DC final city announced

….and the winner is, Barcelona!

The ITF has today announced that the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, site of the 2000 Davis Cup Final between Spain and Australia, will host the 2009 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Final between Spain and Czech Republic.

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  1. CC says:

    Well, well, well… And I believe all this talk about which city is going to host the DC finals has caused a bit of friction in the Spanish team, no? So much drama in sports these days, so much drama! ;)

    • Ana says:

      I guess I saw this coming! I think everyone is overreacting a little bit! Everyone can give their opinion! There’s only one problem… Verdasco is going to have a hard time in Barcelona (I can tell you that since I’m living here and they’re not very happy about what he said)! Hopefully things will calm down until December!

      I’m so happy! Can’t believe I’m actually going to the final :)

  2. anna says:

    I only want spain to win because of rafa otherwise i couldnt care less…but rafa absulately RAFA IS right when he SAYS first we have to learn how to be a team…..he is annoyed….

  3. Rafafan says:

    Yes thort they were really the hottest team having watched them. But Verdasco has a canny way of shooting his mouth off. Also noticed Rafa got very animated with Ferrer – looked like he was gonna plonk one on his nose! when he was watching the doubles. Must b pleased it aint madrid

    • Emma says:

      Yes, I noticed that – if I am thinking of the right moment, Rafa was really standing over him gesturing emphatically (I didn’t realise it was aimed at David F though). Actually rewound the Sky+ to have another look a few times cos it seemed a bit unusual. They are mates though, aren’t they?

      • Mim says:

        What did he look like? I mean his face, because Spaniards talk with their hands. Did he seem upset or angry?

        Wish there was a vid of this on YouTube.

        Any yeah, Daveeed and Rafa are buddies.

        • Emma says:

          I thought so, not least cos they looked all cuddly in Montreal when David retired due to his own dodgy knee. If it was the instance I am thinking of (and feel free to correct me anyone else who saw it), Rafa was standing up leaning over towards someone who was sitting down with their back to the camera, talking passionately without any smile on his face or sense of reticence like you see in interviews. Can’t remember what exactly he was doing with his hands, but they were waving about. Just thought it very un-Rafa like which is why I wound it back a few times (I was at the British DC tie, God help me, else of course I would have watched it live:)).

          • Mim says:

            “I thought so, not least cos they looked all cuddly in Montreal when David retired due to his own dodgy knee.”

            Hehehe, there’s also more evidence of their buddiness on YouTube. Hysterical videos of them playing video games together. :D

            Aaah, I think I can imagine that version of Rafa very well. I’ve seen it before, him was being emphatic and very frank.

            When he feels things aren’t going right, he speaks up. And as team leader (and as Rafael Nadal), I think he has a lot of clout and no doopt his work counted for a lot. And I’m glad for that because there right decision was made.

            I sure hope the team gets back to being just that before the final rolls around. I hope Hairdasco and Feli’s diva inclinations don’t get in the way of, what is essentially, a solid Davis Cup Team…

  4. Mim says:

    What did I miss? What did Hairdasco say? And Rafa wants to “plonk” Daveeeed? Where are you guys seeing all of this?

    *crosses arms and glares* It is not polite to leave fellow Rafanatics in the dark, no?

    Please share *grins sheepishly*

  5. Mim says:

    Oh, I may not know the whole story, but from what I can tell Madrid will NOT host Davis Cup final?

    *does a cartwheel* Yippeee! I DO NOT like tennis is Madrid. And I DO NOT trust Madrid to host tennis.

    Anna, I concur. If it weren’t for Rafa, I couldn’t care less about Spain winning anything (although I’d probably root for Daveeed and Juan Carlos).

    Hmm, when is Mallorca going to get the honor of having a tournament?

    • Ana says:

      Madrid’s problem is the altitude! They’re way above the sea so the balls tend to fly and many of the players don’t like it! At least, Rafa doesn’t!

      Verdasco said that we wouldn’t like to be Barcelona because they had already hosted a final and it wasn’t fair to the others cities, they deserved the same opportunity! He would like Madrid to have it! His words didn’t go very well here! People are a little pissed!

      And then Rafa said the players should concentrate only in playing and not where would it be the final! He was probably talking about Fer and Feli!

