R16 match highlights and interview

Both via the ATPWorldTour.



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  1. faeaki 7 says:

    Safin looks like he is playing well and ‘gonz0 said later that mARAT served him off the court, he felt like there was only one man out there!
    Safin is always capable of an upset, he has bags of talent when he can get his game going, just don’t let it be tomorrow please! I haven’t been able to see any live play at all, they have the bloody #WTA on Eurosport and I don’t have a link! anyone???
    Normally I would be rooting for Safin, love his game but if he is playing Rafa thats a different story, its Rafa all the way *prays*

  2. vamsi says:

    safin played a excellent match
    i saw that one
    he seriously”served gonzo off”
    i think rafa knows all this and will be mentally prepared 4 what he is going to face.
    i think it will be a togh match and rafa will go through

    i hope all of u get to see the match in comfortable timings

  3. CC says:

    Rafa is conversing so much easier in English now, but still using a few of his classic phrases like “that is a good new” and “the true”. I hope he never stops saying that!
    And love the lazy eye in the interview at times. So CUTE!

    I don’t think I’ve watched a whole match with Safin before, so wouldn’t know what to expect, but it feels like he should really want to win this as he’s retiring. Guess Rafa’s got his hands full. Vamos for today!

    • Atch2 says:

      I haven’t watches a whole Safin match for a long time as well, but expect a lot of bullets flying past u Rafa.