R32 photos

Photos from today’s match with Baghdatis.

Photos by GOH CHAI HIN/AFP/Getty Images, Feng Li/Getty Images, AP Photo/Andy Wong, LIU JIN/AFP/Getty Images, and REUTERS/David Gray

More pictures here and here and some practice photos here.

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  1. elifkom says:

    I love the outfit…he is adorable…as always:) sigh:)

  2. vamsi says:

    that green really suits him but i was wrong those shorts are a real disaster
    it was definately a emotionally testing match
    one thing is for sure that he played this match with a lot of intensity

    • mary says:

      You summed up what I was feeling pretty well. The shorts are definetely different. At least he is out there & has his own unique signature!

  3. vamsi says:

    i loved the shirtless wave photograph
    i have been seeing his muscles since he is 17 but i get impressed everytime

  4. CC says:

    Like the shorts. Like the green polo. Not together, however.
    Therefore, I suggest that you wear green polo teamed with your white tight undies for your match on Thursday, Rafa. Then, if you go further in the tourney I’ll be happy to see you in the shorts, but shirtless for quarters. Allright, no? ;)

    Thanks for posting, miri. It does make up a little for missing the match!

    • vamsi says:

      i really hope someone from nike or rafa himself read your comment
      he is an awesome guy he deserves to look better

      • CC says:

        Well, Vamsi…as much as I’d love NIKE to take my advice on this, for some reason I doubt they will this time. :D

    • An says:

      Ah CC, great fashion advice! I have to admit… i couldn’t have done it better than you:)

      BTW, the shirtless pic prooves me that the treasure trail is still ok!! Best “new” today, closely followed by the “new” of Rafa winning off course!

  5. Rafafan says:

    Yes NIKE HEAR US please. Green sleeveless with the white figure hugging tight capris pants back please……… These shorts will not suit anyone and NO-ONE in a million years will buy them. Rafa can carry off in most things but the shorts look like a combination of beach/pjama and grandad underwear. Get them off him! and quick….. Otherwise us fans will have to run on to the court and give him a quick change. A very unhappy fan messing his clothing up – as Rafa says an amazing disaster which nearly affected his tennis today as well. So get your act together. I would say 100% he was not comfortable with this clothing. Grrrrr

    • vamsi says:

      absolutely right

    • miri says:

      Rafa is involved in the design of his clothes and picks the final version. The Nike designer is quoted in this month’s tennis magazine saying that Rafa always gravitates to the brightest colors. And Rafa’s been seen wearing pj-bottom looking plaid shorts (non-Nike) in his off-time.

      Do not assume that your taste in clothes is the same as his.

      Yes. Even though I don’t like the shorts, I am, as ever, sick to death of clothes drama.

      • kefuoe says:

        I tend to agree, miri. I can honestly say that when he’s playing, the clothes are the last thing I’m looking at. (That actually goes for any player)

      • marla says:

        I also agree. And Rafa looks good in everthing and nothing. Plaid is in for guys. My son wears them, my nephews, my dad, and I even bought my husband a pair when we went to Montreal – he winced, but wore them after he saw everyone else. I tend to think Rafa is going to wear what Rafa wants to wear.

    • CC says:

      “…which nearly affected his tennis today as well.”

      As much as I am interested in clothes and what looks good/not good, I really do not think what Rafa wears has anything to do with how he performs on court (unless the fit is uncomfortable, which it clearly is not).

      • miri says:

        I agree. I mean, if an article of clothing were going to effect his play negatively, do you really think he’d wear it?

        • dutchgirl says:

          My thoughts exactly. I really like seeing him in great outfits, but I think he’s the only one that has to like it in the end. And I’m sure he picks the outfits that are comfortable to wear as well.

    • johanne says:

      “an amazing disaster which nearly affected his tennis today as well. So get your act together. I would say 100% he was not comfortable with this clothing. Grrrrr”

      You’re kidding, right? Surely you must be joking. Honestly. Why would Rafa sabotage himself on-court with his clothing? WHY! It doesn’t make any sense. Even in the making of that hoodie shoot, he talks about wanting to be comfortable on-court and wanting to feel good in what he wears. Right now this is what he’s wearing- I believe he must be comfortable if he’s choosing to put it on his body and play in it. It’s basically the same stuff he wore in Cincy, Montreal & USO- just different colors.

      Me? I love when he wears green so I thought he looked great. Love the Victory jacket colors too.

  6. elifkom says:

    I must be the only one loving his outfit…Please guys don’t kick me out of the Rafa Fan Club…:)

  7. patzin says:

    Great photos on Osports. Very nice collection

    • miri says:

      Whoever they have photographing for them (which I could get/understand photographers’ names) is doing a great job. Not that I’m jealous of their talent or access…

      • kefuoe says:

        I was admiring the photos coming out of Osports as well. There seems to be a different kind of aesthetic that I can’t put my finger on. Also, the lighting is strange.

        • miri says:

          There’s almost a glow to them. It’s kind of like they are doing a subtle Hollywood overlay on them. (Sorry, but thinking in Photoshop mode: duplicating a layer, switching to overlay or screek and then giving it a bit of a blur – how a lot of glamor shots are done.)

          • An says:

            Yep, i think you’re right!

            And indeed the pics of the Chinese are verry good stuff! I noticed during last year olympics that there pics are verry good quality, they def. have something extra!