      There’s always been this rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona, but the fact they lost the Olympics didn’t help either!

      Too much drama!!

      • Mim says:

        Thanks for the explanation Ana. Much appreciated.

        I think Hairdasco and Feliciano are being political with their choices. I see they’ve chosen to use the same pitch that won Brazil the Davis Cup? Good try.

        Shouldn’t the final be hosted in a venue that gives Team Spain the best chance of winning?

        The Czech Republic players are hard courter players (see: Stepanek/Berdych). Madrid’s altitude (as you pointed out) makes the clay play more like a hard court. So why even risk giving them that advantage, no matter how seemingly small?

        I say Team Spain should think more like a team and consider the TEAM’S best interests, instead of the interests of the individual players and the cities they were born in.

        • Mim says:

          Excuse me, I meant to say “that won Brazil the OLYMPICS”.

          Miri, an edit button would be useful for these occasional boo-boo moments :) .

          I found a link to a short post about all of this bruh-haha.


          Hmm, it seems that Hairdasco and Feliciano weren’t being very stand-up in their attempt to have Madrid host the Davis Cup?

          Question, where is the infamous Bull Ring that Rafa played in last year located?

          • SapphireSwell says:

            Madrid’s Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas was where they played the semi’s last year. It was a pretty impressive venue!


            • Mim says:

              Thanks for the info SapphireSwell.

              Yes, I agree. It was the perfect arena for Rafa to play in poetry wise. Is that the same location Hairdasco and Feliciano wanted for this Davis Cup Final? Or is it the arena that was used for the Madrid Open this year?

              I remember Rafa was an absolute lunatic in his match vs Roddick last year. I’ve been trying to find highlights to that match forever!

              He was all over the place! The tennis he displayed was phenomenal! I remember seeing A-Rod walking back to his chair, simply shaking his head and muttering to himself with a smile on his face.

              Absolute classic! Out of this world!

              • Ana says:

                I think they were going to use the arena that was used for the Madrid Open this year!

                • Mim says:

                  The one with the Crazy Bounce? O_O

                  Well I’ll be! Really?!

                  Clearly the best interest of Team Spain wasn’t at heart in the attempt to push for Madrid. I mean, surely it’s a no-brainer to NOT use that particular facility, especially for something as important as Davis Cup Final? I sense that the Vampire was also involved in this no doopts. (What’s his face? He’s that creepy old man with the ‘stache who was pushing for blue clay of all things! I wonder if he got his wish? And he wanted to be the first to host a Davis Cup final on blue clay?).

                  *sigh* I’m just happy the right decision was made and Barcelona was picked to host.

                  What a nightmare it would’ve been to play at the sight of the Madrid Open. I maybe wouldn’t have minded it being in Madrid if they were going to use the Bull Ring..but the “Magic” box? With the Crazy Bounce? No way!

  6. Ana says:

    I get they would like Madrid to get it, it’s normal! Ferrer & Ferrero wanted it to be in Valencia! I just think Verdasco’s choice of words was not the best and maybe because he was born in Madrid people didn’t like what he said and how he said it! I believe it has nothing to do with the city in particular but he should’ve stayed quiet!

    I totally agree on the choice! I’ve been in Palau Sant Jordi and it’s amazing! At the moment it’s the best one to host the final and the biggest also (17000 people)!

    And you’re right… playing in Madrid would give Czech Republic advantage and I guess they don’t want that!

    I’ve never seen anything like this rivalry! I just hope this calms down until december!

    Albert Costa is happy… he won 2000 DC in Barcelona as a player ;)

  7. Atch2 says:

    Verdasco talks too much a lot of the time, about everything. Give him a yes/no question and he will give u a long explanation of the answer.

    Indiv comments shouldn’t hve been made bec it doesn’t show unity. Madrid also hve a Masters series event every yr so they get to see the world’s best every yr guaranteed. I know DC is a bit different, but just share it around. If Mallorca had the right facilities I’m sure Rafa wouldn’t be pushing that even if he does have grt influence on the outcome.

    Show some Unity people.

    • Mim says:

      Good point about Madrid having its own Masters and hence being guaranteed to witness the world’s best every year.
      Hopefully one day Mallorca will have it’s own tournament.

