Semi-final match photos

Photos by REUTERS/Alfred Cheng Jin, GOH CHAI HIN/AFP/Getty Images, Feng Li/Getty Images, PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images, and AP Photo/Elizabeth Dalziel

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  1. Carol says:

    Not sure I want to look at these. #5 & 7 &8 say it all.

    (I’m going back to my corner to cry… then maybe re-watch some AO 09 coverage to remind myself that Rafa can do it.)

  2. mary says:


  3. mary says:

    Get better Rafa & find your 200% fitness por favor. :) :)

  4. Sam says:

    My friend said she thought Rafa may have hurt his left foot….she could be right looking at pic number 4!!

    • CC says:

      I did see him touch his foot once on court, but I really don’t think this is a physical issue at all.
      At times today, especially at change overs, he seemed to just stare into space (pic #4 again) and reading his presser he said he wasn’t there mentally. So…I dunno. I guess he just wasn’t there mentally. I guess there is no point in speculating.

      • Sam says:

        Indeed. I am tired of the speculation too.

        • Carol says:

          Agree.. I’ve done my “emotional bit”, so let’s move on: a tourney is like a ladder: one match at a time.

          If we feel like hell about the China Open semis, God only knows what Rafa must feel, so we need a big collective VAMOS for him!

          • Atch2 says:

            Remind ourselves: Rafa lost in the semis to someone playing brilliantly. That’s really not bad even if u r not coming out of an injury. I mean the guy coming with momentum, Del Po-The USO champ lost in the 1st round in Tokyo this same week!

            Stay healthy and happy Rafa. We have 2010 around the corner.

            • Ch F says:

              The fact that DelPotro lost after his US Open victory didn’t surprise me that much. It’s normal to stumble after such a great success especially if you’re not experienced enough to handle it. All respect to him for taking the US trophy out of Roger’s hands, it takes a lot of nerve to do that, but as Roger himself once said, it took Rafa 6 grand slam titles to become No1. And that’s my answer to those who say DP is the next No1 etc. The guy is undoubtedly a great player, but don’t hold your breath, it won’t be that easy.

          • Ch F says:

            I can fully relate to this…emotional bit you’re talking about, it’s only normal given the devoted fans that we all are ;-).

            • Atch2 says:

              We’re only his fans, besided Rafa imagine how his family and gf must feel. But nothing will feel as horrid as FO 09. I don’t ever want to feel that low again.

              But as my Dad keeps saying Rafa has the heart and mind of a Champion. He will come thru.

      • dutchgirl says:

        I’m done with the speculation as well. It just wasn’t meant to be yesterday, but hey, that’s the tennis…

  5. Ch F says:

    Oh I certainly hope it’s not anything serious. It’s the last thing he needs. He’s probably stretching the muscle a bit.

    • Sam says:

      Hope so. That is such a problem when a player spends so much time sidelined; their overall conditioning diminishes (hence the abs issue is US).
      Poor Rafa. Just get this season over and done with I think. :-(

  6. Atch2 says:

    Rafa Rafa Rafa. We feel the pain like u do, but let’s hope it’s not more physical pain.

  7. nic says:

    Oh my dearest Rafa, so painful to see these pics :(
    Please rest up over the next few days and don’t let this bring you down.
    Shanghai here we come. Vamos dear Rafa!

  8. Atch2 says:

    I feel a bit bad that seeing Rafa’s stomach still makes me smile at this time of loss.

    And seeing Cilic’s joyous smile, I can’t help feeling happy for the kid. He must feel like he just won the lottery, which is a compliment to Rafa.

  9. faeaki 7 says:

    Sad photo’s. Btw it took Rafa 5 slams to get to No.1, he was the no.1 player going into A/O remember? just had to say that sorry!

    Cilic is a good player, but something tells me that Rafa let him play good too. According to what I have read (didn’t see the match), he was down(Rafa), 0-5 in the first set, thats not good. I think Rafa’s problem is lack of conditioning and training! Fed went through this when he had Mono, he couldn’t train properly (as to not further weaken his immune system), and this really effected his game and his confidence, he just didn’t know where he was at! The same is happening to Rafa I feel. He is looking to get his rythum back but his body his suffering from lack of conditioning, its a vicious circle, I will be glad when this season is through and he can sort his body and mind out, I do want him to get the win for Spain though, a consecative Davis cup trophy for them and Rafa in the mix would be awsome.. and do Rafa the world of good.

    • Ch F says:

      Thanks, it is 5 indeed. I was only quoting Roger ;-) I think it was him who said 6 (probably trying not to register the fact that the painful AO loss happened while Rafa was No1 ;-). I agree Rafa handed it to Cilic. Anyway. Vamos.

  10. mary says:

    Its like what Ch F stated it can happen to anyone. Rafa maybe perfect in our eyes but he is human. He wasn’t there that day(mentally he’d checked out), only he can answer why. We can only just support him like we always do & pray he finds himself mentally & physically. Vamos mi bonito amigo! :)