Pre tournament presser

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  1. johanne says:

    LOL does he say “I am with hungry” at 2:26? FLOVE you, Rafa!

    • CC says:

      He definitely does. :D

    • teejustice says:

      Very cute…that’s close to how it is actually said in Spanish. I think that’s why Rafa always says his English needs to improve, but he just doesn’t know that he’s perfectly understandable and it makes even more perfectly adorable (rafadorable)

      • Atch2 says:

        My first language is English and when I speak Thai I tend to make direct word-by-word translations from Eng to Thai and I get so many laughs bec it comes out funny or the meaning is totally wrong.

  2. CC says:

    How the HELL am I supposed to concentrate on what he says when he keeps stroking his arm like that?!?!?! I give up. For now.

  3. tiemyshoe says:

    Dammit, can’t stay mad at him.

  4. Ch F says:

    His attitude doesn’t look that positive…When asked if he’d like to be No1 by the end of the year or win the Davis Cup, he almost admitted it’s impossible to think becoming No1 again…Rafa, Rafa, where’s your positive attitude??? He doesn’t even say it anymore. Something is wrong that we don’t know about. Let’s hope and wish he’ll leave that behind with the end of the season. At least he seems calm. And I like the answer about the media.

    • miri says:

      Well, it is almost impossible – and it’s something that’s out of his control. Basically, Rafa has to win everything and Fed has to lose everything. So, I think it would be stupid of him to concentrate on that now or even worry about it.

      • Ch F says:

        It is impossible indeed. Let’s hope he finds some positive attitude for all the rest he can do ;-).

        • Delta says:

          Ch F, it may seem as such, but remember “anything’s possible” we all have that potential as does Rafa, so don’t rule it out. Impossible becomes possible in the strangest of ways. Trust me, and the saying itself!!!!!

          • Ch F says:

            Nothing would please me more! No doubts about the potential! But as miri said, Roger would have to lose everything and Rafa would have to win everything. I don’t mind what he does in terms of ranking right now, for the moment I’d be happy to see him play good matches consistently while staying healthy. Vamos!!

      • teejustice says:

        Plus, it does sound in line with how he approaches his tennis, one match at a time. He knows what it will take and he doesn’t talk about the finals of a current tourney, much less three tourneys ahead.

    • CC says:

      I disagree, Ch F. I think he seems to be with colm and positive acktitude in this presser. He talks really well about not wanting to go on court feeling scared, about the importance of not stopping, getting match practice to regain his confidence and “feel” the rhythm again. Makes me be with colm too.

      • Ch F says:

        I agree as far as the colm is concerned (btw,this is totally contagious!), as I said in my first post above. But I sense a lot of stress in the body language that’s why I got worried about the positive acktitude. As for the bottle, really out of place, this looks like some crazy heineken-coca cola ad!

        • An says:

          I think if youu listen to him well ( and i agree CC that it takes a lot off concentration to do so seeing him sitting there doing with his hand what my hand wants to do.. ) you can here what is “wrong”
          He told us before that when he’s playing he always has some pains here and there, my tennis level is nowhere near Rafa’s and i’m not as well trained as him, but i can tell you that its true… you almost always are feeling something when you are playing, its normal and when you feel good and confident you don’t pay attention to it you just focus on youre game. But when you had an injury, or in Rafa’s case a few in a row, you feel the pains and youre mind goes wondering… hhhmmm what am i feeling there, what is that, does it go away or is something wrong again.. and that makes that you’re not 100% focused on youre game anymore. Its not just my theorie, he tells so himself here in this presser!
          He not only needs to feel more confident about his tennis but he has to regain confidence in his body! Its a process and it takes time but it always comes, thats why the only thing i care about is for him to stay healthy and the rest will follow automaticly.
          Remember he is Nadal!

          • CC says:

            An, I think you are absolutely right!
            BTW, Hope you are better. :)

          • miri says:

            I agree with you 100%. It’s got to be a bit worse this time because of the second injury (tummy) when trying to come back from the first one. He needs to feel like he can trust his body again so that his mind can concentrate on tennis.

            • An says:

              Yep, and after he played matches for 4 days in a row he probably had a pain or 2 somewhere, no “doobt”…
              But as long as they go away again when he rests a few days i’m sure even that will contribute to building things up!

              He’ll get there soon!

  5. miri says:

    Am I the only one who kept hoping he’d open that Heineken and start chugging away? :)

    • CC says:

      Hah, I though the bottle looked slightly out of place. Maybe one day he will surprise us and do a crazy thing like this, no?

      • Delta says:

        Miri, CC;- posted after Mary, meant 4 you, yes seems a bit staged, no? I’d grab the fucking Heineken though.

    • MS says:

      hahahaha… nope, you’re not the only one… i was thinking the same, miri… :)) :))

    • mary says:

      Well not in public anyway. ;) ;)
      Oh btw, Rafa is a realist. It’s been driven into him. He knows that if he continues to train & play matches he will get chances as he has said repeatedly to get to many finals & hopefully get to bite many more trophies. Otherwise he would sound just like Federer. Thank Christ he is who he is & I flov him for that.