  8. johanne says:

    WOW there are so many pix! The China Open site is absolutely loaded, loving it. :D

  9. CC says:

    Love the leg in the “running forehand” pic. Love it.

  10. Rafafan says:

    Hi guys – I am a Rafa fan like the rest of you but Rafa should let his tennis do the talking not the clothes. Wny change something that had been working before. I am telling you it is the NIKE greed. You might not like me for saying this but NIKE is saying to Rafa you like bright colours? you wear these and you get your hair cut for the promotional bit. They are not stupid – they know as much as we do that once up at no 1 you can only go down and maybe up again for a while so they are gonna market Rafa as much as you want – he is property and if he doesn’t like it they will pull out of sponsorship. Why do you think he has to do these promotions to say he likes to be in comfortable clothing and then this comes out! You mark my words Rafa will have enough of this and will be in sleeveless by next year and if anyone remembers he said and I quote “that is what if feel most comfortable in”. End of. Sorry I am so hacked off with Nike and the way they are treating our boy as a fashion icon not a tennis player. Leave him alone NIKE and get him back to what he likes doing best playing tennis with his sleevless and capri pants what he feels most comfy in and to be honest where he has won the most trophies. End of subject of clothes from me! x

    • miri says:

      Source for the quote and the exact quote please. I remember one similar to that, but I think you have remembered it in such a way that it more strongly supports your paranoid agenda.

      Rafa is very much a power player in his relationship with Nike now – unlike when he first signed up with them and they dreamed up the pirate look for him. If they pull his sponorship, he’d have clothing companies lined up at his door and he could name his price.

      • mary says:

        I wish he would do that with Nike. They don’t pay him enough.
        He is changing the way men dress in tennis. He is a fashionista. He sets the standard. Look at addidas, they have come leaps & bounds in colour for the men, just need to stop putting many of the guys in the same colour shirt. But this is because Nike has developed such a range for men & again thats bec our mans input.
        Start your own line of clothing Rafa. Anything & it will sell. Maybe the kilt might be a bit too radical even for you. :) :) ;)

  11. Rafafan says:

    Hi Miri – I take your point. I remember him saying in an interview and yes it was written down somewhere. Will find it for you when I have the time. I think his clothes are starting to do the talking now more than his tennis and he needs to just tone down. Paranoid maybe? Sorry can’t help it. Love our boy to bits and I don’t want any media circus or NIKE to get in there and give our boy any harm. Note that he admits now slightly changing his style – coming to the net – to remain in the top positions to be more aggressive. Alaleuja – which means not 2 bloody metres behind the baseline Rafa – just hit into the ball and not wait for the ball to come to you. Vamos – you will win then every time.

    Night Miri bed time for me in England at 10.45pm and its been a long day x

    • mary says:

      Actually not sure when you read this but last year at Wimby he came into the net heaps. He really mixed up his movements from serve to volleying to coming in to the net. He has just got to keep doing this to throw all his opponents off. However, I have noticed most of his opponents try to play to Rafa’s back hand as I think that is the weakest part of his game & not his serve. With so much topspin he just has to place his 1st serve & it would be almost impossible to return. He has just gotta place it right.
      Miri mentioned once that it is not all about the big serve & she is absolutely right. I think placement not pacement is the key to any successful outcome. That is why Rafa had such a hard time against Marcos. Marcos was brilliant in placement & hitting to Rafa’s backhand continuously. It was only Rafa’s courage & his placement that won him the match. I don’t think Blake stands a chance!!!
      Btw I can’t for the life of me wonder why his backhand is weak as remember he is really a right handed man. You’d think he would have more power, unless his natural right hand conflicts with his left. Who knows…….!!! Geeees I went on then, not my usual style. ;)

  12. mary says:

    Pic 11, OMFG, I’m dead, pick me up from the f***g floor. I’m glad I’m not there, I’d attack him. It wouldn’t be just one kiss……… can’t take it, *faints*.

  13. faeaki 7 says:

    I love Rafa in this green, yep green and gorgeous! loving pics 1 (awsome stance Rafa!), pic nol 6, 11 and 12 awsome.

    I have to say I am sad I couldn’t see him play but I would have been a nervous wreck anyway by the sound of things.
    #”Honestly Rafa, you gotta make life easier for yourself and for us watching you,!” lately Rafa’s matches = Panic attack!

  14. mary says:

    Just some extra pics to wet the appetite even more. :) ;)

  15. Atch2 says:

    I like the outfit bec it reflects Rafa’s energetic style of play and fun personality. Just looking at it gives me a buzz and can boost anyone’s mood. And the Gemini in him comes thru again: colour fun personality vs serious play and game face. He stands out, but so he should.

    Seeing Marcos and Rafa in their bright colours, it looked like Christmas coming early.

    Good to see everyone appreciating a shirtless waving Rafa, and the Armada practicing together.

  16. vamsi says:

    why cant he wear something like the above photo on court

  17. Carol says:

    Hmmmmm. Yum, yum!! *sigh* Rafa back on court, in style = more excitement, more great tennis – with or without intact fingernails… and more delectable Rafapics, and praise be: no tummy tape (and yes the famous treasure trail is still there…)!

    (OK, I’ve had a hard day, so slightly delirious!) Yeah, I know Rafa could wear a bin bag (with or without sleeves- ;-)sorry!) and he’d still kick ass, but *whispers – those shorts are grim* Sorry. Ends. Trundles off to Rafaland via burning supper…