R16 Spanish TV coverage

They need to learn the difference between Baggy and Blah. Seems like this is mainly about the DC…

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  1. CC says:

    I saw something about Rafa saying “players should concentrate on playing and not worry about the venue”, because I believe Nando and Feli had had some opinions about where to play. Not sure if this is correcto, as my Spanish is not the best, but…hm.

    • An says:

      I’m not good enough in Spanish too, to translate for you but i think you understood it more or less..
      I make off it that he says he understands the preferences off where to play from Nando ( Madrid, wich is his home town and the capital ) and Feli, and off course our humble Rafa doesn’t wanna speak his preferences.

      But someone who is fluid in Spanish might have to correct me… Please do!

  2. Eliana says:

    Feli and Verdasco wanted the DC final to be in Madrid but it is not one of the candidates, which are Valencia and Barcelona(Madrid seems did not ask to be host city). Ferrero and Ferrer want it to be in Valencia; it seems that Feli and Fer will go with Valencia too since Barcelona already hosted a final and they would like a new city; Robredo and Rafa will not comment to the media. Now, when the reporter asked Rafa about the dilemma, he was a bit peeved that Feli and Verdasco talked publicly about their options since he prefers that this decisions are kept behind close doors (as are the decisions of the players association), but he stated that he doesn’t have anything against Madrid and that it would be good for the final to be there since it’s Spain’s capital and has never host a final.

    The rest of the clip explains the prerequisites to be a host: the city should have an int’l airport and accommodate 12,000 spectators-none of which were fulfilled by Mar del Plata, last year’s host city for the final-and new for this year, if the final is in the northern hemisphere, the court should have a roof.

    The selection will be this Saturday.