    • Delta says:

      No, btw; he’d grab the soda b4 the beer. Loves his coke. (soda).

  6. CC says:

    LOVE how he concentrates so hard on listening to the question that is translated in the ear phone at the end (how cute is the face?!) and then still is like: “Nope, didn’t get that…” :D

  7. Sam says:

    I wish I knew what that Chinese question was that Rafa disagreed with? He looked like he was falling asleep when he was listening to the translation on the headphones.
    He is so adorable though isn’t he….I love how he rubs his bicep and strokes his hair…two things I have imagined doing many-a-time. ;-)

    Good luck Rafa xx

    • kayM says:

      The question was something like:

      Last year after you won Wimbledon and claimed World No. 1, all the media reports was flushed with acclaims like you are the perfect player. This year after injuries and some let down in Grand Slams there are many attacks on you in the media. Would that upset you?

  8. patzin says:

    In watching this interview, it seems to me that Rafa is more “chatty” than in the past. He seems to have allowed himself to be almost more personal and less with standard answers, like the ranking question. In the past he prob would have said something like, I don’t focus on the ranking, but only on playing well and being healthy, and the ranking will take care of itself. I felt in the past he was tutored by Toni as to what to say, and now he seems more “real”.

    • MS says:

      Agree… But i also think that in the past, rafa had ‘language-barier’.

      By the by, where is uncle toni ? He wont be in shanghai ?

      • mary says:

        Didn’t you guys see the presser at the USO. I thought he was very chatty there as well. Infact I think since his return he has been far more open & talkative but not when it came to his injuries & with good reason. Thats bec he didn’t want his opponents knowing anything.

  9. anna says:

    one thing i dont like rafa in the last two weaks he is saying thank you to the people of china and fans BUT SOME HOW I FEEL HE FINDS ATTENTION ABAUT HIM STUPIB maybe it indeed is like rockstar attention he is getting…but he is showing it too much I MEAN MAYBE I AM WRONG I dont see really nice thank you from rafa to the fans HE LOOKS A BIT COLD WHEN jornulist asks this qustions to him…even feeling he doesnt want to answer the qustion ok maybe i am reading to much every move he does….but sometimes i feel he is on the brink saying DONT COME TO MY HOTEL kind of stuff……WHICH I ALSO FIND A BIT SILLY I HAVE TO SAY even for rafa i wouldnt go to his hotel or something it is a bit too much this people has to GET A LIFE….but he is showing too much he never likes that much attention….am i WRONG ABAUT THIS…..i also feel that he wants much more real TENNIS fans than a horny girls screaming like crazy….but this people call them crazy but deserves a big thank you with a much more joy in rafa face maybe he doesnt feel doing it he is real guy it is hard to act for him what makes him special as well..

    • CC says:

      If this is the case (and I don’t know if I agree with you on him being “a bit cold” about his fans), then who on earth can blame him? I really don’t see the point in standing outside somebody’s hotel screaming and it would drive me absolutely mental to have people like that surrounding me all the time.
      I think he’s being very patient and is doing fantastically well with his fans. I would have punched somebody by now. Or at least told them to shut up.

      • anna says:

        i cant blame him if thats the case as i said before….i wonder what these people hoping for to go this hotel…..EVERBODY HAS TO HAVE RESPECT FOR OWNSELF….for me people make themselfes stupid byy going to his hotel thats the way it is….i am 100 percent sure rafa find it stupid himself…but yeah the qustion abaut the fans asked to him many times not just in china but other places as well i know that he isnt a COLD person as well….i never seen a joy in his face when he asked abaut it….i really beleive at the end of the day he wants normal tennis fans more than horny girls…but at the end of the day he has more this kind of fans than some real tennis fans….

        • CC says:

          Heh, I think I’d have to describe myself as a “horny girl fan”. I like it. ;)

          • anna says:

            well it is so strange for me i was always a fan of him he is my favaurite player before….but didnt find him that handsome until this year i dont know why..i saw in rg 2007 i was in paris i watched his practice yeah great body great hair still didnt think at that he was so handsome…NOW I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED HE LOOKS MORE HANDSOME to me NOWADAYS….even with hair sometimes funny i dont like some of the outfits he is wearing this year BUT SOMEHOW HE IS LOOKS MORE HANDSOME THAN IN THE PAST….as horny girl thing i would still not scream and jump on him even i saw i had that chance in 07 i didnt do it for now it is more difficult as i said before somehow he looks great nowadays i still would react normal….

            • An says:

              “i would still not scream and jump on him even i saw i had that chance”

              Hey, i would not scream and jump on him too when just meeting him, but i deffinitly would jump on him and probably screem if he was wanting to give me that chance!!

    • Atch2 says:

      Cold’ is one word I would never use to describe Rafa. He has so much patience and appreciation for his fans that it’s not funny. And the detail of his experiences in China over the last couple of yrs means that it has made an impression on him, and he’s not just throwing a generic ‘thanks fans’.

