Capitala World Tennis Championship ’10

Rafa’s appearance in the Capitala World Tennis Championship 2010 exhibition has been confirmed according to The full player line-up is listed on the official site.

6 Responses

  1. Atch2 says:

    U’re going to spend New Yrs with these guys that u’re be seeing for the the next 11 mths. That’s sad Rafa.

    Is the Sod replacing Murray coz he looks like an odd one out.

  2. Mary says:

    Is this the same exo he played this past January where Murray beat him in the final?

  3. Rafafan says:

    mmmm who is looking after Rafa’s schedule 2 reduce it for 2010? this and someone said he will play doubles in doah and he doing rotterdam?

    He is already saying “its impossible to play 1 jan – 5 dec and 2 b here playing like i did the last 5 yrs playing a lot of matches being all the time 100% without problems”.

    Am i a complete idiot but this is an exhibition match and 31 dec – 2 jan – stretching the calendar longer!! what the f…ck is he playing at. thort he learnt his lesson. Granted he hasnt played mich this yr due to injury so is this counted as 2009 or 2010 season. I think he has decided he wants to keep 2 as much matches as poss 2 get his rythm back and we will be back 2 sq 1. Uncle T help our boy out! we no definite he won’t give up any of his home town tourneys. this is ridiculous after everything that has been said and he will learn from his mistakes and scheduling. even murray aint playing 2 concentrate on AO and he won the Abu Dhabu exhibition last yr!

    Rafa – njoy xmas and new yr under the mistletoe with xisca!

    • miri says:

      It’s a three day exhibition with only 6 players. It’s not a difficult tournament. It is, however, good prep for AO – one step above practicing; one step below the stress of a tough tournament.