      “Show some Unity people.”
      Well said Atch.

    • Ana says:

      Madrid has the Masters, but they lost the Olympic Games and Barcelona already hosted that too! Now there’s the final in here too! They say it’s unbelievable because some people in Cataluña don’t consider themselves spanish, so how are they going to cheer for the Spanish Team!

      They should just be quiet from now on and be a team even if they don’t agree with the venue choice! When the time comes go there and win it!

      • Mim says:

        I think Barcelona for sure is the right choice over the Madrid Open venue.

        Also, just because people in Cataluna don’t consider themselves Spanish, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to have live tennis and host the Davis Cup. They have Rafa, guaranteed they will root for the team. I’m not Spanish and I root for the team simply because Rafa is on it!

        But all the more reason why they should have a tournament in Mallorca for example.

        The Olympic games has nothing to do with choosing the best venue for the TEAM and the best court to provide the best chance for a TEAM victory. That’s just politics.

        As far as the “Magic” box , I don’t think it is fit to host a Masters Series let alone a Davis Cup Final.

        • Ana says:

          I don’t like the “Magic” box! Hated to see the Masters there!

          This endless rivalry between the two cities makes people act like lunatics!

          Here in Barcelona they have amazing facilities when it comes to tennis or sports in general!

          The final choice was between Barcelona and Valencia! Madrid was the first to be out, then Tenerife & Malaga, I guess!

          As I said before, at this moment I can’t think of a better place to hold the final!

          Of course they’ll cheer for the Spanish Team…it’s just excuses! The atmosphere is going to be great! I have no doubts!

          I’m not spanish and I’ll root for the team for the exact same reason :)

          • Mim says:

            Thanks for the info.

            Do you plan on going to see them playing live? I’ve never been to Barcelona or Spain, but from what I see of it on TV, it looks breathtaking!

            Hopefully one day I’ll get tickets to go see Rafa live and you and I could meet up :P

            I agree, I think when all of this drama boils down, the team will come together and they will be rooted on to another Davis Cup victory. Vamos Rafa! \:D/

            • Ana says:

              I’m living in Barcelona (you should come…beautiful city :p ) for the next here so if the tickets aren’t a fortune I’m definately going! Can’t miss that opportunity, right?

              And I also hope to see the Barcelona Open in April (and it’s actually not that far from home here)! It’s ATP 500 so some top players like Rafa usually play here!

              So excited just to think that I can meet Rafa!

    • Carol says:

      Show some unity indeed – instead of acting like spoilt children… It’s bad for Spain, it’s bad for tennis. The Czech team must be having a damn good laugh!

      So please shut up (again) Nando… your hotness rating is going down drastically! Daveed, put your playstation back in your pram… and leave Rafa to get his mojo back… And for God’s sake go out there and pull together in December!

  8. Rafafan says:

    emma – I think it was davee ferrer but cant b sure but rafa was standing up leaning right over to ferrer (right in the path of 2 others sitting next to rafa – they sort to have to get out of the way) and blocking at least 3 peoples view behind him and giving him so much what i think was verbal and gestureing none stop with his fans. If it was ferrer he seemed to try to ignore him. duno if it was some comment he made that made rafa angry but it certainly didn’t seem calm or a friendly chat /banter – that is why i kinda remember it. I think it may b on utube. Emma can u help me and miri to see yr version agai if you wind sky back. I know rafa gets animated whenhe watches matches but i thort this was a bit near the mark.

    thank god not the majic stad in madrid which wo bring nightmares to rafa. did u hear they are talking about changing fo and either a new stad or converting madrid maybe the 4th gs and relegating rg if they dont get their act togeyther about the facilities etc.

    • Emma says:

      Oh dear, I’m so sorry, I have deleted it I’m afraid! I only have 40 hours on the Sky hard drive thing, which goes nowhere with tennis, and as I haven’t yet figured out how to put it on disc it had to go. I only have 7% of space left due to it being jammed up with Rafamatches, and I need to record Shanghai which is on when I am at work. Couldn’t justify hangng onto hours of admittedly superb doubles action just for a couple of glimpses.