      He is usually colm and quiet and has a more serious tone during press cons and interviews and smiles and laughs when something amuses him. Luved the 2 bursts of sweets smiles 8.08-8.16 when the Aussie guy has counted the 1000 fans, and 9.16-8 when Rafa looks excited abt the earpiece.

      I didn’t get the negative vibe fm this presser. Rafa’s being normal Rafa to me. Giving it straight, being realistic, and always sincere and nice.

      Man u look good.

  10. allys says:

    rafa looks abit demoralised. he is not the usual , i think he lacks confidence. i dun see him winning shanghai

  11. Yaritza says:

    OMG, this is soo scary!! I feel like I’m watching a horror movie when listening to the translation going on at the same time as Rafa speaking. It reminds me of the original Asian (not sure if it is chinese) version of The Eye. Have you seen it? Of course, Rafa’s not scary at all and we know he will be the hero at the end of the movie, or hopefully, the match. Exito Rafa! Vamos!

  12. nic says:

    Wow Rafa’s english is just fantastic. Amazing how it gets better and better. The way he’s able to express himself these days is just great. Particularly think how he handled the last question was fantastic. He’s comfortable with the media and they have respect for each other. Rafa’s maturity is so wonderful to behold. He always handles himself with such grace and dignity. But then at the same time he’s fidgeting away and stroking his arm, playing with his hair. What a lovely contrast. I love this man!!

    • Ch F says:

      Indeed, he really is unique in that respect. I remember during the first Wimbledon final, the British commentators praised his constant will to improve in everything he does…They said if his English improves so much by the day, we can only imagine how much his tennis might improve ;-)

  13. Ch F says:

    Just needed to share this, Cilic is out of the tournament already.

  14. Rafafan says:

    Yep but he lost to Berdych – another one of Rafa’s hot hitters!

  15. Rafafan says:

    PS berdych was the one that our Rafi didn’t really like – I think it was an in door tournament – Madrid or Paris? but the crowd of course was with rafa and berd wone and told the crowd to shut up. Rafa said something like bad bad person and thre could have been fisticufst! I think they are all OK now (but not the SOD). This was all on the internet if i remember.

    • Nic says:

      Yup. Rafa actually spoke about this recently and said it’s water under the bridge and that he himself probably shouldn’t have said some things. He said they were even planning to play doubles recently this year but scheduling conflicts came in the way.

  16. RC says:

    The same asinine question at the 7:00 mark about “Is the seasone too long?” Get a clue moron. If Rafa had played all the tournaments he had been scheduled to play in, he would have played from Jan 2nd to Dec. 6th (with the DC final). You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the season is wayyyyy too long; and look into Rafa’s comments about this matter throughout this year. Obviously very annoyed. I wonder if this question is going to be asked of him again (sic)? Let’s wait until Paris, where we will have this question along with what Rafa thinks of the fan reaction he received at FO. But I’m way ahead of myself (very un-Rafa like). Beat Blake!

    • mary says:

      RC & everyone, I think Rafa along with the other tennis players will have much to say at the end of the year about the scheduling. I see heaps of players suffering from injuries. Even Andy R who likes to knock others for getting injuries went & did something to his knee forcing him out of Shanghai. It’s possible he went out in 1st round at the Beijing tourney, possibly due to injury/soreness/buggeredness(sounds good). The point is they(officials) who decide on the tourneys & mandatory tourneys will have to make changes. Players today work & train sooooooooooo much more intensely than their predecessors, they have to, to stay competitive. Rafa just think, if you have niggly pains I can assure you the rest of the field does too. Don’t hold back for fear of re-injury, but do use that court savvy of yours & make them run. I’ve seen you do it many times.
      Vamos Rafa!!!

      • johanne says:

        Andy likes to mock others for getting injuries? Are you referring to the whole Nole/Andy USO 08 extravaganza that got blown waaay outta proportion? Roddick has long been vocal about the length of the season and the likelihood of picking up injuries.

  17. faeaki 7 says:

    Some strange comments on here. I would never use the word cold to describe Rafa! he radiates warmth. I think he loves his fans and people supporting him especially! after F.O he probably realises it more! than ever how important his fans are, he has said that all his fans comments that were written to him kept him going whilst he was out of competition with injury.
    I do not think he looks stress or without confidence, he seems really relaxed and colm, and gorgeous of course, can you imagine those soft cuddly arms around one? He gets more handsome everyday.
    It pisses me off though when the press bring up his loses, negative, negative,negative! but he handles it well, Rafa is just growing up of course he will be different from the past..
    I expected him to say Davis cup, Rafa is a realist, and he would never, never say that he has a chance to regain the no.1 spot by the end of the season, he puts his mouth where his mind is, he’s doesn’t mean he lacks the confidence to do so but he knows realistically that his game is not where it is yet in order to achieve that goal. He says in this presser too, if you listen that he has had gaps, thus not being able to practice enough, this really has effected his form and rythum.
    I do hope he beats Blake tommorow, he beat Karlovic and will be feeling confident. Lets hope Rafa gets his serve together, coz Blakes return of serve is one of the best like Murrays or Djokovic’s..

  18. faeaki 7 says:

    Just watched this vid once more b4 my breakfast! He so handsome I had to show everyone!