Unfortunately, an image of a particular Green Party candidate keeps popping in my mind – not pleasant looking.)

  3. CC says:

    Oh, I didn’t know they made NIKE children now as well… ;)

    LOOOVE the shorts and the dorky hair in the pics from the NIKE event. Rafa looks fresh as a daisy, no?

    Cute comments to those pics as well.

  4. Atch2 says:

    I need a ‘Nadal swoosh’ t-shirt like Rafa.

    And can’t believe the MC was wearing the same minty-little-pea polo that Rafa wears in matches. So that’s what it looks like on normal people.

  5. An says:

    Never tought i had it in me to envy a little girl…

    But, OH, he gave her one of his caps… I wanted to have one from the moment i saw him with it, even bin asking people from his foundation about it who told they will come for sale trough hiss site, checked again this morning, but still not…

  6. mary says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t believe it, finally!! Got your act together Rafa?
    So did those of you that are on facebook see the hot pink T-shirts hanging from that building block? You’ve been busy Nike. Hope they were freebies.