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  1. patzin says:

    I found this presser very interesting – some interesting remarks from Rafa; laughter; Japan – why don’t you invite me? Good.

  2. An says:

    Rafa is telling us that he deserved to winn this match because he played better then James… WTF??
    You tell them Rafa… You tell them!

  3. Rafafan says:

    You could melt when he smiles and laughs. Wow to say he deserved it is a good sign his confidence is going. I think he felt a bit embarrased when they mentioned his celebration. But wow wasn’t it amazing to see. That is one hell of a good u tube clip except I haven’t seen the throwing of the towel yet or when his fantastice shirtless body was almost pressing on the camara for about 7 secs as mentioned in the previous feature. Plse Plse someone put it on and then you can mute it and maybe count the hairs on his chest?.

    CC – u would love it!

  4. An says:

    The throwing off the towel is to see here:

  5. eliza says:

    This vid has the last game, celebration and shirt change :)

  6. Lee says:

    He seems genuinely cheerful and chatty in this interview, no? His smile is just so infectious! I hope that we continue to see that throughout the rest of the tournament.

    Also, I can’t get over how much his English has improved over the years.

    • Emma says:

      Yes, he is incredibly fluent now, and speaks more at length and in a less prescribed manner.

      It might just be me, but I think that win against Blake today has done him a power of good after the Cilic incident. I was scared stiff when he lost the second as I think if he had lost the match it would have been a real body blow and taken alot of getting over in terms of confidence. He knows he lost it but battled back again. Just gotta keep up that momentum and get the old consistency back.

  7. RC says:

    I have never seen Rafa talk so long about one question at a presser before, especially after the question about his year. It was interesting hearing him bring up his personal matters in the presser as well, for the first time I can remember; in a presser too(?). Rafa beginning to open up at his ‘old’ age.

  8. loverafa4ever says:

    awww… look at the way he did comparison b/w the top players and formula one… but it was such a perfect example. And he doesnt even remember what all he won this year. Typical Rafa! :D and Tokyo people will invite you next year Rafa.

    • CC says:

      Yeah, loved the formula one comparison and the fact that he seems really pleased with himself about that comment afterwards. :)

      Nothing compares to a smiley Rafa. We want lots of that!!!

  9. Atch2 says:

    Got wonderful positive vibes fm this presser. Smilely shy Rafa cracking jokes. Very confident and insightful answers from him.

    Luv the formula 1 analogy and it make so much sense when he puts it that way.

    Rafadorable. Especially the little ‘hi’ to the Japanese guy and looking so focussed at him when he was asking the question.