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  1. Atch2 says:

    I would also wait in looooonnng line for a Rafagraph bec u get to meet him face-to-face. I’d probably also blush bright red and go goo goo gar gar when I reach him and he’ll flash that Rafasmile to calm me down. Rafadorable.

    • mary says:

      “he’ll flash that Rafasmile to calm me down.” Yep, I’m fucked. I would just pass out if he did that & I’m sure he would. Need chill pills. *sigh* :(

  2. Sapphireswell says:

    I’m not surprised :) There are long lines for everything, but what a reward at the end!


  3. CC says:

    Well, at least that’s an organised autograph queue and not 3000 people jumping on top of each other and on Rafa at the same time.
    Still, what I want to do with Rafa I couldn’t do at the end of that line, so…what’s the point? ;)

    • An says:

      Ah….well, you could maybe pass him a little note telling what you would want to do with him and point him out how to reach you if he feels for it too, No?

      And then, wait and see…

      • CC says:


        *starts writing note*

        Dear Rafa,
        Does your hotel room have one of those very nice double sized showers? In that case I would very much like to…

        Hm, I’d better not. :D

        • An says:

          I’d better not either…
          However if he is ever willing to give me the opportunity… i dont think you should put money on it that i wouldnt..

          • CC says:

            OMG, I totally would! I just meant that I’d better not write about it here. ;)

            • An says:

              Ah, for a minute i realy tought was the only “bad” girl here :P

              • CC says:

                Heh, absolutely not. I’ve already asked for permission from my partner, should the opportunity ever arise. :D (Please, please, pleeeaaase God…, at least can I get to make out with Rafa?)

                • An says:

                  So funny, i talked the same thing with my BF…
                  He knows, given the opportunity, i would! Doesnt approve, but he knows!

  4. johanne says:

    Awww such a rock star :D

  5. faeaki 7 says:

    Just loooooooooooooove how popular our Rafa is in China!
    I would wait for as long as it took to get a rafagraph! Just to touch those hands and see that dreamy smile! *faint, faint, faint*

  6. Carol says:

    Having been without Rafavision for a few days (sob)I *know* I’d faint.

    I can only hope he’d help me back on my feet again with those gorgeous hands and strength! :-)) *ooh, I do feel faint now…*