      Sure was same thing from your descrip though. Did you notice he also went off court for quite a while as well, then came back while play was going on? (obviously doesn’t get locked outside like the rest of us mere mortals:)).

      • Atch2 says:

        At the Aussie Open they r very extremely strict abt only being let in during changeovers, which is good bec the players can get on with the match but sux if u only went to the loo or for fish & chips and find u’re waiting 10-15min for a tiebreaker to finish.

  9. Rafafan says:

    emma – yes i noticed to. I have to say when i watched the davis cup without rafa playing I only watched to see how much i cd get 2 c of rafa as i knew they would show glimpses of him cheering his team mates and we saw quite a bit no?. Loved the bit where he decided to take charge of proceedings when the ball girl was injured and she was underneath the spanish armada camp. god 2 b a ballgirl and lying thre looking up 2 c those cuty boys – all 8 of them with rafi leading the pack and consulting the umpire and stopping play. he is so adorkible a great ambassador we have ever had in the game.

    I am sure the boys r 1 big happy family – and they row and make up as we all do. It wasnt so long ago that rafa and verdasco had a few issues – queens ‘o6 or maybe ‘o7 but they r just fine now together, altho not buddy buddy friends. His best on tour is carlos moye and I think feli

  10. miri says:

    While I agree that Nando and Feli shouldn’t have said anything publicly about their city of choice, I think Rafa actually made things worse by continuing the dialog in public and naming names. He should have talked to the guys in private and not said anything publicly.

    • Mim says:

      If only they (Hairdasco and Feliciano) had the courtesy to be forthright and make it a TEAM decision.

      I think they deserved to be called out. The cat was out of the bag. I don’t see how Rafa made anything worse. This should have been a TEAM decision based on what was best for the TEAM. And it should have been a private discussion. Feliciano and Hairdasco were being sneaky and I think their antics were trouble-making. The whole scheme reeks of politics and I don’t doubt for a second that the Romanian Vampire with the ‘stache had a major hand in this.

      The blatant fact that the TEAM’S interest was OBVIOUSLY NOT at heart makes this whole situation even more suspicious and grimy.

      I’m glad Rafa spoke up and I’m glad he stuck to his guns. The Davis Cup Final will be hosted in the place that will provide TEAM Spain with the best opportunity in winning.

      • miri says:

        Rafa said they should act like a team but pointing fingers at teammates isn’t very teamy. (Hey, I invented a word!) So yes, I do think he made things worse.

        • Mim says:

          I disagree. Was it a secret that Hairdasco and Feliciano were the ones publicly speaking about their preferences? I don’t see how anything was made worse. The trouble started with the two of them and it is now over with the right decision being made.

          Whatever Rafa did and said obviously pushed things in the right direction for the Team. Kudos to him for speaking out. He was obviously peeved by their diva behavior.

          • miri says:

            How can you say it obviously pushed things in the right direction? Do you know what’s going on behind the scenes with the team?

            The whole thing has been blown way out of proportion, but I don’t think either side behaved 100% well.

            • Mim says:

              Seeing as Rafa is Team Leader and knowing his obvious rank in Spanish sports in general, are we really that naive to think that his word doesn’t count for much? There is a reason why they wanted him at all of those meetings when Spain was bidding for the Olympics. In fact, when Spain lost, there were disgruntled whispers that having Rafael Nadal at the final push to host the Olympics may have changed the outcome. Whether or not this is actually the case is far from the point. Let’s not kid ourselves. It doesn’t take me to be in the conference room to understand the situation and to know how much Rafa’s word counts. And I don’t doubt for a second that him being their and speaking up influenced the decision.

              • miri says:

                Two wrongs do not make a right. If anyone is to be the spokesperson for the team, it should be the captain. Period.

                • Mim says:

                  Rafa was voted spokesperson by the Spanish tennis federation.

                  When they ask him to come to all of those prestigious events and speak for Spain and represent them, that privileged isn’t arbitrarily taken away when it suits them.

                  Rafa handled the situation in an abrupt and straight-forward way. It is his right to speak out and give his opinion on matters, especially when it negatively affects the team. He did not make anything worse. The problem began and it could have lead to even more trouble for the team if he didn’t stand up.

                  Team Leader is his place on the Davis Cup team. And as Team Leader he has more clout than both Feliciano and Hairdasco.

                  • miri says:

                    Well, if you can make up shit like that and decide that A + B = D, then more power to you. Doesn’t make it correct. Rafa was invited for the OLYMPICS which has nothing to do with Davis Cup or the Davis Cup team. Please show me ANYWHERE it’s mentioned in official Davis Cup information that Rafa is the team leader? He wasn’t even a team member for 2 of the three ties this season.

                    And, if you can make things up like that, I can see that trying to reason with you is impossible.

                    • Mim says:

                      The reason I brought up the fact that he was requested to attend the meetings when Spain was bidding to host the Olympics, Miri, was to demonstrate just how much clout and influence Rafa has. He is THE huge figure in Spanish tennis and Spanish sports in general. That is why it is also important for them to have him at their events, promotions, and tournaments. If you can not see that, make the connection and come to the conclusion that Rafa’s word counts for A LOT and the reason for why, then maybe you don’t fully grasp the mechanics of sport and fully understand the business.

                      I can tell that you didn’t catch my sarcasm. I was being facetious when I said that the Spanish Tennis Federation voted him spokesperson. What I trying to illustrate was how you are “voted” spokesperson simply by being an influential and successful figure.

                      When Rafa and Roger are told “you are great spokespersons for our sport and great ambassadors”, the powers-that-be didn’t actually call a meeting and have a vote. Although they were voted VP and President of the ATP (another point in the Rafa column).

                      Simply by being successful, influential, and popular as Rafa is and by doing so much for Spanish tennis and the sport, he pretty much solidified his rank. He earned it. And when you are successful in the mula department, few would argue with it.

                      You are not going to reason with me because your argument isn’t reasonable. Judging by your previous comment, it is obvious to me that your are just being emotional. Very similar to how you respond to people who criticize Nike for changing Rafa’s tennis clothing.

                      And what does the fact that he wasn’t playing have to do with anything? I don’t see how it is relevant to what we are currently discussing. It also doesn’t change that he’s Team Leader, and it doesn’t change what he has done for the team. He is a MAJOR factor in why Spain finds itself in this position to defend, and why they won last year even if he didn’t personally play in the final. What he has done for the team earns him the right and respect to voice his opinions and protect the team. That’s what good leaders do. When a teammate(s) decides to make selfish bids, with selfish intent, for selfish reasons, and puts his own team at a disadvantage, it is the duty of the Team Leader to step in and to do everything possible to protect the best interests of the team. The team comes first. No player is more important than the team. And politics, money, and the best interests of suits should NOT be the deciding factor in crucial decisions that influence the team. Hairdasco and Feliciano were acting entitled and were being self-centered. Their agenda, sadly, didn’t include the TEAM.

                      I understand that this is a business. Politics and money is what it is about. It rules and it corrodes. And when a player loses focus on what is really important, goes rogue and begins to make statements and comments, and blatantly makes decisions that jeopardizes the team he is apart of…it speaks volumes on their character and they lose all credibility.

                      P.S. I’m not being creative when I say that Rafa is team leader. Each Davis Cup team has a Captain and Leader (i.e. Patrick Mcnroe is Captain and A-Rod is Leader). If you want proof of Rafa’s position, hint: Google.

          • Ana says:

            I agree with miri! They shouldn’t have said anything about the venue choice! Although I love Rafa, I think he made things worse by keeping the subject alive!

            This is all too much! Just forget it, act like a team and win the damn cup!

            • Mim says:

              It’s ridiculous to think that his words “kept the subject alive”. By not speaking out, the problem would have magically solved itself?

              Rafa can be very diplomatic. But sometimes, especially when dealing with a certain type of people, the best way to get your message across is to communicate with them in straight-forward manner.

  11. Rafafan says:

    well said – mim. they were sneaky and rafa did the rite thing – in public. He is the spokesperson and 2 put an end 2 it he had 2 speak out. now feli and verdasco r caught with the tail between their legs. rafa had no option and well done 2 him 2 pull the team together otherwise the media will pull them apart

  12. miri says:

    The The teams for the DC final. Oh wait. There are no members assigned to either team. So, how can there be a team leader?

    Locking comments because this is going nowhere.